Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Specific Tasks that must be approved by the CAPA Executive Committee

1) Support on-going FOIA and civil suits including a) Morley v. CIA, b) Lopez, Hardway, Blakey v. CIA, c) Kelly v. USAF - and any other already filed on-going cases by CAPA members.

2) File new FOIA and JFK Act civil suits for JFK Assassination records against a) ONI, b) Secret Service, c) WHCA, d) NARA (ffor not abiding by the JFK Act).

3) Conduct Congressional Briefing on current status  of JFK assassination records with the goal of instigating Congressional oversight hearings and investigations into destroyed and missing records.

4) Re-introduce mew legislation to release MLK HSCA, Church and Rockefeller  Commission documents, as well as other important sealed records.

5) Engage the NARA administrators, AOTUS, Judge Tunheim and J. Gunn to see the JFK Act is enforced with  proper Congressional oversight and all  missing and destroyed  records are accounted for.

6) Establish a true Coalition of like minded organizations - to push for open records in general and all of the above, and

7)  connect a network Consortium of Assassination Records Archives including AARC, Mary Ferrell, Baylor, National Security Archive,  Mae Brussell, etc.

8) Make the sealed JFK records a campaign issue; Push for the accelerated release of all remaining sealed records and ensure the JFK Act is upheld and the last sealed record is released by October 2017, as the JFK Act stipulates.

9) Request local and federal grand jury inquiries into relevant crimes, obtain new sworn testimony and initiate an International Truth Commission into the JFK assassination.

10) Establish a small DC research center close to NARA and connected to JFK Collection and Consortium Electronic Archives, with bunk bed dorm and writer in residence facilities.

11) Establish a network of researchers and investigators who can confer and act quickly when future political assassinations occur.

12) Put together effective Public Relation campaigns and maximize use of social media to further our goals and complete our mission and remain a positive, permanent institution.

13) Academic Outreach, Road Show and Speakers bureau -

14) Your Ideas - here.

adjective: concurrent
existing, happening, or done at the same time."there are three concurrent art fairs around the city"
synonyms:    simultaneous, coincident, contemporaneous, parallel
"nine concurrent life sentences"
(of two or more prison sentences) to be served at the same time. (of three or more lines) meeting at or tending toward one point.
synonyms:    convergent, converging, meeting, intersecting
"concurrent lines"
adjective: sequential   
1.    forming or following in a logical order or sequence. "a series of sequential steps" performed or used in sequence.  "sequential processing of data files"

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