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This document refers to  CIARDS and JMMOVE – the closed Belle Chasse Naval Ammo Depo outside of New Orleans where from 12 Feb 1961 to 12 April 1961 – 130 some anti-Castro Cubans in special tactics (UDT) and broken into teams that were to be inserted into Cuba prior to the Bay of Pigs.

Operation SEAL is identified as a Security Support for DDP.

AMHAZE, the training code.

This document details the cooperation received by the local Parish sheriff who took unruly trainees as prisoners, including the Captain of the Houston, who tried to jump ship and was held in the Parish jail until after the Bay of Pigs.

There is also a reference to Project JMMOVE – in late 1967 to search for records on JMMOVE in response to the Garrison investigation in New Orleans.

This document is important in addition to the Belle Chasse report written by David Atlee Phillips, now we know was part of JMMOVE.

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