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Operational Oswald - "A Major Explosion" - Smoking Doc #3


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Warren Commission attorney Sam Stern was interviewed by a HSCA attorney in 1978. When shown an un-redacted version of the following memo by a CIA intelligence officer, he responded: "...that would have been a major explosion..." - 

"When shown the CIA memorandum of November 1963 in which a CIA officer wrote that the Agency had once considered using Oswald for intelligence purposes, Stern stated that “I have never seen this. I was never given this, and we had asked for and were supposed to be given anything of relevance like this.” In reading the memo, Stern stated that 'that would have definitely been relevant. If they (the CIA) were taking him that seriously, then you might think that others could or did also. If we found that had been withheld, that would have been a major explosion also.”


NARA Record Number: 1993.07.17.08:34:21:590460



25 November 1963

SUBJECT: Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald


It makes little difference now, but REDWOOD had at one time an OI interest in Oswald. As soon as I heard Oswald’s name, I recalled that as Chief of the 6 Branch I had discussed – sometime in Summer 1960 – with the then Chief and Deputy Chief of the 6 Research Section the laying on of interview(s) through KUJUMP or other suitable channels. At the moment I don’t recall if this was discussed while Oswald and his family were en route to our country or if it was after their arrival.

I remember that Oswald’s unusual behavior in the USSR had struck me from the moment I had read the first ODACID on him, and told my subordinates something amounting to “Don’t push too hard to get the information we need, because this individual looks odd.” We were particularly interested in the OI Oswald might provide on the Minsk factory in which he had been employed, on certain sections of the city itself, and of course we sought the usual BI that might help develop target personality dossiers.

I was phasing into my LPOVER cover assignment, and out of KUDOVE, at the time. Thus, I would have left the country shortly after Oswald’s arrival. I do not know what action developed thereafter.

Thomas B. Casasin

As an afterthought, I recall also that at the time I was becoming increasingly interested in watching develop a pattern that we had discovered in the course of our bio and research work in -6; the number of Soviet women marrying foreigners, being permitted to leave the USSR, then eventually divorcing their spouses and settling down without returning “home.”

The AEOCEAN 3 case was among the first of these, and we eventually turned up something like two dozen similar cases. We established links between some of these women and the KGB. KUDESK became interested in the developing trend we had come across. It was partially out of curiosity to learn if Oswald’s wife would actually accompany him to our country , partly out of interest in Oswald’s own experiences in the USSR, that we showed operational intelligence in the Harvey story.

(BK Notes – there is a hand notated circle around Harvey and a question mark - ?) 

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