Wednesday, October 4, 2017

List of Missing Evidence

Example 1 - The Roman Catholic Missle given to JFK by Middlebetg, Va. pastor, and used aboard AF1 in lue of a bible, was said to be missing but later found among the person effects of the wife of Dallas mayor Earl Cubella.

1) Soda pop bottle with chicken bones, found on Sixth Floor near sniper's nest. This reminds me of one of LBJ's aides joking about one of LBJ's secretaries who saved everything for posterity, saying he was going to give her his chicken bones flrom lunch for the archives.

But what happened to the empty pop bottle found on the sixth floor, said to belong to another Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) worker, as well as the resultsof the fingerprints reported to have been taken from the bottle?

2) What became of the empty Coke bottle Oswald was getting when he was stopped in the second floor lunchroom at 12:31:30 pm, ninety seconds after the last shot? A secretary in the outer office of the 2nd floor saw Oswald with the bottle in his hand, but it was never located or put into evidence.

3) The piece of JFK's skull found the day after the assassination by William Harper and called "The Harper Fragment," that was examined by a doctor and photographed, but then disapeared after being turned over to authorities.

4) The documentary film and photographic slide show taken by George deMohrenschildt of his walking trip through Central America and includes the Guatemalan training camp where Cubans were trained for the Bay of Pigs invasion. This film show was shown at a number of Dallas house parites, and offered by deMohrenschildt to JFK personally as well as the CIA and threatened to be given to the Soviets.

5) According to the photograher who took them, there are many photos of the Bethesda Autopsy that are not part of the extant record.

6) "Mary's Box" - a box of newspaper clips, photos and documents left by Oswald at a rooming house run by "Mary" (Not Mary Bledsoe), who left the box with Dallas PD. Thee policeman examined the box and described its contents as containing information about JFK's Conservation Tour and Communist papers.

7) Dallas TV cameraman filmed Cape. Fitz picking up cartridge cases under the Sixth Floot TSBD window - film that disappeared.


8)  Others? More to come, stay tuned........

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