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Oswald-JFK Timeline - September 23-24-25 1963

JFK Assassination Chronology-Timeline

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - September 23-24-25 1963

Add:  Odio Incident – Wednesday – September 25?

Monday, September 23


-         -Oswald returns library books to New Orleans library.
-         -Oswald packs belongings including rifle into Mrs. Paine’s station wagon.
-         --Marina and daughter leave New Orleans for Texas with Mrs.Ruth Paine,
-          -Oswald leaves the Magazine Street apartment before dawn with two cases.


-         -JFK orders Gen. Maxwell Taylor - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) and Defense Secretary McNamara to Vietnam to evaluate the situation, leaving General LeMay as temporary Chair, JCS.
-          -McGeorge Bundy issues Security Memo on Covert Cuban Operations. 2 
          - JFK issues National Security Action Memo - NSAM 261 - “Project Four Leaves” – and assigns it the highest national priority category for development and production in response to a request from the Secretary of Defense. 3) 

-          -Lisa Howard has a cocktail party at her Manhattan apartment where Assistant UN Ambassador William Atwood meets with Cuban UN delegate Carlos Lechuga, setting up a backchannel diplomacy between JFK and Castro. 4

Tuesday, September 24


-          -Oswald at the unemployment benefits claim office in New Orleans
-          -Oswald fills out a change order at the post office closing box 30061 and forwarding mail to 2515 W. 5th Street, Irving, Mrs. Paine’s address
-         -Marina and Mrs. Paine and their children arrive at Irving. Michael Paine unpacks wagon, including rifle.
-         - FBI sends CIA report on Oswald’s activities. 
-          -Phone call is made from G. Ray Gill’s law office in New Orleans to Lawrence Meyers’ friend Jean Aase at Chicago hotel. [This timeline should be expanded from LHO and JFK to include Jack Ruby’s activities, and anyone else who fits into the scheme of things.]


-          -The Senate passes the Limited Test Ban treaty
-          -William Attwood reports to RFK on his meeting with Cubans in New York.
-          -JFK departs Washington on Conservation tour, first stop – rural Northeast Pennsylvania home of the conservative Republican mother of Mary Pinchot Meyer, who was introduced to JFK by his prep school classmate William Attwood.
-          -JFK flies to Ashland, Wisconsin. Oswald’s name found in Wisconsin hotel registry.
-          -Alexander Rorke and Georffrey Sullivan leave Miami in twin-engine Beechcraft for Honduras, stop over in -Merida, Mexico before disappearing over Cuba.

Wednesday, September 25


-          -Oswald’s check cashed at Winn-Dixie store  
-          -Oswald buys Spanish dictionary.
-         - Oswald leaves New Orleans by bus for Houston
-          -Oswald calls Socialist-Labor Party official in Houston, talks to his wife
-          -Oswald meets Mrs. Lee Dannelly in Selective Service office in Austin.
-          -Odio incident?


-          -News reports from Wyoming say that President Kennedy will visit Texas in November
-          -Mafia mobster Joseph Valachi testifies before John McClellan’s Senate subcommittee.
-         - William Atwood has second meeting with Carlos Lechuga in New York. 
-          -Defense Secretary MacNamara and General Taylor arrive in Vietnam. 

-          -LeMay chairs meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), briefed by Des Fits on CIA Cuban ops, McElroy’s radio mission against Cuba, Gen. Krulak and military support to CIA covert maritime missions, adaption of Valkyrie plot to Cuba, increased security measures on Cuban ops, SACSA control and contact points - oral orders only - no written communications, Col. Wyman, Gen. Ingelido, Admiral Riley, Gen. Wheeler, McGeorge Bundy, “Pendulum system was in being,” all per Higgins Memo.

      Thursday September 26


-         - Oswald takes bus from Houston for Mexico City at 2:35 am.
-         - FBI agent calls Oswald’s New Orleans landlord, Mr. Garner.
-         - Oswald’s New Orleans P.O. Box 30061 is closed.
-          -Oswald buys $32 worth of clothing in Laredo.
-          -Oswald crosses the border at Laredo on Mexican Red Arrow bus #516


-          -From Jackson Hole, Wyoming, President Kennedy’s November Texas trip announced.
-         - Dallas Morning News announces JFK visit to Texas.

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