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Part 4 - Wayside and Stranger

Part 4
Wayside and Stranger

T 3 – Patch 9
T 3 – 9

1 - Wayside Standby for Situation Room. Yea.
2 - Go ahead Wayside.
3 - Wayside, this is Situation Room. I read you the latest bulletin. President Kennedy has been given blood transfusion today at Parkland Hospital in an effort to save his life after he and Governor John Connally of Texas were shot in an assassination attempt. Over the TV we have the information that the governor has been moved to the operating room. The president is still in the emergency room at Parkland Hospital....Do you read me so far? Over
4 - I read you loud and clear.
5 - Wayside. This is Situation Room. Are you getting the press coverage or do you want us to continue to relay it to you? Over. 
6 - (garbled)….keep informed. Over

T 3 – Patch 10
T 3 – 10

1 - This is Situation Room. Roger. New subject. We will have information for you on whether to proceed to Dallas by the time you land at Honolulu. Over
2 - Affirmative affirmative, also….Secretary of State….Dallas….Over.
3 - This is Situation Room. Roger. Will do. Get determination on whether Secretary of State should also go to Dallas
4 - Wayside. Out. Over.
5 - This is Situation Room. Out 

T 3 – Patch 11 – “Stranger” – Harold Patterson Patch
T 3 – 11

1- Liberty?
2 - Go ahead.
3 - 86972 86972 Andrews.
4 - 86972 You are loud and clear.
5 - Roger Give me the name, the real name of Stranger please….from the White House.       
6 - Say again the name. What is the name sir? Stranger.
7 - Stranger – S-T-R-A-N-G-E-R
8 - Command Post, will you give them a call? 
9 - We are returning to Hickam field….[ Hickam Field, Hawaii] three zero Zulu….We are standing by for more information…..
10-Stand by for just a moment sir.
11- Roger, Roger Seven two, Let us know when you are leaving Hickam and what your destination is.
12-Okay we will keep you advised, have Wayside give them a call.
13-86972 – Andrews.
14-Roger. In reference to request. A Major Harold R. Patterson, Major Harold R. Paterson.

T-3 Patch 12
T 3 -12

1 - Andrews talk to Wayside. The party is on the line now
2 - 86972 Andrews.
3 - Liberty?
4 - 86972. 86972.
5 - 86972. Andrews. I have a party that would like to talk to Wayside. Will you give them a call?
6- Wayside. The party is on the line now.
7 - 86972, I have a party that would like to talk to Wayside. 
8 - Wayside is coming on right now. 
9 - All right, fine there’s no rush. I’ll just talk to you here. This is the Situation Room. We’ll standby. We are looking for confirmation of something here.
10- Wayside,…Wayside.
11- Okay Wayside. Just standby for a moment please. We are getting confirmation now. Please stay on the line. We are getting confirmation now.
12- Wayside on the line.
13- Please stay on the line. This is Situation Room still on the line standing by. I read you loud and clear. Nothing further for you yet. 
14- Wayside. This is Situation Room.
15-We have ah conflicting reports now, so we have no confirmation. We will call you again. I have relayed your intentions and current position to the Front Office. Your office has the word. We will call you again when we get confirmation. Over. 
16- Okay This is Wayside. Out. 

T – 3 Patch 13
T 3 – 13

1 - Andrews, 26000. Radio Check.
2 - 26000 (Two Six Thousand), Andrews, loud and clear.
3 - [Third voice] 26000, Liberty, loud and clear. Will you try to notify if you close down for good? Go ahead.
4 - Roger. Will do.
5 - Roger, Liberty

T- 3 Patch 14
T 3 – 14

1 - Andrews. Sideband. Airman Gilmore. 
2 - Gilmore, this is Murray Jackson at State again. Can you get me Seven Two again?
3 - Could you say again, sir, you are very, very week. 
4 - This is Murray Jackson at the State Department. 
5 - Yes sir?
6 - I talked to Seven Two a little while ago. Can you get me Seven Two on a single sideband again?
7 - Mister Jackson, be advised that Seven Two is in a patch with the Situation Room at the present time sir. If you wish to standby. 
8 - That’s all right. They’re talking to them now?
9 - Yes sir. They are in a patch at the present time.
10- All right, very good. Can you listen in on this?
11- Ah, not from this console, no sir.
12- Well, what we want to tell the plane is that Under Secretary Ball requests that the Secretary and all the passengers return directly to Washington instead of going to Dallas.  13- Yes sir, I believe they received that message sir.
14- Very good. Thank you.
15- Thank you very much sir.
16- Oh, hello?
17- Yes sir?
18- One other thing. The Secretary is supposed to call Mrs. Ball when he gets on the ground in Honolulu.
19- Okay sir, we’ll relay that as soon as possible.
20- Thank you very much. 

T – 3 Patch 15
T 3 – 15

1 - Andrews sideband, Airman Gilmore.
2 - Airman Gilmore, this is Murray Jackson again at the State Department.
3 - Yes sir?
4 - The message I just gave you about Mr. Ball wanting the Secretary and all of the passengers of the plane to return directly to Washington has now been reconfirmed by McGeorge Bundy who has also said that the plane and all its passengers should return immediately to Washington, rather than Dallas. 
5 - Standby sir.
6 - All right.

T 3 – Patch 16
T 3 - 16

1 - 86972. 86972. Andrews. 
2 - Andrews. Loud and clear. Loud and clear. You have Mister Jackson on the line. Would you give him a call sir?
3 - Mister Jackson, 86972. Go ahead sir.
4 - I have a message from Undersecretary Ball and from McGeorge Bundy at the White House. They request that the Secretary of State and ALL passengers aboard the aircraft return to Washington immediately. Over. 
5 - Roger. The message is from Undersecretary Ball and Mr. Bundy advised that the Secretary of State and ALL passengers return to Washington immediately. Over.
6 - That is correct. Over and out.
7 - Okay. Thank you. 

T 3 – Patch 17
T 3 17

1 - Start again please, the party is on.
2 - Be advised there’s another patch from Wayside. Do you with to break Command Post?
3 - Yea, break it.
4 - Yes sir.
5 - 86972, 86972, Andrews. 
6 - 972. Go ahead. 
7 - Roger sir, I have Crown on. Will you give him a call sir?
8 - Crown. Go ahead.
9 - This is Situation Room. Relay following to Wayside. We have report quoting Mr. Kilduff in Dallas that the President is dead. That he died about 35 minutes ago. Do you have that? Over. 

10- The President is dead. Is that correct?
11- That is correct. That is correct. New subject. Front Office desires plane return Washington with no stop Dallas. Over. 
12- Wayside, copy. All okay. We return direct to Washington without stopping in Dallas.
13- This is Situation Room, out. 

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