Tuesday, April 4, 2017

JFK To Be Exhumed for New Autopsy

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JFK's Coffin Moved to University Hospital for New Autopsy 

JFK to be Exhumed for New Autopsy 

Washington DC. April 1, 2017. (GPNS - Green Planet News Service) The body of slain president John F. Kennedy was exhumed so a new modern forensic autopsy can be performed using the latest scientific procedures including 3D x-rays, MRI and DNA testing of bullet fragments that could resolve outstanding issues like the single-bullet theory.

Carolyn Kennedy reportedly agreed to the procedure even though a federal grand jury officer familiar with their secret proceedings said, "we don't need the permission of the victim's family if the death is suspicious and this was a clear cut murder."

The original autopsy by Navy officers at Bethesda was seriously botched, and only determined the cause of death - gunshot to the head.

The new forensic autopsy will be performed at an independent non-military academic institute in Washington, and use non-invasive three dimensional photos and x-rays, MRIs, and the latest equipment that can trace the back wound through the body without physically probing it or altering the body in any way.

While the original photos and X-rays are controversial, some not recognized by the persons who took them, this forensic autopsy will create new evidence that can be used in a court of law, principally by the sitting federal grand jury that is reportedly investigating crimes related to the assassination including obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, perjury, and theft of documents and records from the Archives. 

Although the federal grand jury proceedings are secret, some of the witnesses who have testified have talked to reporters afterwards and confirmed the prosecuting attorneys are focusing on former Central Intelligence Agency officers who are now retired.

The investigation began with an inquiry into the theft of official documents from the JFK Collection at the National Archives and Records Administration Archives II facility at College Park, Maryland, where a number of significant records were missing from their folders, and former CIA personnel are suspected in their theft. 

But the investigation quickly expanded to the issues of perjury and tampering with the medical evidence in the case that led the grand jury to the order a new forensic autopsy. 


  1. What a sick joke why would you even post a story like this?

  2. April 1st, though wish it were true.

  3. We don't need to exhume the body to answer the question of what really happened in Dealey Plaza during the shooting.

    As you might know, there are two independent ways to determine the timing of the shots that were fired when President Kennedy was killed. One way is accepted as true by almost everyone and the second method is thought to be invalid by almost everyone. Because the time between shots is the same in BOTH, that means statistically that BOTH ARE VALID. This video shows what that means.

    Starting with the fact that this information PROVES a conspiracy killed President Kennedy, it is possible to show what happened during the shooting. You can then determine that a significant amount of information that was always held by the US government is forged. At that point you can then ask some more questions such as WHO had the power to order evidence to be forged? And why would they forge information to hide the truth. It will then become clear WHO the conspirators were that ordered the assassination of President Kennedy. https://vimeo.com/119386603

  4. "...if..IF this is a joke, it shouldn't be! this is EXACTLY what we should have read or seen YEARS AGO! But aside from that; evidence that can provide answers to a capital crime of the highest magnitude is imperative, regardless..." "clint"

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  6. I agree 100% this should be done. Unfortunately, any real form of investigation into the assassination will be stalled until everyone who played a part in the assassination is dead. And until then they will hide behind the veil of national security. We can't release these files because it will threaten "National Security". So no one will be brought to justice for what they have done. Our only hope is that someone who is in a position to leak the necessary documents wakes up one morning and grows a conscience.