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1) The Higgins Memo - is the Number One Smoking Document released under the JFK Act for the following reasons:

a) It concerns a Joint Chiefs of Staff meeting at the Pentagon on a significant date - Sept. 15, 1963 is a key time in the JFK Assassination Chronology as it occurs arond the same time as some other key events, including

1- the day Oswald left New Orleans for Mexico City,
2-  the estimated timing of the Odio incident, and
3- Michael Paine's wife Ruth Hyde Paine picks up Marina, the daughter and their belongings - including the rifle, and took them to Texas
4- after visiting Michael's mom - Ruth Forbes Paine Young - Mary Bancroft's close friend.
5-  It is also the day President Kennedy signs NSAM - National Security Action Memorandum on the advice of National Security advisor McGeorge Bundy approving "Four Leaves," - a secret military communications project.
6-  JFK then left on his "Conservation Tour," the first stop being the Northeast Pennsylvania home of the mother of Mary Pinchot Meyer, JFK's paramour who accompanied him.
7-  Oswald's name turns up on the list of those who visited the Tenn. nuclear museum and news cliips of the tour are found in a box at Oswald's rooming house.

So a lot of significant chronological events occured in that 24 hour span.
b) Because Chef of Staff Gen. Maxwell Taylor was on a special mission to Vietnam, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Curtis LeMay chaired the meeting.

c) The author of the memo - Colonel Walter Higgiins was the adjunct of Gen. Victor Krulak (USMC), the director of the military detachment responsible for providing any assistance requested by the CIA in the course of their covert intelligence operations.

d) Desmond FitzGerald, the CIA officer who briefed the Chiefs on CIA covert operations against Cuba, had replaced William Harvey as chief of Task Force W - the Cuban project based in the basement of CIA HQ, and was the case officer for Dr. Rolando Cubella (AMLASH), a founder of the DRE who the CIA considered their  best bet to fit the disgrunted Cuban military officer who would lead the assassination attempt and coup.

e) Fitzgerald said this adaption of the plot to kill Hitler was considered a part of the Psychological Warfare area, which included David Atlee Phillips, George Joannides and the DRE agents who were arrested with Oswald in New Orleans.

f) LeMay also introduces an Air Force communications officer who had devissed a way to influence radio communications that were to be adapted for use against Cuba.

g) The PENDELUM project is mentioned - and described as the code name of the Securitiy net that surrounded the covert Cuban projects they were operating.
h) The NSAM that JFK signed approving "Project Four Leaves" - a military communications system, is only mentioned once - in JFK's daily desk dirary at the JFK Presidential Library.

i) There is also mention of a textual letter that it so secret it  could only be read and immediatelly returned to the messenger. This could possiblly be a message from McGeorge Bundy regarding security for the Cuban operations then underway or being considered.

In the words of the D.C. District Court judge, for these reasons outlined above, and for others yet expressed, I will add other reasons why the Higgins Memo is the Number 1 JFK Assassination Record released under the JFK Act.

2)- Warren Commission attorney Sam Stern interview with HSCA, emphasizing the importance of the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro and that the WC didn't know about them.

3)- The Secret Service Threat Reports - as Judge Tunheim pointed out their signifiance.

4)- Collins Radio Records - Not Believed Relevant is.DOCID-32358065.PDF
JFKCountercoup2: New Collins Radio Document Released

BK Notes - I will add to the links to the see ASAP.

5)- Castro not a threat to do anything that would hurt his regime in Nov. 1963.

6)- Jack Anderson/s mentor Drew Pearson dinner with Soviet leader - Kruschev.

7)- Rosselli Chronology.

8)- June Cobb's association with National Security Agency defectors - Martin and Mitchell.

9)- Dallas Mayor Cabell's CIA ties.


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