Monday, September 23, 2013

David Crosby and JFK

David Crosby’s Dallas Mug Shot after being busted in 1982 for drugs and weapons. He served seven months of a five year sentence.

David Crosby – For What Its Worth – Monterey Pop

David Crosby said:
"Though they're shooting this for television, I'm sure they'll edit this out...I wanna say it anyway, though they will edit it out: The president Kennedy was killed...he was not killed by one man. He was shot from a number of different directions - by different guns. The story has been suppressed, witnesses has been killed, and this is your country....ladies and gentlemen."

Then they played the song "He Was a Friend of Mine"

He Was a Friend of Mine is a traditional folk song in which the singer laments the death of a friend. In the Byrds' version, John F. Kennedy was the friend whose death was lamented. The melody is changed considerably and Roger McGuinn takes a songwriter's credit.

He was a friend of mine
He was a friend of mine
His killing had no purpose
No reason, or rhyme
He was a friend of mine

He was in Dallas town
He was in Dallas town
From a sixth floor window
A gunner shot him down
He died in Dallas town

He never knew my name
He never knew my name
Though I never met him
I knew him just the same
Oh, he was a friend of mine

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