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Debunking Dave Perry


Dave Perry 

Even before he was quoted on the CNN story, “One JFK conspiracy theory that could be true,” I had a number of problems with Dave Perry.

First off, in dealing with the CNN report, the question isn’t “Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone when he shot the President?” – the question Vincent Bugliosi asked my associate John Judge, who correctly responded, yes he acted alone, he just didn’t kill anybody.

As Bugliosi went on to write “various conspiracy theorists have accused 42 groups, 82 assassins and 214 people of being involved in the assassination,” but the bottom line is the event only happened one way in real life and that is the full truth we are trying to determine.

I have three issues with Dave Perry, though I know there are probably more if I paid any attention to him, but I have a few bones to pick with him, including his knowledge of the Bledsoe police report, the stopwatch video and his attempts to denigrate the late Jim Marrs and the eminent Dr. Cyril Wecht.

The Bledsoe Dallas Police arrest report of October 1963, says that “Alex Hidell” and Jack Ruby were arrested for an altercation at Bledsoe’s rooming house, the day before Bledsoe actually evicted Oswald. The document was found among the effects of Oswald’s mother at a major university library some years ago, and considered genuine by some, even Dallas police officers and court clerks.

Perry however, says that it’s all a hoax, a prank by some people he knows who wanted to embarrass conspiracy theorists. If that is the case then it wasn’t a joke but a crime, as tampering with evidence in a homicide is itself a felony, and obstruction of justice as well, and if he knows those who committed this forgery and crime, he too is guilty of obstruction of justice.

Like the Monroe-Killgallon wiretap report and the Secret Service – CIA memo that says Oswald was trained by the CIA at Camp Perry (no relation to Dave), the Bledsoe document is a very detailed and professionally crafted document that is either genuine or designed to deceive. If a deception, it was meant to link Oswald and Hidell, Ruby and Oswald and both of them to Castro, who was being set up to take the fall for the Dealey Plaza operation.

As Bob Fox’s detailed analysis of the Bledsoe arrest report concludes: , “Genuine or not, there is a lot more to the Bledsoe arrest report than Dave Perry ever let on. Perry’s writing is so incomplete, so one-sided, so agenda-driven is to be misleading,” as he parodies Dave Perry as Naked Gun’s Lt. Frank Drebin/Leslie Nelson when he says amid the calamity and chaos - “Nothing to see here.”

My second problem with Dave Perry is the deceptive video he shot with the late Gary Mack that was broadcast on the Discovery Channel a few years ago and shown again by prosecutors at the CAPA Mock Trail of Oswald recently held at the Texas College of Law in Houston.

In this video Perry and Mack attempt to prove that Oswald could have been the sixth floor sniper because someone could leave the sixth floor southwest corner of the building, move across the full length of the building, ditch the rifle, descend four flights of stairs, walk across the room and through the second floor lunchroom door in less than ninety seconds, when Dallas Policeman Marion Baker saw Oswald through the closed door window of the lunchroom.

No one I know contends that the distance couldn’t be done in the time allotted, but the four facts that exonerate Oswald are not even addressed, as you can’t dance around them as Mack and Perry do with the bogus timing issue.

1)     At 12:15, when the motorcade was supposed to be at Dealey Plaza, but was running fifteen minutes late, a number of people on the street saw the man with a rifle on the sixth floor, at a time when Oswald was seen on the first floor. If not Oswald, who was that guy?

2)     None of the four witnesses on the stairs and fourth and fifth floor landings saw or heard anyone go down those stairs in the two minutes after the last shots were fired, and would have if anyone descended those steps at that time.

3)     Ninety seconds after the shooting Marion Baker arrived at the top of the steps on the second floor landing and saw Oswald through the square foot window of the closed lunchroom door. The door had to be closed or Baker would not have been able to see through the window, as physics and geometric law prescribes. And if Oswald had gone through that door a few seconds before Baker saw him, then building manager Roy Truly, who was a few seconds in front of Baker, would have seen him go through the door, and didn’t. But alas, there is another door to the lunchroom, one from the secretary’s office, the one Oswald left through, and the one he came in, coming up from the first floor, where he was last seen.

4)     Four minutes after the last shot, two minutes after the second floor lunchroom encounter, as Oswald was leaving the building, a court clerk from across the street saw a man in the sixth floor sniper’s nest window, not Oswald but someone who was in no hurry to get away, and confident that he would.

But Gary Mack and Dave Perry ignore those four established facts that exonerate Oswald as the sixth floor sniper.

The third beef I have with Dave Perry is his attempts to discredit Jim Marrs and Dr. Wecht. While I knew when Jim Marrs wrote the book on UFOs that it would be used to discredit his JFK work, we now know that the whole UFO phenomenon was used as a pretext to cover the U2 and other experimental technology like drones. In fact, the UFO project Bluebook was run by USAF General Charles Cabell, the brother of the mayor of Dallas, a documented CIA asset.

Perry tries to flip Dr. Wecht’s statement about the bogus Alien Autopsy film that he’s never seen an autopsy like that one, and he’s performed thousands of them, which Perry misconstrues as an endorsement of aliens. 

It isn’t Jim Marrs or Dr. Wecht who need to be exposed for misrepresentation of the truth, it’s Dave Perry whose the fraud.

