Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Part 2 - The Situation Room at Crown

PART  2 

The Situation Room at Crown

T 2 – Patch 1

1 - Andrews Two Six Thousand  (26000) Delta
2 - 26000 Andrews Loud and clear.
3 - Roger, you are loud and clear, I will be monitoring this frequency.
4 - 26000 Andrews loud and clear. How do you read me now Larry?
5 - Roger. You are still loud and clear.
6 - …Okay Standing by.

T 2 – Patch 2

1 - White House Situation Room put in a priority one patch for me?
2 - Stand by sir.
3 - Yes.
4 - I have Liberty on the line for a priority one patch.
5 - Roger
6 - Stand by I’ll give you a call. Okay sir?
7 - I don’t know – [background conversation]
8 - Stand by One.
9 - Liberty, give him a call.
10 - Situation Room?

T 1/2 (3) – Patch 1
T3 – 1


1 - Air Force One?
2 - Liberty! Liberty
3 - Roger, I have White House Situation Room, SAM 86972,....Over.
4 - (Static) ... signal...unintelligable…..
5 - Eight Six Nine Seven Two 86972 do you read me? Over.
6 - White House?
7 - White House on.
8 - Standby. 
9 - White House, this is SAM 86972. How do you read? Over.
10- 86972, I read you loud and clear, loud and clear.
11- Roger, standby One, please, we have another phone patch going on with Sing Sing (CINAPAC) but we do have traffic for you, so hold on for one moment please.
12- Roger, Roger 86972. 

T3 – Patch 2
T3 – 2   - Oliver Hallett in Situation Room

1 - White House, White House, this is Wayside, do you read me?
2 - This is White House. I read you loud and clear Wayside. Over.
3 - Can you give me the latest situation on President? Over.
4 - You want Situation Room? Is that a Roger?
5 - Repeat that transmission please?
6 - This is Crown, This is Crown. Do you want Situation Room? 
7 - I want the Situation Room That’s affirmative.
8 - Roger, Roger getting them now.
9 - Stand by Please.
10- Wayside, Wayside, this is Crown. Situation Room is on. Go ahead.
11- Situation Room. This is Wayside, do you read me? Over.
12- This is the Situation Room. I read you. Go ahead. (Oliver Hallett)
13- [Salinger] - Give me all available information on President Over. 
14- [Hallett] - All available information on President follows. Ah,…Connally…He and Governor Connally of Texas have been hit in the car in which they were riding. We do not know how serious the situation is, we have no information. Mister Bromley Smith is back here in the Situation Room now. We are getting our information over the tickers. Over.  
15- [Salinger] - That is affirmative, affirmative. Please be advised that this is the plane on which the cabinet is on the way to Japan. Those heading to Honolulu are turning around and returning to Honolulu and will be there in about two hours. Over
16 [Hallett] - I understand. Those heading to Japan are turning around and heading to Honolulu and will be back there in two hours. Is that correct? Over. 
17- That’s Affirmative. Affirmative. Will need all information to decide whether some of this party should go directly to Dallas. Over.
18-  This is Situation Room. Say again your last please?
19- Will need to be advised to determine whether some members of this party should go directly to Dallas? Over.
20- Roger, you wish information as to whether some members of that party should go to Dallas.
21- Affirmative. Affirmative.
22- Do you have anything else, Wayside?
23- Any information you can give me as quickly as possible.
24- The Associated Press is coming out now with a bulletin that the President was hit in the head. That just came in. Over. 
25- Roger. Will get any new information to you. 
26- Where are you Wayside?
27 - Wayside is off the line. This is the radio operator. We are returning to Honolulu and should be back in Honolulu in about two hours. Will be in the air for about two hours and in to Honolulu and you can contact us on the ground there later.  
28- I understand. This is…..Hold, hold on the line there Wayside, we have some more information coming up. 
29-…right back.

T3 – Patch 3
T3 – 3 

1- Ah, Wayside, Wayside, this is Situation Room. I read from the AP bulletin. Kennedy apparently shot in head, he fell face down on the backseat of his car. Blood was on his head. Mrs. Kennedy cried “Oh no,” and tried to hold up his head. Connally remained half seated slumped to the left. There was blood on his face and forehead. The President and Governor were rushed to Parkland Hospital near the Dallas Trade Mart where Kennedy was to have made a speech. Over  
2 - I read that, over.
3 - This is Situation Room. I have nothing further for you now. I will contact you if we get more. 
4 - Wayside, Roger and out
5 - Situation Room out.

T3 – Patch 4
1 - Loud and clear.
2 - One thirty five…..Secretary of State….
3 - Roger, ….this…put them on this frequency…..stand by one, Andrews on two. 
4 - Give them a call Andrews
5 - Affirmative Andrews.
6 - Roger we have the aircraft and passengers ….
7 - Eight Six Nine Seven Two, we do not know the frequency…..
8 - Two Six Thousand.
9 - Will you have….give me a call please?
10- Stand by one sir.
11- Hello?
12- ….please?
13- This is Secretary Rusk. Give me eight, six, nine, seven two.
14- I’ll have….give you a call when he’s done.
15- I’ll hold the line.
16-  Yes?
17-  Copy Mr. Rusk….State Department is talking to…..
18-  Mr. Ball back there.
19-  State Dept. is not….
20-  Well look…I want to talk to Ball.
21-  Okay…Number one is trying….
22-  I’ll wait.
23-  Thank you
24-  Okay, thank you.
25-  I want a frequency open….

26-  Please give…. a call please. ….

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