Monday, September 25, 2017

List of Legal Venues for JFK Assassination - Updated

List of Legal Venues for JFK Assassination

1) Congressional Briefing on JFK Act of 1992. This one we control, pick witnesses - Jim Lesar, Dan Alcorn, John Newman, Bill Simpich, Rex Bradford, Malcolm Blunt et al. to testify to congressmen on Senate and House oversight committees and their staffs, and other interested congressmen about the deficiencies in the inforcement of this law in preperation for a full Congressional hearing. This could possibly be covered by C-SPAN.

2) Congressional Hearings of JFK Act. In Congress, congressional oversight committee or subcommittee on NARA, concerning missing, wrongfully withheld and destroyed JFK assassination records. This would be covered by C-SPAN.

3) 21st Century Review of Evidence. Have all of the key evidence in the case re-evaluated with the latest technology - including fingerprints, the bullets, bullet fragments, shells and guns, acoustics (See: List of Acoustics in JFK), photos and other hard evidence.

4) Mock Legal Trial - The State of Texas vs. Lee Harvey Oswald. Set for November 16-17, South Texas College of Law, Houston, with Texas judge and prosecutor, with Bob Tanenbaum, Bill Simpich and Larry Schnapf acting for the defense.

5) Texas Court of Inquiry. Based on the results of the Mock Trial, the evidence will be presented to a sitting Texas district court judge who will determine if there is enough to conveine a Texas Court of Inquiry, a process unique to Texas that could officially exonerate Oswald as the Sixth Floor sniper. The judge who orders the court convened is not the judge who conducts the Inquiry.

6) Inspector Generals Investigations and Reports. Every agency of government including the CIA and NARA has an Inspector General who investigates and reports on illegalities or official misconduct by those who work for the agency.

7) Release of Official Homicide Records of Civil Rights murders of 50s-70s. New Jersey high school students have convinced a Michigan congressman to introduce a bill to release the homicide records of unsolved cold case civil rights murders of the 50s-70s, that is now in committee.

8) Federal Task Force on Federally Cognizant Homicides.  All major inter-state and organized crimes are investigated by a Federal Task Force that includes representatives of the various government investigative agencies.

9) Federal Grand Jury - North Texas, New Orleans, Miami, DC. Prosecutors conveine federal grand juries to present evidence in major crimes to determine if there is enough evidence to prosecute suspects.

10) Local Grand Jury - Dallas, New Orleans, Miami, DC. The only local grand jury to investigate the assassintion of President Kennedy was conveined by New Orleans DA Jim Garrison. Other crimes related to the assassintion can still be brought before local grand juries in Dallas, New Orleans, Miami and Washington DC.

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