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Response to Newsweek Nov. 22 2014

In response to Max Holland’s Newsweek Article  -  By Bill Kelly

The article in Newsweek (November 2014) “The Truth About the Kennedy Assassination” requires a reasoned response, as the article seems to confuse the major issues, the most basic being that we still don’t know the total truth.

For beginners, the continued references to Lee Harvey Oswald being the Sixth Floor Sniper is a big and unfounded assumption, as there is strong evidence to support the majority of people who don’t believe Oswald was the assassin at all.

The reliance on the testimony of Amos Eunis, James Tague and Oswald’s Marine Corps training deserve specific elaboration.

The late James Tague was a victim of the same forces that killed President Kennedy, an innocent bystander who was nicked in the cheek and drew blood by a ricochet bullet fragment or piece of concrete curb nicked by a stray bullet or fragment. His testimony and book on the subject (“Truth Withheld” 2003) clearly reflect his belief that the assassination was more than the work of any one person and that the conspiracy to kill the president was and is being concealed by the government, a belief shared by a majority of people.

"It was a government take over, a coup," Tague said. "You have to understand one basic fact and it all becomes clear. The public loved Kennedy. The Washington insiders hated his guts. The exact people who killed him, I don't know. But I know they wanted someone in there they could control -- named [Lyndon] Johnson. Johnson was too busy being vice president to do it himself. But he knew it was coming down and he knew it was going to be done for him."

The idea that Oswald was not the Sixth Floor Sniper and was framed for the crime as Oswald himself claimed, is a strong possibility as most witnesses put Oswald on the lower floors of the building at the time of the assassination, and others who saw the man shooting a rifle wore white shirt (Oswald wore brown) and the gunman had a distinguishing bald spot, not Oswald.

The article refers to eyewitness Amos Eunis, who testified before the Warren Commission that he saw the man in the window firing the rifle and the sniper had a very distinguishing feature – a bald spot on the top of his head.

Mr. SPECTER. All right. Now, when the third shot occurred, Amos, let me ask you again, where were you looking then?
Mr. EUINS. I was still down here, looking up at the building.
Mr. SPECTER. What did you see in the building?
Mr. EUINS. I seen a bald spot on this man's head, trying to look out the window. He had a bald spot on his head. I was looking at the bald spot.
Mr. SPECTER. Now, what kind of a look, if any, did you have at the man who was there?
Mr. EUINS. All I got to see was the man with a spot in his head, because he had his head something like this.
Mr. SPECTER. Indicating his face down, looking down the rifle?

Mr. EUINS. Yes, sir: and I could see the spot on his head.
Mr. SPECTER. How would you describe that man for us?
Mr. EUINS. I wouldn't know how to describe him, because all I could see was the spot and his hand.
Mr. SPECTER. Could you tell whether he was a Negro gentleman or a white man?
Mr. EUINS. No, sir.
Mr. SPECTER. Couldn't even tell that? But you have described that he had a bald--
Mr. EUINS. Spot in his head. Yes, sir; I could see the bald spot in his head
Mr. SPECTER. How far back did the bald spot on his head go?
Mr. EUINS. I would say about right along in here.
Mr. SPECTER. Indicating about 2 1/2 inches above where you hairline is
. Is that about what you are saying?
Mr. SPECTER. All right. Let me ask you about a couple of specific things here, Amos. In the statement you say here that he was a white man. By reading the statement, does that refresh your memory as to whether he was a white man or not?
Mr. EUINS. No, sir; I told the man that I could see a white spot on his head, but I didn't actually say it was a white man. I said I couldn't tell. But I saw a white spot in his head.
Mr. SPECTER. Your best recollection at this moment is you still don't know whether he was a white man or a Negro? All you can say is that you saw a white spot on his head?
Mr. EUINS. Yes, sir.

Mr. SPECTER. Then, did you tell the people at the police station that he was a white man, or did they make a mistake when they wrote that down here?
Mr. EUINS. They must have made a mistake, because I told them I could see a white spot on his head.

I count a dozen times Eunis mentions the Sixth Floor Sniper’s “bald spot” in those few minutes of testimony, but Max Holland and the Newsweek article doesn’t mention it at all, and neither does the Warren Report.

Not a trivial item, such a bald spot as seen by a witness would be an identifying feature as strong in court as a tattoo or handwriting signature.

As G. Kinston Clark wrote in The Critical Historian, “The distortion produced by bias are potentially present in any attempt to write history. Sometimes the danger is obvious and menacing, sometimes it is covert, coming from unexpected angles and in not easily detected forms. ….Any interpretation which makes use of facts which can be shown to be false, or accepts as certainty true facts which are dubious, or does not take into account facts which are known, are at best, potentially misleading, and possibly grossly, and dangerously deceptive…It is the first task of the historian to review any narrative to find what links are missing altogether…where what is defective cannot be supplied by further research, it is an historian’s duty to draw attention to the fact so that men can know where they stand.…Any historical conception which has not been adjusted to the most recent results will cease to be satisfactory.”

Not to argue with the idea that the first shot and the assassination event began before the Zapruder film began rolling, expanding the time of the assassination from the fist to the last shot from six to eleven seconds, it is hard to believe that the first and easiest shot was the one that missed. This is the one that the Sixth Floor Sniper had all the time in the world to line up and take his time, while the second and third shots had to be taken after reloading the rifle and lining up the shot.

Assuming for a moment that Oswald was the Sixth Floor Sniper, did his Marine Corps training, as the article attests, give him the ability to make the shot that killed JFK?

Max Holland says that Oswald, as a Marine, was trained to take the best, first shot, and if he did then he would have taken the best shot as the target came towards him down Houston Street, rather than wait for a moving target obstructed by a sign and tree. But the Sixth Floor Sniper, whoever he was, didn’t take that best shot.

The three shots believed to have been taken by the Sixth Floor Sniper were those of a Third Level Sniper – one with minimal training and a standard issue rifle – but the shot that hit JFK in the head was probably taken by a Level One Sniper with the best weapon, from a concealed position in front or behind the target moving towards or away from him, one shot – one kill.

Even with Oswald’s USMC training, as his brother Robert, a former USMC sharpshooter himself said,- if Lee didn’t practice extensively with that rifle and scope, as the Warren Commission contends, then he didn’t take the shot that killed the president.

Robert Oswald wrote: “If Lee did not spend a considerable amount of time practicing with that rifle in the weeks and months before the assassination, then I would say that Lee did not fire the shots that killed the President and wounded Governor Connally.”

