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Playbook - Program - Players

Playbook and Program

The plays, the players, the positions - You can't follow the game without a Program! Get your Program here.

When the Arab Spring revolutions broke out I recognized its signifiance as a world shaking event and began taking notes, and started a blog - Revolutionary Program in which I tried to keep track of the major players, the revolutionaries, the dictators, the generals and how they played the game and how the game played out in different countries.

Towards that end I am now just getting around to applying the same Program to the assassination of President Kennedy - the Dealey Plaza Program.



1) General Maxwell Taylor (US Army), Personally appointed as Chief of Staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) over other, more qualified officers, based on a book he wrote that Kennedy read and liked. At the time of the assassination, Taylor and the JCS were meeting with the West German General Staff who later reported that they were increduluous of Taylor's response to the news of the assassination - he took a nap.

2) General Curtis LeMay (US Air Force), AF Chief of Staff, who was temporrary Chairman on September 25, 1963 when the JCS were briefed by Desmond FitzGerald on CIA covert operations against Cuba, the subject of Colonel Walter Higgin's memo.

3) General Victor "Brute" Krulak (USMC) - responsible for military assistance to the CIA in support of their covert operations against Cuba, whose adjunct, Colonel W. Higgins, wrote the meeting minutes memo (Smoking Document #1)

4) General William Eldridge Odom - Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ACSI) and later director of the National Security Agency (NSA), who sought the advice of the CIA's Haveland Smith in regards to the use of covert intelligence operations.

5) General Charles Cabell (USAF) - Former head of Project Blue Book. Military intelligence officer who tried but failed to convince Presidend Kennedy to authorize a second air strike against Cuban air fields during the Bay of Pigs, guaranteeing its failure. Cabell was fired over this. His brother was the mayor of Dallas and a certified CIA asset.

6) General Edwin Walker (USA) - Fired by President Kennedy for distributing right wing John Birch Society propaganda to his troops in Europe, and sent to psychiatric institute for evaluation. Lived on Turtle Creek Road in North Dallas, where someone took a shot at him through a window on April 10, 1963, a crime later attributed to Lee Harvey Oswald.

7) General Edwin Lansdale (USAF) was actually a CIA intelligence officer who specialized in unconventional warfare, active in the Phillipines, Cuba and Vietnam.

8) General Lyman Louis Lemnitzer (USA) Chairman of the JCS (1960-1962) on whose watch the Northwoods deception plans were devised andd n to falsly blame Cuba for covert operational disasters.

9) General Philip C. Wehle -  In charge of the Military District of Washington; ran a deception operation in the course of delivering the body of JFK to Bathesda from Andrews, and oversaw the autopsy and funeral. Later the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

10) General Andrew J. Goodpaster - General Taylor's assistant, met with the German General Staff at the time of the assassination.

11) Admiral Chester Brouton - Nuclear submarine commander, Collins Radio executive after retirement. George deMohrenschildt introduced Oswald to Bruton in an attempt to get Oswald a job at Collins Radio.

12) General Earle Wheeler - Chief of Staff of the Army 1963. Appointed by LBJ as Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff in July 1964, replacing Maxwell Taylor. Berated by Gen. LeMay.

13) General Joseph J. Cappucci  USAF - Associated with Zeta-Diogionese Project. Told social group including the wife of Colonel William "Bill" Amos USAF that LBJ killed JFK.


Colonels are the highest ranking officers on the battlefield. They take orders from the generals and see that they are carried out. On the chessboard they are the Queen's, can maneuver and attack from any direction and control the movements of other players.

1) Col. Walter Higgins (USA) Adjunct to General Victor Krulak, responsible for military assistance to CIA for covert operationns against Cuba. Author of the Higgins Memo.

2) Col. William B. Rose - in the Pentagon office of Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ACSI).

3) Col. Frank "Brandy" Brandstetter - Reported directly to Col. Rose at the Pentagon despite being officially under Col. Crichton at Texas Reserve Intelligence detachment.

4) Col. Jack Crichton - Started his own Texas Reserves Intelligence detachment, ran the Emergency Communications underground bunker at the Texas Fairgrounds, and arranged for Illya Mamatov to translate Marina Oswald's first statements to Dallas PD.

5) Col. Samuel Goodhue Kail - US Military attache at US Embassy in Havana, associate of David Atlee Phillips and Antonio Veciana, associated with ACSI with Dorothie Matlack in interviewing George deMohremschildt enroute to Haiti.

6) Col. Laurance Orlov - With deMohrenschilts when he first visited Oswald; plays racket ball with CIA Domestics Division officer in Dallas.

7) Col. Howard Burris - LBJ's military aide.

8) Col. Sheffield Edwards - Had Robert Mahu recruit Rosselli and Giancana to kill Castro.

9) Col. James "J.D." Wilmeth - US Army Russian translator and Dallas professor who visited Ruth Paine and Marina Oswald in Irving a few days before the assassination.

10) Lt. Col. George L. Whitmeyer - Road I n backseat of Pilot Car in motorcade without Secret Service approval at invitation of Capt. Lumkin.

11) Col. George Stanton Dorman - Gen. LeMay's adjunct, heard on AF1 radio tapes trying to get a message to LeMay.

12) Lt. Colonel Fletcher Prouty - Military liason to CIA, friends with Gen. Krulack.

13) Col. Lawrence Lowry - Commander of Command and Control plane that was in air over Dallas at the time of Assassination; associate of Thomas Beckmon in New Orleans. 

14) Col. Robert Ellis Jones - 112th Ft. Sam Houston - Notified FBI on 11/22/63 that military files on LHOswald cross checked with Alec Hidel alias.

15) "Colonel" John "Rawlins" - JMWAVE alias of mobster John Rosselli under William Harvey.

16) Lt. Col. Wendell Stevens USAF - Worked under Gen. Cabell on Project Bluebook at Wright-Patterson AFB, wrote book on alien visitors, friend of Arthur Young, Michael Paine's father-in-law.

17) Colonel D. H. Byrd - Owner of the Texas School Book Depository; Founder of the Texas Civil Air Patrol (1941); served on CAP national board with Cord Meyer, Sr., father of CIA officer Cord Meyer, Jr., husband of Mary Pinchot Meyer.

18) Colonel William "Bill" Amos USAF - Adjunct to Gen. Joseph Cappucci. Wife of Amos said that Cappucci blamed LBJ for the murder of JFK at social event.

(BK Notes - there are more to come.) 


1) Major Harold Patterson - aka "Stranger" - White House Communications Agency officer in the White House Situation Room at the time of the assassination. Patterson is heard on the AF1 radio tapes ordering the Cabinet plane over the Pacific to turn around and return to DC.

2) Captain George Lumkin - Driver of the Pilot Car in the motorcade; invited his Army Reserve General Whitmeyer to sit in the back seat without Secret Service authorization.

3) Captain Bradley Ayers USA Ranger - Assigned by Gen. Krulak to train Cuban Commandos at JMWAVE.

4) Captain Edward Roderick USA Ranger - Assigned by Gen. Krulack to train Cuban Commandos at JMWAVE.

5) Civil Air Patrol Captain David Ferrie - Knew Lee H. Oswald as a cadet in his New Orleans CAP wing.

6) Captain Swindell - Pilot of Air Force One, parked at Love Field. 

7) Captain Carl Jenkins USMC - Established USMC Reserve unit in New Orleans; trained Cuban Commandos at JMWAVE.

8) Captain Tazewell T. Shepard, Jr. USN - Navy aide to President; Set up the White House Situation Room.


More to come.

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