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Bill Smith at NPIC Reunion

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Dino Brugioni at NPIC Reunion

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Among those listed who have attended past NPIC reunions are Bill and Stephane Danes Smith, and SDS's official bio mentions she began work at CIA at NPIC. This may indicate Bill and SDS are married, having previously worked together at NPIC. If this is the case, SDS has an interesting background, rising up the administration stepladder to one of the agency's top postitions - Director of Support.

When Porter Goss was appointed Director of the CIA, he appointed a Number 3 man who many didn't recognize, and whose questionable background and activities included arranging CIA contracts for friend's private companies and an affair with SDS, whose trysts became subject of CIA lore. It's possible that the nefarious activities of SDS could put a cringe in the attempt to interview Bill Smith about the Z-film at NPIC, so it should be made clear that we are only interested in the Z-film at NPIC and not other aspects of his work there, all of which is suposidly classified.

As the ARRB did with Homer McMahon, it might be necessary to get the CIA to give Bill Smith an official waver so he can discuss his NPIC work on the Z-film, whether the film was at the Hawkeyeworks at Rochester, and exactly who the briefing boards he had made were for and who it was they briefed. The Congressional Oversight Committee could make this arrangement with the CIA if they so desired.

Dino A. Brugioni
Marcia Black McMahon
Don and Linda (Smith) McMullin
Morgan Bennett “Ben” Hunter
Bill and Stephanie Danes Smith
Msgr. K. Bartholomew Smith

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Bill Smith at NIPIC Reunion 5

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