Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Shenon and the JFK Assassination Research Community

jFK Research Community

In an interview on National Public Radiio's Fresh Air program, Phil Shenon, author of A Cruel and Shocking Act - The Secet History of the Kennedy Assassination, said that there is a community of JFK assassination researchers who communicate with each other and share their work.

But he was not among them he said, because he rejects their conspiracy theories.

Well, there certainly is a tight knit community of JFK assassination researchers but he's got it backwards - they reject HIS conspiracy theory that Castro Cuban Commies encouraged Oswald to kill the President.

This "community" of researchers is not very large - probably a dozen or so serious minded people - Joshia Tink Thompson, one of the few left of the original community of critics, Gary Agular, Cyril Wecht and Bill Simpich of CAPA, Jim Lesar and Dan Alcorn of AARC, Rex Bradford of Mary Ferrell, emenent academics Peter Dale Scott, Paul Hoch and John Newman, journalists Jeff Morley, Dick Russell, Anthony Summers and Russ Baker and Englishman Malcolm Blulnt, who has probably logged more hours at the NARA Archives II and found more jems among the paper mountain than anyone else.

Many of the early Warren Commission critics have passed, including Seth Kantnor, Harold Weisberg, Sylvia Meagher, Jim Garrison, Mary Ferrell, Phil Melanson, Penn Jones, and John Judge, and they are sorley missed.

As Jim Garrison said, he knew he wouldn't be around when the last secrt JFK assassination records are released so he asked his son to be there at the Archives when that happens, currently scheduled for Thursday, October 26, 2017, a fast approaching date.

While there is a similar community of Warren Report supporters - the professionally discredited and fired John McAdams and Gerald Posner, the serial plagerist, David Von Pain, David Reitzes, and Phil Shenon, even Shenon nowagrees with the Warren Commission critics that there was a cover-up, there were serious leads not persued, and significnat records withheld, not only from the public but from the Warren Commission and other official investigations.

If Shenon did listen to the other knowledgeable researchers he would have read my review of his book and know that the two Gringos at the Mexican Twist Party have been positively identified and interviewed, and he would know the truth, but still propagate the totally trashed theory that Castro Cuban Commies were behind the assassination.

Phil Shenon isn't a part of the serious JFK Assassination research community and it's not because he doesn't buy into their conspiracy theories, but because they don't buy his Castro, Cuban Commie conspiracy theory - the original cover story for the Dealey Plaza Operation.

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