So the idea the first shot missed and the assassination time expands from six to eleven seconds still does not account for the fact that Oswald probably wasn’t the Sixth Floor Sniper and the fatal head shot was not taken by the Sixth Floor Sniper, whoever he was, but by a first class Level One snipe with the best weapon.
And the truth about the assassination is that we don’t know the total truth, yet.

And Another Thing

In Max Holland's  Newsweek article - The Truth About the JFK Assassination,  Sheriff Deputy Luke Mooney's discovery of the Snipers Nest and the dispersion of the shells is cited as evidence - with the crime scene photo used - But - and its a Big But - that's not where they were originally located.

According to Dallas TV cameraman x Alaya - one of the first reporters to get inside the building before it was sealed told the Sixth Floor Oral History project that he asked Capt. Fritz if he could film the shells and Fritz said yes - and Fritz then picked them up and held them in his hand and before he threw them back on the floor where they assumed the position they were in when photographed by the crime scene photographer.
Roger Collins:
I've been watching a C-Span video of the "Journalists remember JFK assassination" conference in November 1993.

One of the speakers was cameraman Tom Alyea who was one of the first newsmen in the TSBD. He was there with Kent Biffle before the building was sealed off and followed law enforcement officers as they searched the building floor by floor. Tom had some interesting things to say.

For instance, he said that he was just behind a plain clothes policeman who found a lunch bag with chicken bones and an empty Dr. Pepper bottle on the 5th floor. He repeated it several times so that there was no misunderstanding. He said the 5th floor. This of course justifies a whole bunch of questions by itself but that's for another day.

Alyea also said he filmed the "snipers nest" before it was taken apart and put back together again for the photographers who were later allowed in the building. If this is true it would basically mean that all the photos we have seen are not of the original configuration of the "snipers nest". I have since tried unsuccessfully to locate a video of what Alyea filmed on the 6th floor. What I did find in Robin's photo galary is a frame of what I believe to be Alyea's film.

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I'm I seeing things or are there boxes stacked up in the corner between the two windows and next to the pipes on the spot where the paper bag was allegedly found.....

If this is indeed a frame from Alyea's film and shows (part of) the original configuration of the "snipers nest" doesn't this image destroy the paper bag story?
Unfortunately, Alyea's current account differs from the one he gave in a statement on December 19, 1963:

    They were conducting a systematic search. It boiled down to the sixth floor. After awhile it was obvious that the assassin was not in the building. They looked for the gun. I filmed 400 ft. of film of the Secret Service men looking for the assassin, climbing over boxes, over the rafters, and the actual finding of the gun. At the time it was suspected that the assassin had stayed quite a time there. There was a stack [sic] with a stack of chicken bones on it. There was a Dr. Pepper bottle which they dusted for fingerprints. The fingerprints were not Oswald's. (John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection, Papers of C. Douglas Dillon, The President's Committee on the Warren Report to Columbia University Bureau of Applied Social Research, Box 3, National Archives, College Park, MD) 

Dylan's Tom Paine Award


Bob Dylan accepted the "Tom Paine Award" from the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee at a ceremony shortly after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. According to those who were there “a drunken, rambling Dylan questioned the role of the committee, insulted its members as old and balding, and claimed to see something of himself (and of every man) in assassin Lee Harvey Oswald..”

Bob Dylan's speech given to the E.C.L.C.


at the Americana Hotel on 12/13/63

I haven't got any guitar, I can talk though. I want to thank you for the Tom Paine award in behalf everybody that went down to Cuba.

First of all because they're all young and it's took me a long time to get young and now I consider myself young. And I'm proud of it. I'm proud that I'm young. And I only wish that all you people who are sitting out here today or tonight weren't here and I could see all kinds of faces with hair on their head - and everything like that, everything leading to youngness, celebrating the anniversary when we overthrew the House Un-American Activities just yesterday, - Because you people should be at the beach. You should be out there and you should be swimming and you should be just relaxing in the time you have to relax. (Laughter) It is not an old peoples' world. It is not an old peoples' world. It has nothing to do with old people. Old people when their hair grows out, they should go out. (Laughter) And I look down to see the people that are governing me and making my rules - and they haven't got any hair on their head - I get very uptight about it. (Laughter)

And they talk about Negroes, and they talk about black and white. And they talk about colors of red and blue and yellow. Man, I just don't see any colors at all when I look out. I don't see any colors at all and if people have taught through the years to look at colors - I've read history books. I've never seen one history book that tells how anybody feels.

I've found facts about our history, I've found out what people know about what goes on, but I never found anything about (how) anybody feels about anything (that) happens. It's all just plain facts. And it don't help me one little bit to look back.

I wish sometimes I could have come in here in the 1930's like my first idol - (I) used to have an idol, Woody Guthrie, who came in the 1930's (Applause). But it has sure changed in the time Woody's been here and the time I've been here. It's not that easy any more. People seem to have more fears.

I get different presents from people that I play for and they bring presents to me backstage - very weird, weird presents - presents that I couldn't buy. They buy - they bring me presents that - I've got George Lincoln Rockwell's tie clip that somebody robbed for me. (Laughter). I have General Walker's car trunk keys - keys to his trunk that somebody robbed for me.

Now these are my presents. I have fallout shelter signs that people robbed for me from Philadelphia and these are the little signs. There's no black and white, left and right to me anymore; there's only up and down and down is very close to the ground. And I'm trying to go up without thinking about anything trivial such as politics. They has got nothing to do with it. I'm thinking about the general people and when they get hurt.
I want to accept this award, the Tom Paine Award, from the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee. I want to accept it in my name but I'm not really accepting it in my name and I'm not accepting it in any kind of group's name, any Negro group or any other kind of group. There are Negroes - I was on the march on Washington up on the platform and I looked around at all the Negroes there and I didn't see any Negroes that looked like none of my friends. My friends don't wear suits. My friends don't have to wear suits. My friends don't have to wear any kind of thing to prove that they're respectable Negroes. My friends are my friends, and they're kind, gentle people if they're my friends. And I'm not going to try to push nothing over.
So, I accept this reward - not reward, (Laughter) award in behalf of Phillip Luce who led the group to Cuba which all people should go down to Cuba. I don't see why anybody can't go to Cuba. I don't see what's going to hurt by going any place. I don't know what's going to hurt anybody's eyes to see anything. On the other hand, Phillip is a friend of mine who went to Cuba.

