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Special Interest Report - ONI Investigator Fred Reeves

Special Interest This Inquiry – (p.2, 3, 4)
Apparently hand written by Fred Reeves (in 1997)
[BK: I will try to find p. 1 of this document – 102-526….]
On ____________1959 call came from DNI requesting background information on Lee Harvey Oswald, Enlisted US Marine Corps [El Toro crossed out] MCAS, el Toro CA.
Checked with personnel officer El Toro.
Oswald Honorable discharged _______________________________-
Discharge based on family hardship signed by Oswalds Mother.
Oswald a fraudulent discharge since Oswald left the US and sought sanctuary and Russian citizenship in the Soviet union.
CIA took over investigation of Oswald in Soviet Union.
ONI from DIO // ND began background investigation of Oswald (as a Marine) in the US and Japan.
First lead sent to Washington (DNI) from DIO San Diego – leads from Washington distributed to responsible agents in // DD and Japan.
Investigative Reports were copied to DIO // ND and Main? File xxxx compiled and retained in Wash DC.
The Naval Investigative Service Maintained the Oswald file and packaged in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act a complete investigative package distributed to those requesting information under the Truth of Information Act [BK: Sic]
A package was obtained by this reporting agent thru NIS in approx 1964 Copies of most investigative reports were included in the package.
It was understood at the time that the US Marine Corps Headquarters also held files on Oswald. These files were not obtained by this reporting agent.
The Secret Service was also alleged to have a file on Oswald which was not obtained by this agent.
As a civilian this agent began a thorough investigation of the Kennedy Assassination. He has reviewed all available information in the National Archives, has talked several times with Oswald’s wife Marina. A tape
END p. 3
Of one or more of the conversations with Mrs. Oswald was made (possibly illegally) as I do not recall informing her that the conversation was being recorded.
As an issue beyond the Oswald investigation this agent has concluded that Oswald shot the President in accordance with the desire of the Mob boss Carlos Marcello, now deceased.
It is possible that Oswald killed a Marine guard in Japan in his efforts to learn more about the U2 spy plane.
As the world knows Oswald tried to kill General Ed. Walker and in addition to killing President Kennedy he killed officer JD Tippit.
The files presented by this Agent concern only Oswald. All other files are available in the National Archives.

END p. 4

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