Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The round shoulder patch on this oriental man indicates what outfit he was associated with.

To me it appears the same patch is located on this board just above the man's pointing finger

The patch can also be seen in this photo, to the right and a little lower than the largest patch on the board.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

UFO over Dealey Plaza 11/22/63

UFO Over Dealey Plaza - 2:09 PM 11/22/63

Charles Gharis

The Poage Library at Baylor University now has records from a number of important researchers, including Penn Jones, Jack White, John Armstrong and Gary Shaw. Among the records of Gary Shaw is the Charles Charis file.

This is a drawing Gary Shaw made that is based on an original framed sketch found while cleaning out a storage room at the office of Johnson County (Texas) Judge Joe Durham in January, 1991.

Judge Durham called Gary Shaw about it, and Shaw looked into it as best he could.

The caption for the drawing read: "discussing assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy July 1962 Lake Cliff park 12 P.m. Dallas, Texas."

A scan of the original sketch is the first of a number of items that are posted there, including Shaw's FOIA requests for records, an obit of Charles Gharis, a Texas real estate agent, and some
other documents assembled by Shaw.



Five of the six men are identified: Matson, Campbell "Talked," Rowe, Hamm and McKibben. The man in the middle of the three men sitting on the bench is unidentified.

Shaw wrote, "All but one of the men are named! Who is the unnamed man? Is it Oswald...or perhaps Gharis?"

The first page of a Dallas and Fort WOrth Texaco map lists "Your neighborhood Texaco Dealer" as J.K. Hamm Texaco Service, 2627 S. Beckley DALLAS TEXAS and the hand writeen notation: "See original of this in 'MAP' file."

An FBI document notes: WILLIAM R. CAMPBELL, SR. 7701 Hemlock, advised his son WILLIAM R. CAMPBELL, JR. is presently a patient at the Veterans Hospital at Knoxville, Iowa. On November 26, 1963 his son first made mention of an alleged plot against President Kennedy's life which a BOB KENNEDY supposedly told him about on November 21, 1963. His son, CAMPBELL, JR., had previously made no mention of such a plot or any conversation with KENNEDY, and certainly had made no mention of this matter to him on Thursday, November 21, 1963, the day before the assassination.

CAMPBELL, JR. told him on November 26, 1963, that BOB KENNEDY, a member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee had told him on November 21, 1963, that the President was going to be killed with a rifle and invited CAMPBELL, Jr. to join in the plot.

CAMPBELL, JR. said he told KENNEDY he would not join in any such plot, and in fact would tell the FBI about this conversation; whereupon, CAMPBELL, JR. related KENNEDY threatened to kill him if he revealed the assassination plans to the FBI. CAMPBELL, JR. urged CAMPBELL, SR. to telephone the FBI, but he declined to do so.

CAMPBELL, SR. explained to the interviewing agent that it was his definite opinion that his son was having a delusion since he had been suffering from persecution delusions in recent weeks. His son was severely affected by the assassination and watched mot of the television news broadcasts Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, the 23rd, 24th and 25th.

CAMPBELL, SR. explained that his son was released from the Veterans Hospital at Knoxville, Iowa, last June. He returned to the hospital on the same date he told of the assassination plot allegedly involving BOB Kennedy on November 26, 1963.

Among Shaw's records are two references to records among the Mary Ferrell Database, including:

FERRIE said that the Cuban Revolutionary Front was definitely an anti-Castro organization and that all persons connected with the organization were violently anti-Castro...FERRIE said that he does not have any recollection of any organization in New Orleans named the Fair Play for Cuba Commitee and has never had any connection with any individual representing an organization by that name.

FERRIE recalled that the following individuals were connected with the Civil Air Patrol during the period 1954 to 1955:

LEON GUIDR, Cadet Commander
GEORGE BOESCH, Flight Leader.

TOMMY McKIBBEN's name is underlined.

A Record from Mary Ferrell's Database

Sources: Conspiracy, Summers (322, 576)
Mary's Comments: Brother of Allen Campbell. The Campbells were recruited by Guy Bannister to infiltrate New Orleans colleges.

• Large framed drawing by Charles Gharis of men discussing the assassination of President Kennedy in July 1962. Drawing is 10x12 matted in 21x21.5 black frame.
• Paper with "Gharis, Charles 8/76 89-43-9865 9866" [photocopy] 8.5x11 paper.
• Letter from J. Gary Shaw to FBI, March 14, 1991, requesting files on Charles Gharis, 89-43-9865 and 89-43-9866.
• Letter from FBI agent Bobby R. Gillham to J. Gary Shaw, April 1, 1991, stating that his request for the Gharis documents could not be granted without proof of death of Charles Gharis.
• Letter from J. Gary Shaw to Bobby R. Gillham resubmitting his request for the Gharis documents and submitting a copy of Gharis' obituary from December 28, 1983.
• Letter from Acting Special Agent in Charge Thomas W. Rupprath to J. Gary Shaw, Mary 15, 1991, enclosing the requested documents.
• Document 89-43-9865: letter from Charles Gharis to Frank Dyson, Dallas Chief of Police, December 28, 1970, Re the assassination of President Kennedy and the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald.
• Document 89-43-9866: letter from Frank Dyson to Charles Gharis, January 7, 1971, informing Gharis that no letters from 1963 could be found in the Dallas Police Department files.
• Legal pad description by J. Gary Shaw on the history of the Gharis drawing, January 24, 1991. 9 pages, yellow legal pad with red ink includes sketch of drawing and Lake Cliff Park area in Dallas.
• Obituary for Charles M. Gharis [photocopy] stapled together with handwritten note to Gary (Shaw) from "Gus" and "Application to probate will" of Charles Gharis, 2 pages, and a one page summary of list of residences for Gharis from 1962 to 1977.
• FBI file # KC 62-8156, 12/3/63 (date dictated 11/29/63) related to conversation between William R. Campbell, Jr. and Robert G. Kennedy, Jr. concerning President Kennedy's assassination. 5 pages.
• Obituary for Marianna Hetherington Gharis, Dallas Morning News, 2/28/94. p. 17A. Original news clipping.
• Ad for Dallas and Fort Worth Texaco, J. K. Hamm Texaco Service. Handwritten note on photocopy "See original of this in "MAP" file."
• Page from www.maryferrell.org No. 89-69/jab begins "FERRIE said that the Cuban Revolutionary Front was definitely an anti-Castro organization."
• Record from Mary Ferrell's Database for Daniel Campbell.

Charles M. Gharis

A funeral for Charles M. Gharis, 73, of Dallas, a retired real estate broker, was set for 2 p.m. today at Christ Episcopal Church with burial at Oakland Cemetery.

Gharis died of an illness Sunday at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Dallas.

A lifelong resident of Dallas, he was in the real estate business for many years and had been a member of the choir at Christ Episcopal Church.

Survivors include his wife, Marianna Gharis of Dallas; a daughter, Lynn Gharis of Dallas; two sisters, Theresa Gharis and Mrs. K.E. Blankenship, both of Dallas; and five brothers, Edmond Gharis, Fred Gharis, John Gharis and Harry Gharis, all of Dallas, and the REv. Edgar T. Gharis of Wisconsin.