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Basic Forensics - 101 as applied to JFK - Acoustics

Basic Forensics as applied to the JFK Assassination


List of known acoustical sources

a)- Dallas Police Department dictabelt recording channels 1 and 2, as reviewed by HSCA and others;

b)- Special Secret Service security channel with base station set up at the WHCA rooms at the Dallas Sheration and connected radios in the pilot car, lead car, president's car, SS cars, vp's car, and Air Force One cockpit, and a possible listening post at the Dallas Civil Defense butnker at the Dallas Fairgrounds. Tapes of this channel are not known to exist but possibly do;

c)- Original Air Force One radio transmission tapes as recorded by WHCA and controlled by the Air Force. Two versions are in the public domain, the cassette tapes released by the LBJ Library that are preceeded by an introduction that acknowledges they are edited and a second reel to reel longer version that came from the personal effects of General Clifton, whose voice can be heard on the tapes. Both of these versions are edited and are not the original unedited tapes that contain information that was on a transpcript of the original tapes read by reporters at the LBJ White House.

While the military and government deny having a tape of the special SS channel or an unedited version of the AF1 radio transmissions, we know the AF1 tapes existed because we have copies of edited editions.

But we don't have to depend on the military or government coughing up the hot tapes, as there are probablly copies in private hands or other governments.

There were amateur Citizen Band radio buffs whose ranks included Arthur Collins and General LeMay, and groups of such radio HAMS as they were called, routinely listened in and recorded the AF1 radio transissions.

Collins Radio, the defense contractor that controlled the relays of the AF1 radio transmissions to other radio bases - including the WHCA, the Strategic Air Command.
and other designated sites, all of which could have recorded the transmissions.

Thanks to former CIA agent Brian Letell, we know that a Cuban defector who claimed to have worked at the joint Cuban-USSR listening post was instructed by Castro to liseten to radio reports of JFJ's trip to Texas. Perhaps with renewed diploomatic relations we can request the Cubans give us their tapes of the Air Force One radio transmisisons from November 22, 1963 because our government has apparently lost ours.


1) Three shells discovered below the Sixth Floor window of the TSBD, one dented.

2) Complete bullet found on stretcher at Parkland Hospital (CE399).

3) Bullet fragments found in the interior of the car that contain flesh and debre and the subject of the 1990s study requested by Justice Department attorney John T. Orr.

4) Rifle - Manlicher Carcano found on the Sixth Floor of the TSBD.


1) Found on boxes under the Sixth Floor window where the shells were discovered.

2) Found on the rifle.

3) On wrapping paper.

4) Other fingerprints?


1) Blanket from Paine's garage.

2) Oswald's shirt.

3) JFK's jacket

4) JFK's shirt

5) Other?

PHOTOGRAPH - Interpetation and facial identification.

1) Zapruder film of the assassination.
a) NPIC study
b) ITEC study
c) Other?

2) Backyard photo of Oswald with rifle, pistol and two publications.

3) Photo of Oswald on visa appliaction to Cuba. Taken in USSR.

4) Series of photos of Man misidentified as Oswald in Mexico City leaving embassy.

5) Tramps photo. Who are these guys?

6) Tramp photo of man identified by Fletcher Prouty and Gen. Krulak as possibly being Ed Lansdale.

7) Photo of man on Houston Ave. said to be Milteer.

8) Man on Houston street outside Dal Tex building identified by Jim Glover as Phil Ochs.

9) Man in suit and tie leaning against wall of front of TSBD believed to be George H. W. Bush but since identified as another person.

10) Photo of Oswald handing out FPFCC leaflets in New Orleans with un identified others.

11) Man in doorway identified as Billy Lovelady.

12) Man in doorway in film sequences believed to be Oswald and refered to as "Prayer Man."

13) Photo of motorcycle policeman outside front door of TSBD identified as Barney Feif.

14) Others? - Photos of Walker residence


1) Historic Diary
2) Letters from USSR
3) Oswald Instructions to Marina
5) Tennessee Nuke Museum entry
6) The Undelivered Package -
7) Other?


1) FPFCC ID with Hidel name
2) Oswald vacine certificate - New Orleans
3)  DPD Police Arrest report Ruby-Oswald Bledsoe
4) McCone-Rowley letter re: Oswald
5) Rifle and pistol records
6) Hidel Draft Card
7) Other?




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  1. In my report to the FBI in August 91 I included a written report by my friend, Joan Stivers. The FBI secretary told me her report was credible and copied it because her dad was CIA/USAID. Joan Stivers wrote that before she left for school she overheard her neighbor, Naval Commander May talking on his Ham radio which would bleed over to her family's speakers, "Dallas can you see the motorcade... is it over yet?" She was living in Quito, Ecuador during Dallas.