Monday, July 24, 2017

New Collins Radio Document Released

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New Collins Radio File. 104-10107-10191. DOCID-32358065.PDF.

Of the thousands of new documents being released under the JFK Act, these are significant because they were with held for reasons of National Security, and are among the last to be released, as the JFK Act requires, before October 26, 2017.

As the file with the subject COLLINS RADIO dates from 1977, it was probably created for the Church Intelligence Committee, and because the  Asssassination Records Review Board requested all of the documents reviewed by the Church and HSCA Congressional Commitees, they received many documents not related to the assassintion of President Kennedy. As Judge John Tunheim explained in his March Sunshine Week National Press Club CAPA press conference, because the ARRB was limited by law to only JFK assassination records, they labeled NBR - Not Believed Relevant -many records segregated for the Congressional committees but not related to the assassination of JFK.

The ARRB considered this file NBR even though Collins Radio supplied the radios for Air Force One and some of its employees were implicated in the assassination.

The Records Identification Form lists it as CIA - Doc. 104-10107-10191, a  21 page record that is listed as four documents but is actually nine searate documents, mainly letters and memos seeking a legal opinion on various matters.

The first few are letters from Collins and LTV, inquiring if their employees bachelor quarters at a secret Joint Australia-USA SIGNET base near Alice Springs, Australia, are taxable. Because the base is 1,000 miles from the nearest city and operates 24-7, the assigned quarters are not taxable.

On anorther subject - the CIA General Counsel looked into the legality of using profits from operation Tominerva to fund Project SPACE, a propriety of Toshield for $222,500.00.

Another legal opinion was sought regarding the acquisition of technical communications information in the Middle East by a Collins employee that "we plan to use this foreign intelligence to penetrate select communications abroad."

It was determined to be "foreign intelligence," as defined by Section 5(a)5 of Executive Order 11905 and considered under the "Silver Platter" doctrine because it was not solicited or paid for, but could not be distributed to other agencies.

In a final document TOTINGER - a European manufacturer of cipher equipment "the NSA finds defiant of analysis" was negotiating a contract with Collins to supply micro processors that would be approved by the Office of Munitions Control. TOTINGER was attached to the stable of TOARIEL.

The bottom line is these documents have nothing to do with the assassination directly, but provide details and deep background into the defense contractors connected to the assassination - D. H. Byrd, owner of the Texas School Book Depository was one of the owners of LTV in 1963.

This is a brief, quick review and analysis of one of the thousands of records with held and released today under the JFK Act - a  review process that will take many months and years of work.

Bill Kelly
July 24, 2017


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