Thursday, November 7, 2013

American Actor at Duran's Twist Party

Richard Beymer was identified as an American movie actor who attended the Siliva Duran's Twist Party in Mexico City that also included Lee Harvey Oswald 

According to the website below Richard Beymer dated Sharon Tate, from circa 1961-1963 and who was ostensibly murdered by members of the [Charles] Manson “family.” And Beymer also dated the actress Tuesday Weld........

Document # 104-10018-10002 is a one page cable dated 12/09/63. It is from CIA to FBI. "Richard Beymer, American Movie Actor was in touch with Cuban embassy, Mexico City."1. The Mexico City News of 5 December 1963 carried a picture of Richard Beymer, American movie actor, who was a delegate to the film festival being held in Acapulco."2. Beymer was in touch with the Cuban embassy in Mexico City on 2 December, and a person believed to be Beymer was in touch with the embassy on 30 November. He wanted to speak to Silvia Duran, who was not at the embassy. Another employee told him that no reply had been received from Cuba. "3. This office has no information on Beymer."This is signed by Jane Roman, as the releasing officer, L.N. Gallery, as the authenticating officer, and a B. I. R. or B.E. R handwritten in. END

There are 13 docs which pullup under simple search “actor” @ NARA.....It appears 9 of these docs pertain to the actor Richard Beymer

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