Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Trained to Kill - Key Word 'Trained'

TRAINED TO KILL – Key word Trained

In Antonio Veciana’s book “Trained to Kill” he explains how he was specially trained in psychological warfare, propaganda and covert intelligence tradecraft after he was recruited by “Maurice Bishop” in Havana, Cuba in 1960.

Veciana also says that he was tested, given a lie detector test and chemical truth serum.

I have compiled excerpts from that chapter in Veciana’s book that describes the training he received in detail.

I also thought that I recognized some of the same curriculum taught in Paul Linebarger’s class at the Center for International Studies, as described by Joseph Smith:

Then there’s David Phillips’ description of an intelligence case officer in his book Careers In Intelligence:

Cord Meyer also describes some of the training he received and testing he underwent while working as one of Allen Dulles’ chief deputies at CIA in his book Facing Reality – from World Federalists to the CIA.

In Sub-Rossa – The OSS and American Espionage – Stewart Alsop and Tom Braden describe the testing and training they underwent, as all OSS officers had to pass the tests and be vigorously trained.

Another OSS agent, Alan Seger, said he used his OSS testing and training as part of his novel The Parallax View, that was made into a movie starring Warren Beaty as a reporter who penetrates an assassination operation that sets him up as a patsy. The part where they strapped Beaty to a chair and force him to watch a program he said was part of their official training.

Navy Commander Thomas Narut, a neuro-psychologist stationed at the US Navy base in San Diego, told the London Sunday Times that special tests are given soldiers to determine their viability as assassins, and those chosen are forced to watch violent films to get them used to it.

Narut said that they test Marines with the Minnesotta Multi-fasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), a test that can identify those with a “Passive-Aggressive” personality, the kind they looked for in killers.

According to Dr. Herzog, when Lee Harvey Oswald was classified as a delinquent by the New York City school system, he was given the MMPI test and was classified “Passive-Aggressive,” just the type of personality the Marines were looking for. 

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