Monday, March 26, 2018

Grandmother is on the Roof! Today is the Day of the JFK Act

Grandmother is on the Roof – Head’s Up!

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Archivist of the USA David Ferriero with the Constitution 

If David Atlee Phillips were alive today I’d give him a call and tell him “Grandmother is on the roof!,” and he would laugh, and ask what’s up?

“Grandmother is on the roof” is the punchline Phillips would tell as a joke to his newly recruited agents. As the joke goes, a newly arrived immigrant to America who received a letter from home that informed him that his beloved cat had climbed on the roof, fell off and died.

The immigrant responded with a letter that asked not be give so much bad information all at once, and break it down, first sending a letter saying the cat went on the roof, then later say she fell off and then that she died, so as to ease the impact.

He then received a letter that simply said: “Grandmother is on the roof.”

Phillips used that as a way of an intelligence analysist recognizing some seemingly insignificant piece of information and recognizing it as something that was going to develop into something big and significant.

As Phillips explains in his novel The Carlos Contract, "That's what you must look for - that one new piece of information, perhaps a single line in a report, some awareness which gives you a funny feeling at the back of the neck - the suspicion that suddenly becomes a conviction that something important is in motion, that grandmother is on the roof."

Well Monday, March 26 is here - Todays The Day - the deadline date President Trump prescribed for the Archivist of the United States David Ferriero 

So heads up! 

The NARA should, though anything can happen, they should identify the agencies that have requested JFK assassination records be continually withheld, announce how many records there are on that list, and release those previously released records that are not being requested to be continually withheld, a motherload of the best stuff.

Now I don’t know what will happen, but I suspect, since the archivist I communicated with two weeks ago, that it will take two weeks to process the records that have been requested to be continually withheld, so to me that says there are a lot of them.

We should have been lobbying David Ferriero AOTUS these past to weeks to recommend full disclosure and not continually withhold anything – as the law – the JFK Act of 1992 prescribes – so now we will have to lobby Donald Trump POTUS – who has one month to decide whether or not to continually withhold anything and if so, what records on the assassination of JFK are so sensitive our national security is impearled. He is also required to identify those records, and explain the reason why they must be withheld from the public and citizens of the United States.

Whatever happens, we must come up with a reasonable and sensible response, and mobilize the troops to get what we want and is needed – total and full disclosure.

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