Thursday, January 30, 2014

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why David Atlee Phillips is Maurice Bishop"

Why David Atlee Phillips is "Maurice Bishop."

In 1960 when Antonio Veciana was recruited by "Maurice Bishop" in  Havana, David Atlee Phillips was working as a public relations consultant for Bill Caldwell, the CIA chief of station,  Havana.

Veciana described Bishop as about 45 years old, six foot two, 200 lb, fit and trim, grey blue eyes, light brown hair, light complexion, tan from sun and distinctive skin blotches under the eyes, well dressed gentleman from the southern USA, probably Texes.

That description fits DAP to a T, except he was born on October 31 1922, and was 38 in 1960.

From 1960 until 1964, when Bishpp directed Veciana's anti-Castro activities Phillips was chief of covert Cuban activities; in 1963 when Veciana met Bishop and a person Veciana believes was Lee Harvey Oswald,  Phillips was responsible for monitoring the FPCC and the Cuban embassy in Mexico City when FPCC member Oswald visited  there.

After the assassination Bishop tried to get his cousin to say Castro agents gave Oswald money while Phillips tried to confirm a Nicaraguan agent's claim that he saw a Cuban agent give Oswald money.

When Phillips was named CIA chief of station Dominican Republic Bishop ran Cuban ops from Dominican Republic, including Second Naval Guerrilla. In 1967 Phillips named chief of Cuban operations in the hemisphere, while Bishop arranged for Veciana to work for AID  in passport office of US embassy in Bolivia until 1972.

While DAP worked on the CIA coup in Chile, Bishop had Veciana help arrange an assassination
attempt against Castro in Chile that failed. Castro told Barbera Walters that the assassins used Venezula passports and Bolivian embassy assistance when Veciana worked at the Bolivian embassy and Phlips was CIA COS in Venezula.

The Clincher

In July 1972 an incident occurred that affected both Phillips and Bishop when a walk in defector to the Chile embassy in Mexico City presented documents said to be CIA operation Centeaur, which led to Phillips being reprimanded for still running street agents and Bishop terminating his relationship with Veciana, but not before paying him off.

Phillips was then promoted to Chief Western Hemisphere Division, a CIA general and third highest position in the agency.

In all ten of the twelve things we know about Maurice Bishop fit David A Phillips, from physical description to common times and places as well as career positions at key points, which made this analysist conclude in 1988 that David Atlee Phillips is the CIA case officer Antonio Veciana knew as "Maurice Bishop."

"The intelligence profession does not encourage one to believe cjoincidence as an explanation for events." - David Atlee Phillips