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Part 6 Chief of Staff and Passenger Manifest

Part 6


TB 3 – Patch 3 C
TB3 – 3 C

1 - Andrews, Air Force One.
2 - Air Force One, Andrews, go ahead sir.
3 - Andrews, - Roger, standby. 
4 - Andrews Air Force Base. 
5 - Air Force Command Post….
6 - Air Force One, standby please.
7 - Air Force One, Andrews. Give them a call please.
8 - Command Post, Air Force One, how do you read?
9 - Fine, (Roger) sir. Go ahead.
10- ...Dallas... (20 Two – O)… Four seven (4-7) Zulu will call in a couple of minutes for (with ah) block time for Andrews.
11- Do you have an approximate block time, sir? 
12- Ah, Well, two plus one zero go ahead.
13- Two plus one zero. And do you have any passengers on board?
14- Roger. Forty plus.
15- Do you have Mrs. Kennedy on board?
16- Affirmative. I’ll call you back, Command Post.
17- All right, sir. Air Force One, Andrews. I have SAM Command Post standing by sir.
18- Command Post, Air Force One, go ahead.
19- Stand By One Sir.
20- Give Air Force One a call please.
21- Air Force One. (SAM Command Post, go ahead).
22- Roger, Roger. You called me, go ahead sir.
23- This is Colonel Hornbuckel in Operations. We have a request from staff officer.
24- [Hornbuckel] – [LeMay is USAF Chief of Staff who wants] (to know) Do you have Mr. Johnson and Mr. Kennedy’s body on board? 
25- Okay, Air Force One. Affirmative on all those questions. Go ahead. 
26- Roger, thank you very much. Out. 

TB3 – Patch 4
TB3 – 4

1 - Air Force One for a signal heck.
2 - Air Force One, Andrews, loud and clear.
3 - Loud and clear, Liberty.
4 - Roger.
5 - Scott, loud and clear. 
6 - Air Force One, I have……standing by. 
7 - 26000 26000 SAM Command Post. (9 SAM Command Post)
8 - Air Force One, go ahead please.
9 - Roger, Air Force One, are you airborne at present? Are you airborne at present?
10- Affirmative. Airborne at Two Zero Four Seven, 2047. Estimated time on the block at Andrews is Two Three Zero Five – (2305 go ahead). 
11- Roger, Roger, I understand, (Departed at 2047, ETA (estimated time of arrival) Andrews, 2305, is that Charlie? 
12 - That is Charlie.
13 - Roger, Roger Air Force One, SAM Command Post clear. 

TB3 – Patch 5
TB3 – 5

1 - Air Force Command Post, go ahead.
2 - I have Air Force One standing by, stand by please.
3 - Air Force One, give Command Post a call please.
4 - Command Post, Air Force One. 
5 - Go ahead Air Force One, this is Command Post. 
6 - Okay, departure 2-0-4-7, estimated time on the block Andrews 2-3-0-5, and we are rounding off at flight altitude 2-9-0. Over.
7 - Roger, understand. Standby One, please. 

TB3 – Patch 6
TB3 – 6

1 - Go ahead.
2 - Air Force One, this is the Air Force Command Post. If possible, request the names of passengers on board please?
3 - We have forty plus. Go ahead.
4- Forty people, is that affirmative? 
5- That’s affirmative.
6- Can you tell me in regards as to ah, one and two, the top people? 
7- Roger. The president is on board, the body is on board, and Mrs. Kennedy is on board. 
8- All right. Can you confirm once again your takeoff time and your estimated time of arrival at Andrews?
9- Two Zero Four Seven (2047) take off time…Andrews, two three zero five. (2305)
10- Roger, thank you. This is the Air Force Command Post out. 

TB3 – Patch 7
TB3 – 7

1 - Call please?
2 - Air Force One Air Force Command Post Over.
3 - Roger we are estimating…two one…one...seven
4 - Roger 26000 Command Post Copy
5 - Air Force One – 970 ….John….wants to know on the ground if you have Congressman Thomas, Thornbury and Brooks aboard? Can you check that out for us?
6 - Say again, say again.
7 - Roger……needs to know if you have Congressman Thomas, Congressman Thornbury and Congressman Brookes aboard? Will you check?