I'll stand up and to get uncompromisable about it, which I have to be to be honest, I just got to be, as I got to admit that the man who shot President Kennedy, Lee Oswald, I don't know exactly where —what he thought he was doing, but I got to admit honestly that I too - I saw some of myself in him. I don't think it would have gone - I don't think it could go that far. But I got to stand up and say I saw things that he felt, in me - not to go that far and shoot. (Boos and hisses) You can boo but booing's got nothing to do with it. It's a - I just a - I've got to tell you, man, it's Bill of Rights is free speech and I just want to admit that I accept this Tom Paine Award in behalf of James Forman of the Students Non-Violent Coordinating Committee and on behalf of the people who went to Cuba. (Boos and Applause)"

December 19, 1963
A Note from Corliss Lamont
Dear Friend:

Many of our friends disapproved our choice of Bob Dylan for the Tom Paine award. Without defending his acceptance speech, I would like to tell you why we feel he deserved the award. Bob Dylan has sent us a message which more clearly conveys his feelings. It is enclosed and I urge you to read it carefully.
E.C.L.C. defends the right of all Americans to advocate their beliefs. This is not confined to ideology or political groups. It should certainly be extended to our own youth, who according to many experts are becoming increasingly alienated and lost in our present society.

Whether we approve or not, Bob Dylan has become the idol of the progressive youngsters of today, regardless of their political factions. He is speaking to them in terms of protest that they understand and applaud. (see the enclosed review from The New

E.C.L.C. feels that it is urgent to recognize the protest of youth today and to help make it understood by the older generation. Walt Whitman and Woody Guthrie, the culture antecedents of Bob Dylan, were not appreciated by their society until they were very old.

We think that it would be better to make the effort now to comprehend what Bob Dylan is saying to and for the youth. It is true that he is not as respectable as Lord Russell, the winner of last year's award, but neither was Tom Paine, and our history is too full of disregard for important messages which were unrespectable at the time.

The annual celebration of Bill of Rights Day is not just a fund-raising affair - although we hope that our friends will help us carry on our work - it is also an opportunity for us to present to our supporters the problems of our democracy which in their daily lives they are apt to over-look.

This year over 1400 people were at the largest civil liberties dinner on record. We appreciate the understanding and support we received from many of those present and we hope that others will gain from the reading of the enclosed message by Bob Dylan an understanding which his speech did not convey.
Yours sincerely,

Corliss Lamont

[BK: Notes - The author of the apology letter, Corliss Lamont, is also the author of a pamphlet that Lee Harvey Oswald specifically requested and ordered from V.T. Lee, the head of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC) in New York City. Researchers have noted that the numbered copies of the leaflets sent to Oswald were from a batch of that were ordered and paid for by the CIA.]
A MESSAGE from Bob Dylan

(Sent to the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee after he received the Tom Paine Award at the Bill of Rights dinner on December 13, 1963.)

