Saturday, May 4, 2013

Song 'John Butler Train'

John Butler Train
© Mark Tindall
Author: Mark Tindall

Follow me now, follow me close,
Follow my every step
My name is John Butler Train
(Don’t think that we have met)
Don’t you ever forget


Bipolar light and bottled mind
Smoking on the stage
Words woven deep in political threads
Wisdom of the sage

Hammer, knife or plain lead pipe
Or demon drink my friend
Farewell Dylan, Lennon and Co.
Going round the bend

Homeless street, without a cent
Tom, Sanders, manage me
Ochs is dead, I murdered him
Who wants to murder me

Look ahead , now look around
Play the song, sing out loud
While I live and die


Phi Ochs , where have you gone? John Butler Train

My name is John Butler Train
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