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Aliases, Ciphers and Code Names

Aliases, Ciphers and Code Names 

Many thanks to the good folks at the Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC) - Jim Lesar and Rex Bradford at for compiling this list. Please visit their web sites and contribute to them if you can. 

[Note: Courtesy of Dr. John Newman and Bill Simpich. This list is a work in progress. Please bookmark this page for periodic updates. Additions may be submitted for review by contacting us at]

Manuel Artime: 
Javier: 104-10193-10382, and 104-10240-10206
Ignacio (for AMPALMS): 104-10240-10314, and 104-10240-10022
Tracy Barnes:
Playdon: 104-10061-10115
Bernard Barker:
Spencer O. Terteling, 104-10194-10059
Tracy Barnes:
PLAYDON [See HSCA Names List 104-10061-10115]
Richard Bissell:
John L. Kane: 104-10185-10384, 104-10185-10060
William Broe:
Thomas Lund; 104-10110-10261
Broe was the Chief of the Western Hemisphere Division in 1966 and as of 7/3/67. “Lund” was the Chief of Western Hemisphere Division as of 6/14/67.
David Christ:
Daniel Carswell; 104-10111-10067
Christ was Chief of Technical Services Division, captured by Cuban Intelligence during an operation inside Cuba to bug the New China News Agency, 1960.
June Cobb:
Joyce H. Pineinch; 104-10175-10117
Clarinda E. Sharp; 104-10175-10365
Lucien Conein:
Morton F. Sewell and Virgil M. Derkum; 104-10112-10389
CIA career agent, paramilitary, 1946-1968
Al Cox (succeeded O’Mara as COB JMASH):
Robert Reynolds: See Volume I, Appendix Six
Robert Rogers: 104-10261-10017
Eric D. Rodick: 104-10233-10356
Robert Davis: 104-10106-10013
Paul J Manson (CH/FOB [JMASH]):
Robert Vincent:104-10179-10075; 104-10106-10013
Ken M. Crosby:
Bernard Reichardt: 104-10061-10115
Patrick I. Karnley: (Droller motel security flap): 104-10110-10213, 104-10110-10206
Crosby spent five years with the FBI during WWII; in late summer 1959, was a stockbroker for American business community in Havana; worked closely with CIA Chief of Station James Noel in Havana; invited to Washington to give Allen Dulles and two of his aides a briefing on Castro; Crosby recalled in a 1996 interview that he told the CIA director that he and many of his business associates in Havana were convinced that “the only way to get rid of Castro was to kill him.”  [Seymour Hersh, The Dark Side of Camelot, 1998 ed., pp. 161-162]
Ross Lester Crozier:
Ron Cross; 104-10143-10180
Arthur G Vaivida #112569 Same as Ross Crozier; 104-10114-10070 and 1993.08.10.16:29:28:780038
Harold R. Noemayr; 104-10114-10007 (ALSO #112569)
Roger Fox; 104-10181-10325
Norris W. Damicone:
[Possibly:] Al Marin; 104-10183-10437 with 104-10183-10439
Lawrence Devlin, Congo, Leopoldville Station Chief:
Victor S. Hedgman; 157-10014-10080
Guthman; 104-10185-10057; 104-10185-10058
[PROBABLY:] Walter D. Heston; 104-10182-10194
Gerard Droller:
Frank Bender; 104-10193-10351
Wallace A. Parlett; 104-10160-10195; 104-10271-10158
Drecher (Hunt: GIVE US THIS DAY, P. 24)
Ray DuBois AKA Wiesinger:
Ray Adams; 104-10296-10062; 104-10165-10039
Charles B. Wiesinger; 104-10296-10062
Allen Dulles:
ASCHAM: 104-10310-10001; (Crypt = CITASTE: 104-10049-10323; 104-10315-10036; 104-10315-10037; 104-10177-10113).
Ramon Joseph Alvarez Durant (LIEMPTY-1):
Coordinated the three photographic base houses focused on the Soviet compound in Mexico City.
Ann Elizabeth Goldsborough Egerter:
Betty Eggeter: 104-10015-10043; 104-10322-10043; 104-10015-10042
Susan Purcell: 180-10131-10333 AND 104-10246-10017 (Betsy Wolf write-up of Hardway interview with Susan Purcell)