There’s a lot of problems with the CNN story, but biggest fallacy is: “So, when reporters, producers, or amateur historians want to check out the latest JFK conspiracy theory, they call Dave Perry.”

At the time of the passage of the JFK Act in 1992 the Go-To Guy was the now discredited serial plagerist Gerald Posner, who garnered headlines a few days after the law was passed saying that the files are free and there’s nothing in them, even before anyone could read them. Then it was John McAdams, the fired university professor. Max Holland is also a favorite of the media, and more recently Phil Shenon has been given a lot of ink and airtime to promote his attempt to revive the original fake cover story that Castro was behind the assassination.

The difference between Lone Nut Debunkers like Perry and Real Researchers is real researchers take what we know and try to answer the outstanding questions that can be answered, while debunkers like Perry poke holes in silly conspiracy theories. I’ve debunked more conspiracy theories than Perry but I know that one of them is right, and that’s the way it really happened.

Rather than Perry, Posner, McAdams or Holland, those who really want answers to the outstanding questions surrounding the assassination should go to the best independent researchers working full time on the case – Professor Peter Dale Scott, Dr. John Newman, Paul Hoch, David Talbot, Dick Russell, attorneys Jim Lesar, Bill Simpich and Larry Schnapf, or any of the good researchers – Larry Hancock, Jim DiEugenio, Lisa Pease, Len Osanic, Larry Haapanen,….there are dozens who know  more than Perry but are not asked.

Another misleading statement is: “Conspiracy theorists often gather to compare notes at special symposiums, like one in 2012 at Pittsburgh's Duquesne University. The event, which included (Oliver) Stone as a panelist, seemed more like a revival meeting at a Sunday house of worship than an academic conference, according to a reporter who was there. "Replace 'Amen' for 'That's right!' and it would have basically been a church," recalled Rebecca Nuttall. It’s a shame neither CNN nor Dave Perry were there, or they would have learned something.

Nuttall, a reporter for the Pittsburgh free weekly, is a newbee to JFK research, and must have gone to the wrong church. I was there and saw no such display of ferver, but rather a series of serious presentations that anyone can view on line and judge for themselves, including many of those named above. My presentation was on Ed Primeu's combination and cleanup of the two existing Air Force One radio transmission tapes and my transcript of them, for which I earned the 2013 Mary Ferrell Award for research. But of course CNN, the New York Times and Washington Post didn’t bother covering that conference.

Perry then goes on to list the five top suspects:

1)     LBJ did it. Not based on Madeleine Brown, who was, despite all of Perry’s attempts to debunk her, was LBJ’s mistress and what she knew and said carries much more weight than Perry’s biased opinions. That LBJ did it, as Trump confidant Roger Stone attests, is because he benefited the most by taking over the reigns of power. We know LBJ wasn’t the mastermind behind the Dealey Plaza operation because he rejected, on the early evening of the assassination, the original cover story that was falsely devised to blame Castro for the assassination, and he decided to go with the Phase Two deranged lone nut scenario.

2)     That the military industrial complex was responsible does not rest on the fact that JFK wanted to avoid a ground war in Vietnam, something the military brass wanted, but rather on the fact that many of those involved were associated with US Army Reserves Intelligence. And the Joint Chiefs of Staff and their intelligence arm (the office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence – ACSI) had an intelligence net over Dallas and Dealey Plaza and were the first to finger Oswald as the assassin and patsy. And the framing of Oswald and Castro was a black propaganda ploy similar to the Northwoods operations they wanted to use against Cuba.

3)     The mob didn’t do it because the mob doesn't use snipers (Bugsy Seigal excepted) or black propaganda though they were in bed with the CIA in the attempts to kill Castro, William Harvey was Johnny Rosselli’s case officer, and Rosselli was known as “Colonel Roselli”who co-sponsored, with the CIA, one of the anti-Castro Cuban commando teams at JMWAVE, while Harvey went to work for a book company that had an office in the TSBD.

4)     “Oswald acted alone as part of an unknown conspiracy” is not possible because Oswald did act alone but wasn’t the assassin and didn’t plan anything.

5)     That the CIA did it can only be considered in light of the plots to kill Castro, their associations with the Mafia, and the connections between other known covert operations and Dealey Plaza. The idea the assassination was a coup détat assumes that all of the major institutions of government were either made a part of the coup or compromised by those who were.

It’s commendable that Perry wants all of the records released, and CNN is right in that we already known the truth. But it isn’t either Oswald acted alone or we will never know the truth – we know the truth and it won’t set us free but make us mad.

We know that whether Oswald was the lone assassin as Perry attests, or the patsy, as Oswald himself claimed, the MO-modus operandi of whatever happened at Dealey Plaza was that of a covert intelligence operation, one planed, organized and executed by a domestic, anti-Communist government connected intelligence network that also ran such operations in Cuba. And  that network continues today to utilized psychological warfare techniques to deceive the public and protect the guilty, and so far they have gotten away with it.

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  1. You are still selling that lemon of Oswald being encountered in the 2nd floor lunch room......goodness me.

  2. Hi Bart, I know the 2nd floor lunchroom encounter has been the subject of deep research and there are attempts to debunk it by CTs, but I believe Marion Baker, especially his testimony at the London trial and questioning by the Bug. It happened and it exonerates Oswald as the 6th floor sniper.