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Daily Mail UK News Article - Withheld docs give a glimpse

Daily Mail UK News Article

List of withheld documents gives a glimpse of exactly what the public STILL doesn’t know about JFK’s assassination

-         -  The National Achives released a list of 3,03 docments about the case
-         -  It includes Lee Harvey Oswald’s personality assessments by the CIA
-        -   Jackie Kennedy, President Lyndon B. Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover are also mentioned
-         -  Papers could be published in October 2017 due to 1992 JFK Records Act

By Clemence McHallon for
Published 6 February 2016 Updated 7 February 2016

A list of 3,063 withheld documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has given a glimpse of what the public still doesn’t know about the case.

The list, released by the National Archives and obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by Politico and others such as FOIA specialist Michael Ravntzky, can be read on line at WhoWhatWhy. [ BREAKING NEWS: List of Withheld JFK Assassination Documents - WhoWhatWhy    ]

It gives an account of what information the government still hasn’t released about the November 22, 1963 assassination in Dallas.

The documents listed are due to be released by October 2017, as per the 1992 JFK Records Act.

They could shed light on the investigation that followed Kennedy’s death, Politicio reported, and reveal more about US intelligence operations during the Cold War, which were kept secret at the time.

“I’ll be honest. I am hesitant to say you’re not going to find out anything about the assassination,” Martha Murphy, head of the Archives’ Special Access Branch, told Politico last year.

Lee Harvey Oswald’s personality assessment conducted by the CIA are part of the 146-page list. They are included in his CIA 201 File according to Who What Why.

Also included is a telegram about Oswald sent by the US Embassy in Mexico City to the state Department just a week after Kennedy’s death.

A declassified CIA memo previously showed that Oswald visited Cuba and Soviet embassies in September 1963 to obtain visas to travel to the Soviet Union via Cuba after assassinating the President.

The list also includes hundreds of pages worth of classified information regarding Oswald, a former Marine who defected to the Soviet Union in 1959.

There are at least five communications between former first lady Jackie Kennedy and President Lyndon B. Johnson, which happened in the days after the shooting.
Former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover is also featured in the documents, in a series of communications he sent to high-ranking officials such as Johnson’s chief of staff after the assassination of the President.

One of these communications is titled Reaction of Soviet and Communist Party officials to JFK assassination.

Also listed are classified testimonies in front of the Church Committee, formed by the Senate to investigate abused (sic)s by the CIA, including those of former chief of the CIA’s counterintelligence branch James Jesus Angleton and former military officer, undercover operative and Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis.

The documents were collected by the Assassination Records Review Board, an independent agency created by the JFK Records Act, which has previously released thousands of documents about Kennedy’s assassination.

They should be released by October 2017 as per the JFK Records Act unless the next President decides they should remain classified.

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