to anybody it may concern...
mr lamont?
countless faces I do not know
an all fighters for good things that I can not see
when I speak of bald heads, I mean bald minds
when I speak of the seashore, I mean the restin shore
I dont know why I mentioned either of them
my life runs in a series of moods
in private an in personal ways, sometimes,
I, myself, can change the mood I'm in t the
mood I'd like t be in. when I walked thru the
doors of the americana hotel, I needed to change
my mood... for reasons inside myself.
I am a restless soul
perhaps wretched
it is hard to hear someone you dont know, say
"this is what he meant t say" about something
you just said
for no one can say what I meant t say
absolutely no one
at times I even cant
that was one of those times
my life is lived out daily in the places I feel
most confortable in. these places are places where
I am unknown an unstared at. I perform rarely, an
when I do, there is a constant commotion burnin
at my body an at my mind because of the attention
aimed at me. instincts fight my emotions an fears
fight my instincts...
I do not claim t be smart by the standards set up
I dont even claim to be normal by the standards
set up
an I do not claim to know any kind of truth
but like an artist who puts his painting (after
he's painted it) in front of thousands of unknown
eyes, I also put my song there that way
(after I've made it)
it is as easy an as simple as that
I can not speak. I can not talk
I can only write an I can only sing
perhaps I should've sung a song
but that wouldn't a been right either
for I was given an award not to sing
but rather on what I have sung
no what I should've said was
"thank you very much ladies an gentlemen"
yes that is what I should've said
but unfortunatly... I didn't
an I didn't because I did not know
I thought something else was expected of me
other than just sayin "thank you"
an I did not know what it was
it is a fierce heavy feeling
thinkin something is expected of you
but you dont know what exactly it is...
it brings forth a wierd form of guilt
I should've remembered
"I am BOB DYLAN an I dont have t speak
I dont have t say nothin if I dont wanna"
I didn't remember
I constantly asked myself while eatin supper
"what should I say? what should I tell 'm?
everybody else is gonna tell 'm something"
but I could not answer myself
I even asked someone who was sittin nex t me
an he couldn't tell me neither. my mind blew
up an needless t say I had t get it back in its
rightful shape (whatever that might be) an so
I escaped from the big room... only t hear my
name being shouted an the words "git in here
git in here" overlappin with the findin of my
hand being pulled across hundreds of tables
with the lights turned on strong... guidin me
back t where I tried t escape from
"what should I say? what should I say?"
over an over again
oh God, I'd a given anything not t be there
"shut the lights off at least"
people were coughin an my head was poundin
an the sounds of mumble jumble sank deep in
my skull from all sides of the room
until I tore everything loose from my mind
an said "just be honest, dylan, just be honest"
an so I found myself in front of the plank
like I found myself once in the path of a car
an I jumped...
jumped with all my bloody might
just tryin t get out a the way
but first screamin one last song
when I spoke of Lee Oswald, I was speakin of the times
I was not speakin of his deed if it was his deed.
the deed speaks for itself
but I am sick
so sick
at hearin "we all share the blame" for every
church bombing, gun battle, mine disaster,
poverty explosion, an president killing that
comes about.
it is so easy t say "we" an bow our heads together
I must say "I" alone an bow my head alone
for it is I alone who is livin my life
I have beloved companions but they do not
eat nor sleep for me
an even they must say "I"
yes if there's violence in the times then
there must be violence in me
I am not a perfect mute.
I hear the thunder an I cant avoid hearin it
once this is straight between us, it's then an
only then that we can say "we" an really mean
it... an go on from there t do something about
When I spoke of Negroes
I was speakin of my Negro friends
from harlem
an Jackson
selma an birmingham
atlanta pittsburg, an all points east
west, north, south an wherever else they
might happen t be.
in rat filled rooms
an dirt land farms
schools, dimestores, factories
pool halls an street corners
the ones that dont own ties
but know proudly they dont have to
not one little bit
they dont have t be like they naturally aint
t get what they naturally own no more 'n anybody
else does
it only gets things complicated
an leads people into thinkin the wrong things
black skin is black skin
It cant be covered by clothes an made t seem
acceptable, well liked an respectable...
t teach that or t think that just tends the
flames of another monster myth...
it is naked black skin an nothin else
if a Negro has t wear a tie t be a Negro
then I must cut off all ties with who he has
t do it for.
I do not know why I wanted t say this that
perhaps it was just one of the many things
in my mind
born from the confusion of my times
when I spoke about the people that went t Cuba
I was speakin of the free right t travel
I am not afraid t see things
I challenge seein things
I am insulted t the depths of my soul
when someone I dont know commands that I
cant see this an gives me mysterious reasons
why I'll get hurt if I do see it... tellin me
at the same time about goodness an badness in
people that again I dont know...
I've been told about people all my life
about niggers, kikes, wops, bohunks, spicks, chinks,
an I been told how they eat, dress, walk, talk,
steal, rob, an kill but nobody tells me how any
of 'm feels... nobody tells me how any of 'm cries
or laughs or kisses. I'm fed up with most newspapers,
radios, tv an movies an the like t tell me. I want
now t see an know for myself...
an I accepted that award for all others like me
who want t see for themselves... an who dont want
that God-given right taken away
stolen away
or snuck out from beneath them
yes a travel ban in the south would protect
Americans more, I'm sure, than the one t Cuba
but in all honesty I would want t crash that
one too
do you understand?
do you really understand?
I mean I want t see. I want t see all I can
everyplace there is t see it
my life carries eyes
an they're there for one reason
the reason t see thru them
my country is the Minnesota-North Dakota territory
that's where I was born an learned how t walk an
it's where I was raised an went t school... my
youth was spent wildly among the snowy hills an
sky blue lakes, willow fields an abandoned open
pit mines. contrary t rumors, I am very proud of
where I'm from an also of the many blood streams that
run in my roots. but I would not be doing what
I'm doing today if I hadn't come t New York. I was
given my direction from new york. I was fed in
new york. I was beaten down by new york an I was
picked up by new york. I was made t keep going on
by new york. I'm speakin now of the people I've met
who were strugglin for their lives an other peoples'
lives in the thirties an forties an the fifties
an I look t their times
I reach out t their times
an, in a sense, am jealous of their times
t think I have no use for "old" people is a betrayin thought
those that know me know otherwise
those that dont, probably're baffled
like a friend of mine, jack elliott, who says he
was reborn in Oklahoma, I say I was reborn in
New York...
there is no age limit stuck on it
an no one is more conscious of it than I
yes it is a fierce feeling, knowin something you
dont know about's expected of you. but it's worse
if you blindly try t follow with explodin words
(for that's all they can do is explode)
an the explodin words're misunderstood
I've heard I was misunderstood
I do not apologize for myself nor my fears
I do not apologize for any statement which led
some t believe "oh my God! I think he's the one
that really shot the president"
I am a writer an a singer of the words I write
I am no speaker nor any politician
an my songs speak for me because I write them
in the confinement of my own mind an have t cope
with no one except my own self. I dont have t face
anyone with them until long after they're done
no I do not apologize for being me nor any part of me
but I can return what is rightfully yours at any
given time. I have stared at it for a long while
now. it is a beautiful award. there is a kindness
t Mr Paine's face an there is almost a sadness in
his smile. his trials show thru his eyes. I know
really not much about him but somehow I would like
t sing for him. there is a gentleness t his way.
yes thru all my flounderin wildness, I am, when it
comes down to it, very proud that you have given this
t me. I would hang it high, an let my friends see in
it what I see, but I also would give it back if
you wish. There is no sense in keepin it if you've
made a mistake in givin it. for it means more'n any
store bought thing an it'd only be cheatin t keep it
also I did not know that the dinner was a donation
dinner. I did not know you were gonna ask anyone
for money. an I understand you lost money on the
masterful way I expressed myself... then I am in debt t you
not a money debt but rather a moral debt
if you'd a sold me something, then it'd be a money debt
but you sold nothin, so it is a moral debt
an moral debts're worse 'n money debts
for they have t be paid back in whatever is missin
an in this case, it's money
please send me my bill
an I shall pay it
no matter what the sum
I have a hatred of debts an want t be even in
the best way I can
you needn't think about this, for money means
very little t me
so then
I'll return once again t the road
I cant tell you why other people write, but I
write in order to keep from going insane.
my head, I expect'd turn inside out if my hands
were t leave me.
but I hardly ever talk about why I write. an I
scarcely ever think about it. the thought of it is
too alarmin
an I never ever talk about why I speak
but that's because I never do it. this is the
first time I am talkin about it... an I pray
the last
the thought of doing it again is too scary
ha! it's a scary world
but only once in a while huh?
I love you all up there an the ones I dont love,
it's only because I do not know them an have not
seen them... God it's so hard hatin. it's so
tiresome... an after hatin something to death,
it's never worth the bother an trouble
out! out! brief candle
life's but an open window
an I must jump back thru it now
see yuh
respectfully an unrespectfully
bob dylan

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

AF1 Radio Tapes Combined P-Hi-Fi Version Parts 1-8

Air Force One Radio Tapes Combined - Primeau Hi-Fi Version - Parts 1-8









Part I

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8 

Part 1 - 86972 - 26000

AF1 Radio Tapes Combined – P Hi-Fi Version

Part 1- 86972 - 26000

Add LBJ Library - WHCA Introduction:

Tape 1- Patch 1

1 - 86972 [Cabinet plane], Andrews [Air Force Base]. You are readable at this time, sir. Also be advised Two-Six-Thousand [26000 – Air Force One, aka “Angel”] (is) coming up on this frequency shortly. Request that you contact Andrews on One-Five, Sir. 
 2 - Okay, One-Five. Relay. Will be off Honolulu at seventeen oh-three estimated approximate windshift, 2-1-4-0-2-2.
3 - 86972, Roger, copy. Thank you much. 

