Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Part 3 - The President has been shot

 Part 3

 The President of the United States has been shot and seriously wounded

T 3 – Patch 5

1 - 26000, Andrews, I have the White House.
2 - Okay, thank you.
3 - And I want to keep this frequency open. 
4 - The frequency has been taken …
5 - …give ….a copy
6 - Roger.
7 - 86972 is good and readable. I have a party on that wants to talk to you. Stand by. 
8 - Standing by.
9 - Hello? What is your name again?
10- Jackson.
11- Mister Jackson?
12- Yes. 
13- Okay. Hold on line one.
14- 86972, 86972 I have a Mister Jackson, a Mister Jackson on. Will you give him a call, please? 
15- Mister Jackson, this is SAM 86972. How do you read me?
16- I read you very well 72. I would like to talk to Colonel Toomey or Colonel Holland please. Over.
17- Okay. Colonel Toomey is coming on right now, Stand by One please.
18 - Okay.
19- Roger. This is Colonel Toomey. Go ahead.
20- Colonel Toomey, this is Murray Jackson. The President of the United States has been shot and seriously wounded in Dallas, Texas. The President of the United States, John F. Kennedy has been shot and seriously wounded in Dallas, Texas. Governor Connally was also shot at the same time. Would you please get the message to Secretary of State Rusk, and I will stand by. Over. 
21- Roger, Murray. We have already received the news. We have the UPI on. We have turned around. We are returning to Hawaii. We are estimating Hawaii in one hour and twenty minutes. We will be on the ground in Hawaii in one hour and twenty minutes and will be returning to Washington or Dallas. We have another aircraft alerted to take part of the party to Dallas, and we are returning to Washington. Over. [1220]
22- Thank you very much Colonel Toomey. I will relay that information to Mr. Ball right away. Over and out. 
23- Okay, the secretary has talked with his office in Washington, I believe and also Pierre Salinger has been in contact with the White House from the aircraft. Over.
24-Okay thank you very much. Over and out

T-3 – Patch 6

1 - 26000, Andrews. Go ahead sir. 
2 - Loud and clear. A signal check please.  26000, I read you loud and clear, here also, sir. Stand by on this frequency.
3 - Right. Thank you. 

T 3 – Patch 7
T3 – 7

1 - Andrews sideband. Airman Gilmore.
2 - Roger. Are you in contact with the party coming back from Tokyo? Go ahead.
3 - Yes sir. We’re going through Liberty airwaves for that aircraft.
4 – Roger, can you connect me with Wayside?   
5 - Standby One Six.
6 - Sir?
7 - Yes Sir? 
8 - There’s Mister Jackson running a patch to that aircraft at this time, would you like to listen in or would you like me to break the patch sir? 
9 - Ah, could I wait please?
10- Yes, you can standby. You’re number two.

T 3 – Patch 8
T3- 8

1 - 86972, Andrews. 
2 - 86972.
3 - Roger, standby. I have another one.
4 - Who is this sir?
5 - This is the White House.
6 - Okay, standby please.
7 - 86972, 86972, Andrews, I have Crown on, will you give them a call sir   please? 
8 - This is 86972, go ahead.
9 - Roger, This is Crown, we wish a phone patch to Wayside. Go ahead.
10- Roger, standby for Wayside. 
11- Crown.
12- Roger, go ahead please. 
13- Crown this is Wayside. Go ahead. ‘
14- Go ahead please
15- Wayside? Wayside? This is Stranger. Do you read me? Over.
16- This is Wayside. Go ahead.
17- Kilduff has asked that all cabinet members return to Washington immediately. Over. 
18- We are enroute to Honolulu, where we have ah….Washington. Over
19- Roger Roger, will they notifiy us of time of arrival.
20-Situation…to  Dallas. ……Over
21- Roger, Roger, we do not have any firm….as to the exact status……go…..Dallas….Wayside…..go ahead.

22- ……..Wayside this is Stranger, over. 

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