TB3 – Patch 8
TB3 – 8

1 - Air Force One, Command Post.
2 - Roger.
3 - Roger 26000
4 - Air Force One, give me a shout please?
5 - Air Force One, standby sir.
6 - Crown? This is….on standby please.
7 - Air Force One, Andrews, give them a call please.
8 - Air Force One, Andrews, give them a call please.
9 - Air Force One, Andrews, give them a call please.
10-Air Force One, Andrews, give them a call please.
11- Crown, Air Force One.
12- This is Crown, go ahead. 
13- We need a patch with Surgeon General of the Army Heaton.Go ahead.
14- Please repeat the message.
15- We need a patch with General Heaton. H-E-A-T-O-N the Surgeon General. Heaton present whereabouts….
16- Roger, Roger. That’s General Heaton, the Surgeon General of the Army. Over. 
17- That is correct. 
18- Roger, Roger, standby.
19- Air Force One, Crown. Standby please. This is the general now, over.
20- Command Post weather is 26000, please.
21- Okay, Air Force One, standby.
22- Roger.
23- We’re in a patch right now….Air Force one, Air Force One, Andrews on One Five, I’ll Copy sir.
24- Yes, sir?
25- You’ll have to hold on there. We’re in a long patch with the White House right now.
26- Right, I’ll hold. 
27 - Okay, sir.
28- 26000
29- One, Andrews.
30- Roger sir…give them a call….
31- Are we on….One…Eight….pick up on 14 meg….
32- We could try…frequency do you have blocked out there ….13 -18…also….
33- Roger and One, Five, Zero, One, One.
34- Roger….is that correct? [
35- Roger, one of them is. The other is a backup and the other is gong to be busy in a couple of minutes. 
36- Roger with the….
37- Roger, very good.
38- Roger, can you patch me with Air Force One please?
39- Who is this please?
40- This is Airman Stanz. 
41- Standby, you are number three.
42- Okay, right.  
43- Will you call me back through Command Post
44- Because this is taking quite a while and there’s no sense you holding onto the line….We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
45- This is in regards to the Forecast….go ahead.
46- Okay, right sir.
47- Forcast….
48- Say again…..

TB3 – Patch 9
TB3 – 9

1 - Air Force One, Crown. Hello? 
2 - Give Crown a call please.
3 - Air Force One, this is Crown, do you read me? Over.
4 - Roger, Roger, Crown. Air Force One. 
5 - Hello?
6 - Air Force One, this is Crown. You were cut out. General Heaton is at Walter Reed Hospital. You will have to stand by just a moment or else let me call you back when I get him on the line. It will take about a minute to reach him. 
7 - Air Force One, Crown, do you Roger? 11) Roger  Over. 
8 - Crown, Roger. Try and get General Heaton, and in the meantime, try to get the Deputy Surgeon General. We will talk to either one. Go ahead.
9 - This is Crown. Roger. Will you standby, and let me call you back? Over.
10 - This is very important.
11 - Roger. I’ll put an emergency on it and we will get him as soon as possible.
12- Roger, Roger. 
13- We are standing by.
14- Roger. I’ll give you call in just a while. 
15- Air Force One Roger.
16- …Air Force One, go ahead. 
17-…Air Force One, Crown. 
18- ….standby for a message. 
19- This is Dr. Burkley
20- (Did you hear?)
21- Dr. Burkley, Dr. Burkley, this is Crown. You’re cutting out, you’re cutting out.
22- You’ll have to repeat, over.
23- This is Dr. Burkley. … I want to get in touch with General Heaton or General Heaton’s deputy. 
24- Dr. Burkley, this is Crown. We are working as fast as possible trying to get the call through for you. He’s at Walter Reed. We are unable to locate. Still searching. Over.
25- The Deputy must be in the General’s office over at the main Navy building.
26- Roger, Roger. If you’ll standby, we’ll try to reach him.
27- Market….This is Crown. You Roger? We’re trying to reach one of them. If you’ll standby, please. 
28- All right. Roger. 
29- Air Force One, on fifteen.
30- Air Force One, loud and clear.
31- Okay, do you have another line in to Crown?
32- This is Andrews. Roger.
33- Okay, go ahead. 

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