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Ruth Paine and Arthur Young

In regards to the documentary movie about Ruth Paine and how Ruth Paine met Marina, I offer the following.

In a telephone conversation with Volkmar Schmidt, he admitted to me that the party at his Dallas home in February 1963 was indeed set up for the purpose of introducing the Oswalds to the Paines, at the behest of deMohrenschildts. Most of those in attendance, like Schmidt, worked for Magnolia Oil Company, and another resident was the son of a producer at Radio Free Europe. 

I was already familiar with Magnolia Oil because of my research into Jim Braden, the oil man and syndicate guy who was once run out of Dallas by Sheriff Bill Decker for smoozing and embezzling the widow of the founder of Magnolia Oil. 

While Michael Paine did not attend the first of the two parties arranged for the Oswalds to meet the Paines, Oswald talked extensively with Schmidt, while Ruth and Marina became famous friends, until the day of the assassination. 

Schmidt told me that he was raised in Germany by a Dr. Keutmeyer, who taught him reverse psychology techniques that he used on Oswald in their first and only two hour conversation - and suggested that General Walker should be assassinated as Hitler should have in the July 20, 1944 plot that involved two of Keutmeyer's associates, who Schmidt also knew.  

When I was reading Gerald Ford's book "Portrait of the Assassin," I was struck by a letter he includes that Ruth Paine - at the Paine family island off Massachusetts wrote to Marina in New Orleans. Ruth asked Marina to move in with her in Irving, Texas until she has the baby, as it would work for both of them. If Marina agreed, Ruth wrote, she should write a return letter in care of Arthur Young, Paoli, Pennsylvania. 

Arthur Young? I had never heard of him before, but learned that he had invented the Bell Helicopter, and married Michael's mom. 

And Marina must have responded in kind because Ruth Paine, in her Chevy station wagon, picked up Marina, the baby and the Oswald belongings - including the rifle, and drove them to Texas while Oswald went to Mexico City. 

While Marina and Ruth Paine left New Orleans on September 24, Oswald left for Mexico early the next morning, September 25, the day that the Joint Chiefs of Staff - chaired by AF Chief Gen. LeMay (Because Gen. Taylor was in Vietnam) were briefed on Covert Cuban Operations by Desmond FitzGerald, who had replaced William Harvey as head of the Cuban desk. 

Minutes were kept by Col. Higgens, aide to General Krulak, who was assigned to provide military assistance to the CIA station at JMWAVE. Among the dozen or so items in Higgins’ minutes is the curious item that the CIA was studying the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler in order to use it against Castro. Jim Lesar has instituted a FOIA suit to release the records of this "study." 

As Ruth Paine had visited Arthur Young and Michael's mom - Ruth Forbes Paine Young a few days before she picked Marina up in New Orleans, I reached out and contacted Arthur Young by phone at his suburban Philadelphia farm and requested an interview. I had ordered two of his books, one a history of Bell Helicopter and the other on the study of consciousness. 

So one day I drove from my Ocean City, NJ home to Young's 300 year old farm near Brandywine, Pa., and tape recorded a two hour plus interview with him in his living room. I later met his wife, who was not very communicative. I was disappointed because I wanted to ask her about her role with the World Federalists (established by Cord Meyer, that also included Priscilla Johnson), and her relationship with Mary Bancroft, who was also involved in the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler that the CIA was "studying." 

But Young was eager to talk. 

He requested my place and date of birth and figured out my astrology chart while we talked. Young told me how he had attended Princeton, argued with Einstein over the role of time in theories, and decided to invent something valuable, and after discarding video and a few other yet invented items, he chose vertical flight - the helicopter because it was, he thought, the easiest. 

First figuring out the need for a stabilizing control bar that ran from the rear blade, that he patented, he developed a model helicopter that he remotely controlled - the first drone, and when it was perfected over many years, he took it to Larry Bell at Bell Aircraft in upstate New York. When Bell's secretary told him he would only have a few minutes of Bell's time, In 1941 Young took the model helicopter out of the box and flew it around the huge hanger, where they were building Cobra fighter planes for the Russians. When the workers stopped to see the model flying around them, Larry Bell came out to see what all the fuss was, and Young flew the helicopter over Bell's head and landed it at his feet. 

Bell asked Young how long it would take to build a full scale version of the model, one that could hold a pilot and passenger, he didn't know. It took four years, and the first commercially approved helicopter, the Bell 47A was in production in 1945, too late for WWII, but familiar to those who have seen the TV Show MASH set in Korea - the glass dome girder chopper. 

Michael Paine attended college in Philadelphia and worked as an apprentice with Arthur Young, and was there when Ruth Paine moved to Philadelphia she met Michael Paine at a folk dance club. Bell Helicopter was established in Texas, according to Young, "for security reasons," as a number of other major defense contractors had also opened new plants there apart from their main headquarters, including General Dynamics. So Michael Paine got a job with Bell Helicopter because Arthur Young, and Ruth and Michael moved to Texas. 

In the course of our conversation Young asked me if I was an alien. I thought he might think I was really an Irish alien - but he asked me if I was from the Pleiades - and was clearly disappointed I was not. He said that aliens are among us, some from the Pleiades, who come to earth in a mother beam ship that is parked at the edge of the solar system, and use flying saucers to land - usually on a farm in Germany. Incredulous, Young said it was all well known and published and pulled out a book with pictures of the flying saucers and Pleiadeans, who he said were at war with another group of aliens - the Grays. The book, I noticed, was written by Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens, USAF Ret.), who when I got home, I looked up and called on the phone in Arizona. Stevens said his book was out of print, and very rare, where did I see it. Arthur Young, of course, how is Arthur, his good friend. 

Stevens said he was assigned to Project Blue Book, at Wright-Pat AFB in Dayton, Ohio, where I told him I went to college. 

Who was his commanding officer? I asked. Why that would be General Charles Pearre Cabell, the brother of Earle Cabell, former Mayor of Dallas. 

While like David Lifton, I came away from my interviews with Arthur Young and Ruth FP Young without the answers to my questions. I believe the World Federalists (Cord Meyer et al) and Ruth FP Young's association with Mary Bancroft and the plot to kill Hitler are the keys the assassination mystery. 

Ruth Paine is a significant character in this narrative, as she met Marina while Schmidt talked to Oswald about killing Hitler and Walker, and she moved the rifle around and kept it in her garage. But she is just a "cut-out" in the overall scheme of things, used and discarded as an expendable agent, like Oswald. 

Excuse me for this long winded response but I think it gives some good background on how people met and why they were in Texas in the first place, and don't know how these aspects of the story can be fit into a non-accusatory film about Ruth Paine. 

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