Jake Esterline:
Anthony R. Ponchay: 104-10109-10162
Jacob England: 104-10220-10017
Delia Failde:
“DRAGON LADY”; 104-10162-10197
[POSSIBLY:] Catherine Taaffe—Both names may be pseudonyms—[See CHAPTER 19, Where Angels Tread Lightly, John M. Newman (2015) for a discussion of the possible connection between these two women]
Richard M. Fallucci (TFW/FI):
William “Bill” Thompson, and “Harvey Thompson: 104-10215-10080 (the redactor forgot to remove Fallucci’s name from the RIF sheet), 104-10102-10010 with 104-10102-10050 and 104-10183-10064
The possibility that Fallucci was, or worked with, Sidney P. Di Ubaldo:
Sidney P. Di Ubaldo is AKA John Bretheim, met AMSMILE-16/10/64: 104-10274-10274; meeting with AMWHIP-1 5/21/65, re AMBUNNY: 104-10183-10439
[POSSIBLY:] MR. WILLS; 104-10183-10413 (Iglesias wants to see him in Madrid)
Desmond Fitzgerald:
James Clark: (as a representative of RFK—GPFOCUS): 104-10521-10019; 104-10102-10010
Chester D. Dainold: 104-10195-10142; 104-10182-10034
“Jefe”: 104-10241-10151
Charles E. Flick:
Chief of intercept unit in Mexico City.
Warren Frank:
Edward D. Knapman: Chief JMWAVE FI: 104-10231-10102, 104-10231-10246 and 104-10103-10024; handwriting match: 104-10164-10198 and 104-10065-10359. Signatures: 104-10164-10198; 104-10065-10359; 1993.07.13.17:28:42:1803540
Frank Booth: 104-10171-10401
Joe Crespi: 104-10166-10440
Chief FI at WAVE: 180-10145-10269; 104-10231-10246;
Sforza works with Warren Frank: 180-10145-10269
Walter H. Gebaide: 104-102710-10039. Knapman was the case officer for AMPALM-1 (see 104-10164-10201), Oscar Echevarria y Salvat, and this might be the “Echevarria” that shows up in lots of 1960ish cables.  Angel Ros was AMPALM-10.  In VOL I, I identified  Knapman as AMPARCH-1 (with this complicated proof: AMPARCH-1: Probably Edward D. Knapman—was exfiltrated from Cuba on 6/8/61with Tony Sforza (AMRYE-1)*, both had been stay-behind agents; both went on to work in the FI branch at JMWAVE, where Knapman was the chief** and Sloman (Sforza) worked for him***; in 12/60 in Cuba, AMBRILL-1 was a source of Knapman’s****;*104-10180-10134; **104-10231-10102; ***104-10231-10246; ****104-10169-10270), and associated Knapman with AKA Warren Frank (See 104-10103-10024) and AKA Frank Booth (see 104-10171-10401).  After coming to Miami with Sforza in mid-1961 (see story in VOL I. Where Angels Tread Lightly, John M. Newman, 2015, I have Knapman taking over WAVE FI in December 1961 (104-10231-10102).
Carlos Lopez Gonzalez:
Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez (LEGAL NAME CHANGE); 104-10247-10198
“Francisco”; 104-10183-10413
Ann Goodpasture:
R. B. Riggs; 104-10052-10126
Senior aide to Mexico City chief of station Win Scott.
Sidney Gottlieb:
Joseph Scheider AKA Sidney Braun:
Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders, United States Senate, Interim Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations (Washington DC: US Government Printing Office, 1975), p. 23.   When testifying before the Church Committee, Gottlieb used the alias Joseph Scheider. Note: the Church Committee incorrectly states that another alias used by Gottlieb was “Joe” Braun; in fact it was Sidney Braun.
David U. Groves:
Douglas J. Freapane; 104-10128-10329
Juan Manuel Guillot (AMBRONC-5):
Ramon M. Lopez Zamoka; 104-10074-10390
Rubin Hernandez Ortega; 104-10074-10390
One of the stay behind net chiefs inside Cuba; ran Operation Pepe with Raphael Quintero.
William K. Harvey: [#32814: RIF 1993.07.20.14:27:51:590280, OS/SAG files for HSCA staff]
William Walker: #32814, alias issued May 1962 and used until reassigned in June 1963; 104-01310-10013