T 1 - Patch 2

1 - Break, Command Post, Air Force One, 1725. Carswell. [Ft. Worth SAC AFB]
2 - Air Force One, understand. Airborne. One, seven, two, five (1725) Zulu [Military Greenwich Mean Time]. Do you have an ETA? [Estimated Time of Arrival] Over.
3 - Estimated 40 minutes, enroute. I’ll show a log time in a couple of minutes.
4 - Roger, Air Force One. Command Post listening. Out.

T 1 - Patch 3

1 - Pickup 1700 Zulu, weather please.
2 - Standby One, I have weather officer I can give it to you now, if you are ready to copy. Over.
3 - Okay, go ahead.
4 - 1700 Zulu weather, 6000 broken, 15 miles plus visibility, temperature – five-seven, ramp temperature, six-two, wind southwest ten, altimeter setting two-niner, decimal eight-seven. I just talked with the Ramp and they indicate it is clearing rather rapidly there.
5 - Roger. Copy, thank you, out.
6 - Weather out.

T 1 - Patch 4

1 - Andrews, Air Force One, the Command Post List.
2 - Andrews, Air Force One, standby.
3 - Command Post altimeter.
4 - This is Airman Gilmore
5 - I have Air Force One for a patch.
6 - Standby please.
7 - Air Force One, Air Force Command Post on the line, go ahead sir.
8 - Roger, Command Post, Air Force One, our estimated time on the block, Dallas will be One, Seven, Four, Zero….(1740)…
9 - Roger. I understand. Seventeen forty on the block.
10- Roger, Out.

T 1 - Patch 5
T1 - 5

1 - Air Force One, Andrews.
2 - Roger, Roger Command Post, please.
3 - Standby sir.
4 - Command Post.
5 - I have Air Force One for a patch.
6 - Bring him up.
7 - Standby.
8 - Air Force One, Andrews. Command Post on the line, give them a call, sir.
9 - Roger
10- Command Post.
11- Air Force One on the ground 1738 Zulu.
12- Air Force One, understand. On the ground, seventeen thirty eight Zulu. Command Post listening.
13- Air Force One…..

Part 2 - The Situation Room at Crown

PART  2 

The Situation Room at Crown

T 2 – Patch 1

1 - Andrews Two Six Thousand  (26000) Delta
2 - 26000 Andrews Loud and clear.
3 - Roger, you are loud and clear, I will be monitoring this frequency.
4 - 26000 Andrews loud and clear. How do you read me now Larry?
5 - Roger. You are still loud and clear.
6 - …Okay Standing by.

T 2 – Patch 2

1 - White House Situation Room put in a priority one patch for me?
2 - Stand by sir.
3 - Yes.
4 - I have Liberty on the line for a priority one patch.
5 - Roger
6 - Stand by I’ll give you a call. Okay sir?
7 - I don’t know – [background conversation]
8 - Stand by One.
9 - Liberty, give him a call.
10 - Situation Room?

T 1/2 (3) – Patch 1
T3 – 1


1 - Air Force One?
2 - Liberty! Liberty
3 - Roger, I have White House Situation Room, SAM 86972,....Over.
4 - (Static) ... signal...unintelligable…..
5 - Eight Six Nine Seven Two 86972 do you read me? Over.
6 - White House?
7 - White House on.
8 - Standby. 
9 - White House, this is SAM 86972. How do you read? Over.
10- 86972, I read you loud and clear, loud and clear.
11- Roger, standby One, please, we have another phone patch going on with Sing Sing (CINAPAC) but we do have traffic for you, so hold on for one moment please.
12- Roger, Roger 86972. 

T3 – Patch 2
T3 – 2   - Oliver Hallett in Situation Room

1 - White House, White House, this is Wayside, do you read me?
2 - This is White House. I read you loud and clear Wayside. Over.
3 - Can you give me the latest situation on President? Over.
4 - You want Situation Room? Is that a Roger?
5 - Repeat that transmission please?
6 - This is Crown, This is Crown. Do you want Situation Room? 
7 - I want the Situation Room That’s affirmative.
8 - Roger, Roger getting them now.
9 - Stand by Please.
10- Wayside, Wayside, this is Crown. Situation Room is on. Go ahead.
11- Situation Room. This is Wayside, do you read me? Over.
12- This is the Situation Room. I read you. Go ahead. (Oliver Hallett)
13- [Salinger] - Give me all available information on President Over. 
14- [Hallett] - All available information on President follows. Ah,…Connally…He and Governor Connally of Texas have been hit in the car in which they were riding. We do not know how serious the situation is, we have no information. Mister Bromley Smith is back here in the Situation Room now. We are getting our information over the tickers. Over.  
15- [Salinger] - That is affirmative, affirmative. Please be advised that this is the plane on which the cabinet is on the way to Japan. Those heading to Honolulu are turning around and returning to Honolulu and will be there in about two hours. Over
16 [Hallett] - I understand. Those heading to Japan are turning around and heading to Honolulu and will be back there in two hours. Is that correct? Over. 
17- That’s Affirmative. Affirmative. Will need all information to decide whether some of this party should go directly to Dallas. Over.
18-  This is Situation Room. Say again your last please?
19- Will need to be advised to determine whether some members of this party should go directly to Dallas? Over.
20- Roger, you wish information as to whether some members of that party should go to Dallas.
21- Affirmative. Affirmative.
22- Do you have anything else, Wayside?
23- Any information you can give me as quickly as possible.
24- The Associated Press is coming out now with a bulletin that the President was hit in the head. That just came in. Over. 
25- Roger. Will get any new information to you. 
26- Where are you Wayside?
27 - Wayside is off the line. This is the radio operator. We are returning to Honolulu and should be back in Honolulu in about two hours. Will be in the air for about two hours and in to Honolulu and you can contact us on the ground there later.  
28- I understand. This is…..Hold, hold on the line there Wayside, we have some more information coming up. 
29-…right back.

T3 – Patch 3
T3 – 3 

1- Ah, Wayside, Wayside, this is Situation Room. I read from the AP bulletin. Kennedy apparently shot in head, he fell face down on the backseat of his car. Blood was on his head. Mrs. Kennedy cried “Oh no,” and tried to hold up his head. Connally remained half seated slumped to the left. There was blood on his face and forehead. The President and Governor were rushed to Parkland Hospital near the Dallas Trade Mart where Kennedy was to have made a speech. Over  
2 - I read that, over.
3 - This is Situation Room. I have nothing further for you now. I will contact you if we get more. 
4 - Wayside, Roger and out
5 - Situation Room out.

