Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ramon's New Database

Ramon F. Herera says:

I am currently writing some computer programs to match the record numbers that were recently
released against the full database. This is the current, temporary site of my database:


(It is an exact replica, up to the last comma of the official one - This has been verified
multiple times). However, I acquired the domain "jfknumbers.org", which will hopefully grow and host
things of a numeric (including this database) or scientific nature.

Some findings:

 - The FOIA release was supposed to contains 3,603 records. In reality, it contains 3,568.

 - 19 of those have never been postponed, they are fully available.

I am preparing a spreadsheet with the total 319,106 record numbers in the collection,
plus the categories mentioned above. It will help folks visualize the situation.

By definition, all the work that I do is placed on the Internet for the whole world to see
(and hopefully some folks will join).
Some of the following 5 files are ready, with their definite content, some are being improved.

The PDF file provided by FOIA. This version is better, since it has some annotations:


(notice, for instance, the bottom of page 19)

These 2 are old. Their reliability should be 100%:


You may verify the total number of records (319,106) here:


I am currently working on these 2:


(I very much welcome any verification of the 146-tab file against the PDF, that your team may provide)

The main release will be a combination of all of the above spreadsheets, in a large table.
Unless somebody finds a typo/error, I believe we have a solid total: 3,567.

Please find attached a spreadsheet with the info you requested earlier.

I still owe you the agencies nicely classified, each in its own spreadsheet,

Also, the 2 databases now have a definite, easy to remember URL:

  From recent FOIA Request:
  - http://jfknumbers.org/foia-request/

  - http://jfknumbers.org/nara-collection/

 I created a new database with its corresponding website:


Notice, for example, that if you click in the "Submit Search" button by itself,
you will get the total record numbers in the PDF file recently released.

The number of Agencies is 32 and they are attached. You may do a preliminary investigation
by issuing 32 sepeaate queries.  I will send that info in a spreadsheet.

If legal: there are 3,549 records that remain "POSTPONED IN FULL" and
19 which have always been available. Adding those two subtotals gives 3,568
records in this new database.

If you refer to visual readability (most likely), there was one only but I figured it out.

See bottom of page 19 in my copy of the PDF file.


(additionally, see note in "Page 19" tab of the main spreadhseet -- see below link).

See this too:



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