Thursday, October 7, 2021

Pan Am Bank of Miami

 Pan Am Bank of Miami 

1) Robert Ray McCowan, who ran guns to Castro when he was in the mountains, testified that he was paid for the guns in cash wrapped in Pan Am Bank wrappers. He was later visited in Texas at his ranch by Castro, who wanted him to be part of his administration. Shortly there after Lee Harvey Oswald and another man visited him attempting to purchase rifles and then Jack Ruby visited him seeking assistance in getting a friend out of a Cuban prison. 

2) When Jack Ruby visited Cuba, he was supposed to bring a long entertainment writer Tony Zoppi, but Zoppi decided to cover the Rat Pack show in Vegas instead. So Ruby went to Havana himself, and visited his friend Louis McWillie, a pit boss at a casino owned by the Fox brothers. When he left Cuba, instead of flying to Dallas, Ruby flew to Miami, where he deposited a suitcase full of cash in the Fox brothers account at the Pan Am Bank. 

3) Antonio Veciana said that after he was recruited by David Atlee Phillips, Phillips took him to an office in the Pan Am Bank in Miami where he was given a lie detector test, signed a security agreement and was given basic lessons in psychological warfare and clandestine tradecraft. 

Texas Employment Commission

 Texas Employment Commission 

1) When he returned to Texas from USSR Oswald was given two jobs by the Texas Employment Commission - the first to sheet medal company where Oswald was welcome to stay, but quit, and opened the PO box so they could send him his check. 

2) The second job was a Jaggers/Chiles/Stoval graphics arts firm where he worked for quite a long time, including doing work for a major client - the Army Map Service, placing arrows and captions on aerial and U2 photos. Oswald was doing this in October 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis and some of the poster sized photos of Soviet missiles in Cuba were shown to the President and used by Art Lindell in briefing the president, Charles deGaul and the American Ambassador to UK. 

3) When John Judge and I were at the DC National Airport on our way to Dallas, these posters of Cuba taken by U2s were on display, and we noticed that down in the right hand corner, where artists usually sign their work, there was a notation - Jaggers/Chiles/Stoval. 

4) One of the employees of the Texas Employment Commission who assisted in getting Oswald these jobs was Mrs. Virginia Hale, the wife of a top level FBI official who worked closely with J. E. Hoover. She was also the mother of twins, the Hale twins, who like their father, were football stars at Arlington Heights HS in Fort Worth, where Oswald also was enrolled. Oswald tried out for the team but was laughed off the field by the Hale twins, and a few months later Oswald enlisted in the USMC. 

5) While Oswald was in USSR, the Hale twins were seen by an FBI stakeout team breaking into the Las Vegas apartment of Judith Campbell (Exner), who was having simultanious affairs with both Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana and President Kennedy. Because the FBI stakeout team recognized the twins as the son of a top level FBI agent they did nothing. 

Defense Language Insitute

 Defense  Language Institute at Monteray, California 

1) At an early Warren Commission meeting Lee J. Rankin is quoted as saying, "We will have to find out what he (Oswald) was studying there (DLI)," though whatever document he was referring to is no longer among the WC documents, and there is no record of Oswald having attended that school. 

2) Oswald did study Russian and met for lunch with the sister of a fellow Marine who was also studying Russian, and they spoke Russian throughout their lunch. She may have attended the DLI, which also had a mobile lab that traveled throughout California training students in foreign languages. 

3) Ralph Meyers, the son (or nephew) of Jack Ruby's Chicago friend Larry Meyers, did attend the Defense Language Institute when he served in the Army Security Agency, which was affiliated with the National Security Agency. Ralph was then deployed to Turkey to a remote top secret U2 and NSA listening post. Returning to Chicago Ralph was sheep dipped as they say, as a Chicago bus driver before working as a journalist in Mexico City when Oswald and Larry's brother visited there. 

New Orleans International Trade Mart

 1) Oswald handed out Fair Play for Cuba Committee leaflets at the International Trade Mart. 

2) William Gaudet, editor of the Latin American Report newsletter, funded by the CIA, had an office in the Trade Mart and witnessed Oswald leafleting. 

3) Clay Shaw was director of the Trade Mart in the summer of 1963 when he was seen with Oswald and Ferrie in Clinton, La., and was later indicted by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison. 

4) In the 1980s, a successor to Shaw as director of the Trade Mart left that position to take on the job of director of the Defense Language School at the Presideo in Monteray, California (AKA Monteray Language Insitute) 

Civil Air Patrol

 Civil Air Patrol 

1) The Civil Air Patrol was started in 1941, shortly before Pearl Harbor and founded by Texas oilman D.H. Byrd and Cord Meyer, Sr., both early flying pioneers. Byrd owned the Texas School Book Depository at the time of the assassination and Cord Meyer, Sr. is the father of Cord Meyer, Jr., head of the CIA's International Organizations Division and husband of Mary Pinchot Meyer. 