T3 – Patch 4
1 - Loud and clear.
2 - One thirty five…..Secretary of State….
3 - Roger, ….this…put them on this frequency…..stand by one, Andrews on two. 
4 - Give them a call Andrews
5 - Affirmative Andrews.
6 - Roger we have the aircraft and passengers ….
7 - Eight Six Nine Seven Two, we do not know the frequency…..
8 - Two Six Thousand.
9 - Will you have….give me a call please?
10- Stand by one sir.
11- Hello?
12- ….please?
13- This is Secretary Rusk. Give me eight, six, nine, seven two.
14- I’ll have….give you a call when he’s done.
15- I’ll hold the line.
16-  Yes?
17-  Copy Mr. Rusk….State Department is talking to…..
18-  Mr. Ball back there.
19-  State Dept. is not….
20-  Well look…I want to talk to Ball.
21-  Okay…Number one is trying….
22-  I’ll wait.
23-  Thank you
24-  Okay, thank you.
25-  I want a frequency open….

26-  Please give…. a call please. ….

Part 3 - The President has been shot

 Part 3

 The President of the United States has been shot and seriously wounded

T 3 – Patch 5

1 - 26000, Andrews, I have the White House.
2 - Okay, thank you.
3 - And I want to keep this frequency open. 
4 - The frequency has been taken …
5 - …give ….a copy
6 - Roger.
7 - 86972 is good and readable. I have a party on that wants to talk to you. Stand by. 
8 - Standing by.
9 - Hello? What is your name again?
10- Jackson.
11- Mister Jackson?
12- Yes. 
13- Okay. Hold on line one.
14- 86972, 86972 I have a Mister Jackson, a Mister Jackson on. Will you give him a call, please? 
15- Mister Jackson, this is SAM 86972. How do you read me?
16- I read you very well 72. I would like to talk to Colonel Toomey or Colonel Holland please. Over.
17- Okay. Colonel Toomey is coming on right now, Stand by One please.
18 - Okay.
19- Roger. This is Colonel Toomey. Go ahead.
20- Colonel Toomey, this is Murray Jackson. The President of the United States has been shot and seriously wounded in Dallas, Texas. The President of the United States, John F. Kennedy has been shot and seriously wounded in Dallas, Texas. Governor Connally was also shot at the same time. Would you please get the message to Secretary of State Rusk, and I will stand by. Over. 
21- Roger, Murray. We have already received the news. We have the UPI on. We have turned around. We are returning to Hawaii. We are estimating Hawaii in one hour and twenty minutes. We will be on the ground in Hawaii in one hour and twenty minutes and will be returning to Washington or Dallas. We have another aircraft alerted to take part of the party to Dallas, and we are returning to Washington. Over. [1220]
22- Thank you very much Colonel Toomey. I will relay that information to Mr. Ball right away. Over and out. 
23- Okay, the secretary has talked with his office in Washington, I believe and also Pierre Salinger has been in contact with the White House from the aircraft. Over.
24-Okay thank you very much. Over and out

T-3 – Patch 6

1 - 26000, Andrews. Go ahead sir. 
2 - Loud and clear. A signal check please.  26000, I read you loud and clear, here also, sir. Stand by on this frequency.
3 - Right. Thank you. 

T 3 – Patch 7
T3 – 7

1 - Andrews sideband. Airman Gilmore.
2 - Roger. Are you in contact with the party coming back from Tokyo? Go ahead.
3 - Yes sir. We’re going through Liberty airwaves for that aircraft.
4 – Roger, can you connect me with Wayside?   
5 - Standby One Six.
6 - Sir?
7 - Yes Sir? 
8 - There’s Mister Jackson running a patch to that aircraft at this time, would you like to listen in or would you like me to break the patch sir? 
9 - Ah, could I wait please?
10- Yes, you can standby. You’re number two.

T 3 – Patch 8
T3- 8

1 - 86972, Andrews. 
2 - 86972.
3 - Roger, standby. I have another one.
4 - Who is this sir?
5 - This is the White House.
6 - Okay, standby please.
7 - 86972, 86972, Andrews, I have Crown on, will you give them a call sir   please? 
8 - This is 86972, go ahead.
9 - Roger, This is Crown, we wish a phone patch to Wayside. Go ahead.
10- Roger, standby for Wayside. 
11- Crown.
12- Roger, go ahead please. 
13- Crown this is Wayside. Go ahead. ‘
14- Go ahead please
15- Wayside? Wayside? This is Stranger. Do you read me? Over.
16- This is Wayside. Go ahead.
17- Kilduff has asked that all cabinet members return to Washington immediately. Over. 
18- We are enroute to Honolulu, where we have ah….Washington. Over
19- Roger Roger, will they notifiy us of time of arrival.
20-Situation…to  Dallas. ……Over
21- Roger, Roger, we do not have any firm….as to the exact status……go…..Dallas….Wayside…..go ahead.

22- ……..Wayside this is Stranger, over. 

Part 4 - Wayside and Stranger

Part 4
Wayside and Stranger

T 3 – Patch 9
T 3 – 9

1 - Wayside Standby for Situation Room. Yea.
2 - Go ahead Wayside.
3 - Wayside, this is Situation Room. I read you the latest bulletin. President Kennedy has been given blood transfusion today at Parkland Hospital in an effort to save his life after he and Governor John Connally of Texas were shot in an assassination attempt. Over the TV we have the information that the governor has been moved to the operating room. The president is still in the emergency room at Parkland Hospital....Do you read me so far? Over
4 - I read you loud and clear.
5 - Wayside. This is Situation Room. Are you getting the press coverage or do you want us to continue to relay it to you? Over. 
6 - (garbled)….keep informed. Over

T 3 – Patch 10
T 3 – 10

1 - This is Situation Room. Roger. New subject. We will have information for you on whether to proceed to Dallas by the time you land at Honolulu. Over
2 - Affirmative affirmative, also….Secretary of State….Dallas….Over.
3 - This is Situation Room. Roger. Will do. Get determination on whether Secretary of State should also go to Dallas
4 - Wayside. Out. Over.
5 - This is Situation Room. Out 

T 3 – Patch 11 – “Stranger” – Harold Patterson Patch
T 3 – 11

1- Liberty?
2 - Go ahead.
3 - 86972 86972 Andrews.
4 - 86972 You are loud and clear.
5 - Roger Give me the name, the real name of Stranger please….from the White House.       
6 - Say again the name. What is the name sir? Stranger.
7 - Stranger – S-T-R-A-N-G-E-R
8 - Command Post, will you give them a call? 
9 - We are returning to Hickam field….[ Hickam Field, Hawaii] three zero Zulu….We are standing by for more information…..
10-Stand by for just a moment sir.
11- Roger, Roger Seven two, Let us know when you are leaving Hickam and what your destination is.
12-Okay we will keep you advised, have Wayside give them a call.
13-86972 – Andrews.
14-Roger. In reference to request. A Major Harold R. Patterson, Major Harold R. Paterson.

