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A 1 - Air Force One Transcript Codes, Characters

[1] – Codes, characters Persona & codenames.
In the order of their appearance of the Air Force One Radio Tapes
86972 – Eight, Six, Nine, Seven Two tail number for the Cabinet on way to Japan.
Andrews – Andrews Air Force Base – Maryland, a few miles SE of Washington DC
26000 – Two, Six Thousand – Air Force One when the President is not aboard.
Air Force One – Presidential aircraft when the President is aboard, aka “Angel”
Frequency – the frequency number that they agree to use in order to communicate.
One-Five – 15 – is the frequency number they use to communicate with Andrews.
Honolulu Hawaii, Hickam AFB, where 86972 stops to refuel on way to Japan.
Command Post – SAC Command Post – (probably Ofutt AFB, Nebraska)
Zulu – Military time – G.  Mean Time – 24 hour time rather than 12 hour AM/PM
ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival
Weather Officer –frequently interrupt patches to obtain weather conditions
Airman Gilmore – Radio operator at Andrews, coordinates many of the patches.
Patch – Radio operators acting as middle-men for two people at two different locations who need to have a conversation, sometimes a radio to ground land line telephone or radio to radio. I have broken the radio transmission tapes into groups of conversations that I have numbered and labeled “Patches.” There are 70 patches altogether.
On the block – Upon arrival at destination, blocks are placed at the base of the wheels of the airplane when it comes to a stop to keep it from moving, and that time is registered and regarded as the official time of arrival.  
Dallas Texas, Love Field, destination of Air Force One from Carswell AFB Ft.Worth.
Larry – Radio operator, possibly at Liberty relay station.
Situation Rom – White House basement crisis nerve center.
LibertyLiberty Radio Relay Station at Collins Radio HQ, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
CINPAC – Pacific Command, Hawaii
Traffic – Messages, radio communications, telephone calls, etc.
White House – aka Crown
Wayside –
President’s Press Secretary Pierre Salinger aboard the Cabinet Plane.
Crown – White House
Oliver Hallett – Situation Room radio operator
Connally Texas governor John Connally, wounded at Dealey Plaza 
Bromley Smith – State Department officer in the Situation Room at the White House.
Tickers – AP Associated Press UPI United Press International wire service teletypes.
Secretary of State – Dean Rusk, senior passenter aboard 86972 Cabinet Plane
Parkland HospitalDallas, where JFK and Connally as well as LBJ taken
Dallas Trade Mart – Original destination where JFK was to deliver speech.
Andy – Hatcher, assistant Press Secretary at White House.
Cedar Rapids Collins Radio Liberty Radio Relay Station – Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Mr. Ball – Undersecretary of State George Ball
Murray JacksonState Dept. Washington DC
Colonel Toomy – Pilot of AF1 26000.
Colonel Holland/Ireland?
Kilduff – Andrew Kilduff, Asst. Press Secretary in Dallas, Delayed the announcement the President was dead until LBJ aboard AF1.
Stranger – Major Harold R. Patterson US Signal Corp, WHCA
McGeorge Bundy – National Security Advisor – at Situation Room in White House
SAC Command Post – Strategic Air Command HQ, Omaha, Nebraska
SAM Command – Strategic Air Mission Command Post, Andrews AFB, DC
Hic Cup – Hickam AFB Hawaii
Duplex – Secret Service Agent Jerry Behn
Volunteer – Vice President/President LBJ
Jerry – Newport Jerry? Radio operator.
Lace –Mrs. Kennedy – First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.
Col. Hornbuckel – Andrews Opeations officer – (See: Andrews Log)
Congressman Thomas
Congressman Thornbury
Congressman Brooks –
General Heaton – Surgeon General of the Army
Airman Stanz – Radio Operator
Walter Reed Hosptial – US Army hospital in Washington DC
Dr. Burkley – JFK’s personal physician aboard AF1
Bethesda Medical Center Naval hospital where autopsy is performed.
Captain Shephard – President’s Naval Aide in Washington DC
Jerry Behn – Secret Serivice Chief at White House
General Clifton – President’s Military Aide.
Watchman – Gen. Clifton
Tillerman – Unidentified
Secretary of Defense –
Robert MacNamara in Washington DC
Sorrensen – JFK Cabinet Member Ted Sorrensen on AF1
Kellerman – Secret Service Agent responsible for security for Texas trip.
Bob Burke – (Secret Service?)
Dr, John Walsh – Mrs. Kennedy’s personal physician in DC
Colonel Dorman – Col. George S. Dorman, Gen. LeMay’s aide in DC.
General LeMay – Chief of Staff of the Air Force (aka Grandson)
C-140 – Type of Plane LeMay is in.
Dagger – Secret Service Agent Rufus Youngblood
Victoria – Mrs. LBJ
Valley – LBJ’s DC home.
Venus –
LBJ’s daughter
Wing –
Gen. Godfrey McHugh, USAF
Slugger – Capt. Cecil Stoughton, photographer
Warrior – Malcolm Kilduff
Winner – Andrew Hatcher
Witness –
Capt. Tazewell Shepard USN
Speaker of the House – John McKormick
Carl Albert – Congressman
Hal Boggs
Charles Halleck
Leslie Arends
Fish Room – White House Conference Room
Mrs. Rose Kennedy – JFK’s mother in Massachusetts.
Walter Jenkins – LBJ’s aide in Washington DC.
Mrs. Connally – Governor Connally’s wife at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.
Tanker – Maj. Michael Cook (Andrews)
Tiger – Col. Swindel (AF1 Pilot)
Congressman Thomas –
Captain Benson – SAM Command Post
C-130 – Plane with vehicles
On the Block, 2304 Zulu GMT– 6:06 PM EST 

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