2) Lee Harvey Oswald was a CAP cadet in New Orleans and served under Captain David Ferrie, who he also met with when he returned to New Orleans in the summer of 1963. 

3) The CAP Pennsylvania Chapter had a plan to utilize CAP cadets as undercover informants and have them infiltrate communist and left wing organizations. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

IRC - International Rescue Committee

 IRC - International Rescue Committee 

1- Lee H. Oswald wrote to the IRC three times from USSR seeking assistance in returning home to USA. 

2- The IRC was founded and directed by Leo Cherne, a close friend and agent of William Buckley 

3- IRC supported Tom Dooley in assisting refugees in Southeast Asia

4- The IRC and Dooley's operations were part of former NAZI general Reinhard Gehlen's Operation Wringer, that interviewed and debriefed refugees from Communist countries. Gehlen said that children were the best reporters because they didn't know the signifiance of what they saw and heard. 

Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Signifiance of the Higgins Memo

 The Signifiance of the Higgins Memo. - relPageId=1&tab=page

1) The Higgins Memo - is the Number One Smoking Document released under the JFK Act for the following reasons:

THE KEY paragraph is (13) "He commented that there was nothing new in the propaganda field. However, he felt that there had been great success in getting closer to the military personnel who might break with Castro, and stated that there were at least ten high-level military personnel who are talking with CIA but as yet are not talking to each other, since that degree of confidence has not yet developed. He considers it as a parallel in history, i.e., the plot to kill Hitler, and this plot is being studied in detail to develop an approach.' 

D.C. attorney Jim Lesar, head of the Assassinations Archives and Research Center (AARC) and Dan Alcorn filed an FOIA request for that "detailed study" and the CIA apparently have lost it  

Other items of relevance include: 

a) It concerns a Joint Chiefs of Staff meeting at the Pentagon on a significant date - Sept. 25, 1963 a key time in the JFK Assassination Chronology as it occurs around the same time as some other key events, including:

1- the day Oswald left New Orleans for Mexico City,
2-  the estimated timing of the Odio incident, and
3- Michael Paine's wife Ruth Hyde Paine picks up Marina, the daughter and their belongings - including the rifle, and took them to Texas
4- after visiting Michael's mom - Ruth Forbes Paine Young - Mary Bancroft's close friend.
5-  It is also the day President Kennedy signs NSAM - National Security Action Memorandum on the advice of National Security advisor McGeorge Bundy approving "Four Leaves," - a secret military communications project.
6-  JFK then left on his "Conservation Tour," the first stop being the Northeast Pennsylvania home of the mother of Mary Pinchot Meyer, JFK's paramour who accompanied him.
7-  Oswald's name turns up on the list of those who visited the Tenn. nuclear museum and news cliips of the tour are found in a box at Oswald's rooming house.

8- Richard Case Nagel shot a gun in a bank in El Paso, Texas and waited to get arrested, ostensibly to be in federal custody at the time of the assassination.

So a lot of significant chronological events occurred in that 24 hour span.

b) Because Chef of Staff Gen. Maxwell Taylor was on a special mission to Vietnam, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Curtis LeMay chaired the meeting.

c) The author of the memo - Colonel Walter Higgins was the adjunct of Gen. Victor Krulak (USMC), the director of the military detachment responsible for providing any assistance requested by the CIA in the course of their covert intelligence operations.

d) Desmond FitzGerald, the CIA officer who briefed the Chiefs on CIA covert operations against Cuba, had replaced William Harvey as chief of Task Force W - the Cuban project based in the basement of CIA HQ, and was the case officer for Dr. Rolando Cubella (AMLASH), a founder of the DRE who the CIA considered their  best bet to fit the disenchanted Cuban military officer who would lead the assassination attempt and coup.

e) Fitzgerald said this adaption of the plot to kill Hitler was considered a part of the Psychological Warfare area, which included David Atlee Phillips, George Joannides and the DRE agents who were arrested with Oswald in New Orleans.

f) LeMay also introduces an Air Force communications officer who had devised a way to influence radio communications that were to be adapted for use against Cuba.

g) The PENDELUM project is mentioned - and described as the code name of the Security net that surrounded the covert Cuban projects they were operating.

h) The NSAM that JFK signed approving "Project Four Leaves" - a military communications system, is only mentioned once - in JFK's daily desk diary at the JFK Presidential Library.

i) There is also mention of a textual letter that it so secret it could only be read and immediately returned to the messenger. This could possibly be a message from McGeorge Bundy regarding security for the Cuban operations then underway or being considered.