T-3 Patch 12
T 3 -12

1 - Andrews talk to Wayside. The party is on the line now
2 - 86972 Andrews.
3 - Liberty?
4 - 86972. 86972.
5 - 86972. Andrews. I have a party that would like to talk to Wayside. Will you give them a call?
6- Wayside. The party is on the line now.
7 - 86972, I have a party that would like to talk to Wayside. 
8 - Wayside is coming on right now. 
9 - All right, fine there’s no rush. I’ll just talk to you here. This is the Situation Room. We’ll standby. We are looking for confirmation of something here.
10- Wayside,…Wayside.
11- Okay Wayside. Just standby for a moment please. We are getting confirmation now. Please stay on the line. We are getting confirmation now.
12- Wayside on the line.
13- Please stay on the line. This is Situation Room still on the line standing by. I read you loud and clear. Nothing further for you yet. 
14- Wayside. This is Situation Room.
15-We have ah conflicting reports now, so we have no confirmation. We will call you again. I have relayed your intentions and current position to the Front Office. Your office has the word. We will call you again when we get confirmation. Over. 
16- Okay This is Wayside. Out. 

T – 3 Patch 13
T 3 – 13

1 - Andrews, 26000. Radio Check.
2 - 26000 (Two Six Thousand), Andrews, loud and clear.
3 - [Third voice] 26000, Liberty, loud and clear. Will you try to notify if you close down for good? Go ahead.
4 - Roger. Will do.
5 - Roger, Liberty

T- 3 Patch 14
T 3 – 14

1 - Andrews. Sideband. Airman Gilmore. 
2 - Gilmore, this is Murray Jackson at State again. Can you get me Seven Two again?
3 - Could you say again, sir, you are very, very week. 
4 - This is Murray Jackson at the State Department. 
5 - Yes sir?
6 - I talked to Seven Two a little while ago. Can you get me Seven Two on a single sideband again?
7 - Mister Jackson, be advised that Seven Two is in a patch with the Situation Room at the present time sir. If you wish to standby. 
8 - That’s all right. They’re talking to them now?
9 - Yes sir. They are in a patch at the present time.
10- All right, very good. Can you listen in on this?
11- Ah, not from this console, no sir.
12- Well, what we want to tell the plane is that Under Secretary Ball requests that the Secretary and all the passengers return directly to Washington instead of going to Dallas.  13- Yes sir, I believe they received that message sir.
14- Very good. Thank you.
15- Thank you very much sir.
16- Oh, hello?
17- Yes sir?
18- One other thing. The Secretary is supposed to call Mrs. Ball when he gets on the ground in Honolulu.
19- Okay sir, we’ll relay that as soon as possible.
20- Thank you very much. 

T – 3 Patch 15
T 3 – 15

1 - Andrews sideband, Airman Gilmore.
2 - Airman Gilmore, this is Murray Jackson again at the State Department.
3 - Yes sir?
4 - The message I just gave you about Mr. Ball wanting the Secretary and all of the passengers of the plane to return directly to Washington has now been reconfirmed by McGeorge Bundy who has also said that the plane and all its passengers should return immediately to Washington, rather than Dallas. 
5 - Standby sir.
6 - All right.

T 3 – Patch 16
T 3 - 16

1 - 86972. 86972. Andrews. 
2 - Andrews. Loud and clear. Loud and clear. You have Mister Jackson on the line. Would you give him a call sir?
3 - Mister Jackson, 86972. Go ahead sir.
4 - I have a message from Undersecretary Ball and from McGeorge Bundy at the White House. They request that the Secretary of State and ALL passengers aboard the aircraft return to Washington immediately. Over. 
5 - Roger. The message is from Undersecretary Ball and Mr. Bundy advised that the Secretary of State and ALL passengers return to Washington immediately. Over.
6 - That is correct. Over and out.
7 - Okay. Thank you. 

T 3 – Patch 17
T 3 17

1 - Start again please, the party is on.
2 - Be advised there’s another patch from Wayside. Do you with to break Command Post?
3 - Yea, break it.
4 - Yes sir.
5 - 86972, 86972, Andrews. 
6 - 972. Go ahead. 
7 - Roger sir, I have Crown on. Will you give him a call sir?
8 - Crown. Go ahead.
9 - This is Situation Room. Relay following to Wayside. We have report quoting Mr. Kilduff in Dallas that the President is dead. That he died about 35 minutes ago. Do you have that? Over. 

10- The President is dead. Is that correct?
11- That is correct. That is correct. New subject. Front Office desires plane return Washington with no stop Dallas. Over. 
12- Wayside, copy. All okay. We return direct to Washington without stopping in Dallas.
13- This is Situation Room, out. 

Part 5 - The Swearing In

The Swearing In

Part 5

T 3 – Patch 18
T 3 – 18

1 - Andrews, give me the Situation Room please.
2 - 972 Andrews, standby, one sir.
3 - Crown on.
4 - Situation Room please. 
5 - Thank you.
6 - (phone ringing) Yea?
7 - Is this the Situation Room?
8 - Yes.
9 - This is sideman, I have 972 on sideband for another patch sir.
10- 972 again.
11- This is Situation Room.
12- Standby sir.
13- 972, I read you.
14- This is Situation Room. Over. 
15- Situation Room, 972. Wayside would like to know the whereabouts of the Vice President. Over.
16- Yes (Background conversation) Alright…He wants to know where the Vice President is in Dallas….right….
17- Ah, Wayside, from Situation Room. The Vice President is in the hospital building, Parkland Hospital, in Dallas. He is not injured. I repeat, not injured. Over.
18- I copy. I will call you right back.
19- Right. 

T – 3 Patch 19
T 3 – 19

1 - Andrews, 26000. Standby to take off.
2 - 26000.
3 - Andrews, 972, Command Central….
4 - Roger…..Command Post.
5 - I have 972 for a patch. 
6 - All right. Go ahead.
7 - 86972, Andrews, Command time, go ahead sir. 
8 - SAM Command, 86972, and we are returning directly to Washington, as latest instructions are to return direct to Washington from Hic Cup. [Hickam Field, Hawaii] Hic Cup is working up a flight plan and as quick as we can get the enroute time and on the ground time, we will give you an ETA Washington. 
9 - Roger, Roger 72. Can you give me your present ETA for Hickam?
10- In about 45 minutes was the last one that I heard. It should be about twenty-thirty Zulu... I’ll get you a more accurate one if you’ll stick around a little bit…
11- Zulu over.
12- Roger, Roger. As far as you know right now you’re coming directly to Washington? Is that affirmed? 
13- That is correct. Over.
14- Roger 72. Give us any changes that you have sir.
15- Okay, will do.
16- 26000. Andrews.
17- Loud and clear sir.
18- Roger, you are both loud and clear. 
19-I hear you both loud and clear.
20- 26000, do you copy my teletype?
21- 26000 is…outbound.
22- Okay. He’s too busy over there. 
23- Right.
24- You might want to check with him to make sure that he’s getting through.
25- Okay, standby.
26- 26000. Andrews, coming up.
27- 26000, check please.
28- 26000 Andrews. Loud and clear.
29- 26000 Andrews. Loud and clear.
30- We’ll be moving out pretty soon. 
31- 86972. Right sir. Standing by. 

T – 3 Patch 20
T 3 – 20

1 - 972 Andy, go ahead sir.
2 - Okay, we’re coming pretty close to Honolulu landing ah. I don’t know if we’ll be able to or not but I’m going to or not but I’m going to try to keep this equipment up, ah, but I’m not certain I’ll be able to do it. Understand that thirteen is pretty good. ….Is that correct? 
3 - This is Andrews. That is affirmed. 26000 is now getting ready to take off. He’s on One Three. If you standby, One, I’ll confer with Liberty and see what frequencies, in case you do drop out, what frequency we’ll have standing up on waiting for your call. 
4 - Okay, do that. Get them all set up. I might not be able to keep it open.
5 - Roger. Standby One. 
6 - Okay, Liberty? Yea, we got One Three and One Five up right now, besides this one going through you. I don’t know if One Three is going to be all tied up or not. And ah, what frequencies do you think you can have set up in case he drops out on so you he’ll know what frequencies we’re listening on? 
7 - I’ll be on One Eight, One Five and One Three. And we can hold him on eighteen for a while because we got Newport Jerry up there. 
8 - Right. Do you have another one, a little bit lower maybe?
9 - We’ll drop down from eighteen to fifteen to thirteen.
10- How about Tripple One? 
11- We have that too.
12- Tripple lower?
13- Ah, on the sideband.
14- Okay, I’ll tell him we’ll be on eighteen, thirteen, fifteen and Triple One, all uppers, right? 
15- All right.
16- Except this one, we’re on lower.
17- Go ahead.
18- Okay.
19- 86972, Andrews. 
20- Roger, Andrews is going to be standing by and Liberty on Triple One upper, Triple One Seven Six upper, One Five Zero One One upper, One Five Zero One One upper, One Three Two Zero Four Seven upper and this frequency One eight zero two seven, lower, sir.
21- Okay, very good, I’ll keep in touch.  
22- Roger 

T – 3 Patch 21
T 3 – 21

1 -86972 Go ahead.
2 - Air Force Command Post, this is mission 137, mission One, Three, Niner, arriving Honolulu Two Two diagonal, Two Six, Zulu, ATV, Two One One five Zulu for Andrews, over.
3 - 86972, Roger, Andy, copy and standing by sir.
4 - Okay, I’ll be on this frequency and I’ll advise you when I leave it.
5 - Roger sir. 

T - 3 Patch 22
T 3 – 22

1 - Two Six Thousand. 26000
2 - Give me Crown please.
3 - Just a minute.

1 - Crown. (1) Crown
2 - 26000 for a patch.
3 - Roger.
4 - Crown on. Go ahead.
5 - Roger, Crown, 26000, will you get a patch with Jerry Behn please?
6 - Roger, stand by. 

T – 3 B – Patch 1
T3B – 1

1 - 26000. Duplex (2 – Duplex) is on, go ahead. 
2 - Standby One.
3 - Hello?
4 - Okay.
5- (OK) Jerry? (3 – Digest)
6 - Hello?
7- Go ahead.
8- We’re at the airport 26000, everybody’s aboard.
9 - Duplex - Okay, go ahead. 
10 - We are waiting for the swearing in at the plane before take-off. 
11 - Of, the….That’s Volunteer? (4 Volunteer)
12- Roger. 
13- Say again, Roy, say again. 
14- We are waiting for a judge to appear for a swearing in.
15- That’s for Volunteer, is that right? 
16- Yes. We are having it done here before we takeoff Jerry.
17- That’s an affirmative. Do you have any idea yet what Lace (5 – Lace) wants to do and what Volunteer wants to do on their arrival here? 
18- No. But I will call you back. (Suggest)…we have 2 hour 15 flight into Andrews. We have a full plane with at least 40.
19- Okay, go ahead. 
20- I’ll have to call you again as to body, however, I’m sure the Volunteer’s party will go over….(his car)....and so forth…we will….(need)….be there with several others….
21- All right, let me know what Volunteer wants to do when they land. If they want to come into Crown by helicopter? -6) Crown
22- That’s a roger, I’ll call you again.
23- Okay. .

TB 3 – Patch 2
TB 3 – 2

1 - 26000, Andrews
2 - Okay, go ahead. 
3 - Stand by for…
4 - Okay give them a call. 
5 - Go ahead.
6 - Roger.
7 - Air Force Command Post
8 - Can you read me?
9 - 26000 go ahead.
10- Can you give me Estimated Time of Departure from Dallas? Over. 
11- From Dallas? Go ahead. 
12- Would you repeat your estimated time of departure from Dallas? Over
13- Roger. It could be estimate in the next ten minutes. Go ahead.
14- Roger. Could you give me a call when you’re airborne? And can you give me any additional information? 

15- Not at this time.
16- Roger. Thank you.
17- Will call on takeoff.