Daniel M. Presland: 104-10298-10045, 104-10274-10121
Jack Hawkins:
Rocky Farnsworth: (first chief of WH/4/PM): 104-10301-10004, 104-10274-10040
Pentleone: 104-10228-10438; Pantleone was also in PM, goes to WAVE as Robert Moore becomes CH/WH/4/PM.  James Pekich and Calvin Hicks were also in WH/4/PM; John D. Peters is in WH/4/PM/OPS;, starts there (according to Pfeiffer) before his assignment as COB TRAV (September-December 1960), and then to WAVE or HQS PM; in summer 1963 he joins Hecksher’s AMWORLD
Thomas J. Hazlett: [104-10266-10155] [CHIEF CUBAN OPS MEXICO CITY STATION 56-4/62, 104-10086-10394] [C/O FOR JUNE COBB, 104-10266-10022]
Clyde K. Shryock; 104-10175-10428
Bill Mannix; 104-10266-10024
Henry D. Hecksher (See Chapter Nine):
Nelson L. Raynock: 104-10241-10131, 104-10240-10320
Henry Boysen: 104-10241-10184
James E. Beckhoff: 104-10101-10066, 104-10211-10346
Richard Helms:
Thomas Lund: 104-10088-10058
E. Howard Hunt:
Edward J. Hamilton (Also Eduardo and Edwardo)
Walter C. Twicker
Terrence C. Crabanak
Carl Jenkins:
Zaboth: 104-10240-10087, 104-10240-10238; Haynes Johnson, The Bay of Pigs, pp. 38-45.
George E. Joannides:
Walter D. Newby: 104-10304-10000
Colonel Wendell G. Johnson:
F. Passavoy: 104-10227-10145; 104-10232-10003; 104-10227-10143; 104-10227-10345
Floryan Randolph Karty:
Orville Horsfall – 104-10079-10049
1993.07.17.08:10:45:620630 (Translator in Mexico City, 1963)
William M. Kent: 104-10303-10003, 104-10163-10181:
Kent’s name compromised in Orrison Affair: 104-10414-10124, p. 345)
Robert K. Trouchard: (case officer for Conte Aguero): 104-10244-10018
Oliver H. Corbuston: (=Gupton and forms DRE in 1960): 104-10181-10325
Douglas Gupton AKA George Witner: 104-10406-10273
J.C. King:
Oliver G. Galbond: 104-10218-10153; 104-10061-10115
Marcos Diaz Lanz:
Mariano Jimemez Y Gomez; (180-10144-10222)
Elvio Rivero Limonte:
Santiago Sanz; 104-10171-10401
Henry Preston Lopez:
Edward G. Tichborn: 104-10119-10228; 104-10119-10231; 104-10119-10232; 104-10119-10233; 104-10119-10236; 104-10174-10059; and CIA Security File of Henry Preston Lopez 1993.08.13.18:01:11:210059.
Miguel Angel Leon:
Cuco; 104-10267-10104 (See Sloman comment); 104-10216-10352; 104-10076-10088
Domingo Beltrand; 104-10267-10099
Herbert Manell:
Chief of Soviet Russia division in Mexico City.
John McCone:
Thomas A. Brent: Analysis of 5/1/62 McCone-Miro Cardona Meeting, from Passavoy reports and WAVE dispatches:

Miro Cardona
Miro Cardona
Goodwin not mentioned
Al Rodriguez interpreted
interpreter not mentioned
KUBARK interpreter
 interpreter not mentioned
Miro said meeting with McCone was “most gratifying”
 exploratory    friendly meeting with McCone
purpose to meet and get acquainted with Thomas A. Brent
AMBUD said he was “happier with this conversation than his meeting (4/10/62 see PASSAVOY 293) with GPIDEAL

*Thomas A. Brent is not mentioned in Passavoy reports
**McCone is not mentioned in WAVE dispatches
McCone is at least suitable for Brent in flowers for LISIREN-3(MEXI 6768—11/2/63)

Edwin N. Reingold was Caribbean correspondent for Time Magazine, and would only met with “high-level” CIA officials and “refused to have anything to do with organization at operational levels.” Ray was very pissed off at Reingold for his article in Time Magazine. [WAVE 8845, 104-10180-10330]. Reingold reasoned that that article was the reason Thomas A. Brent had summoned him on 16 June 1962.
Eloy Guttierez Menoyo:
Lazaro Cristobal Florian Martinez Mendez; 124-90135-10190
David Sanchez Morales (“El Indio”):
Stanley R. Zamka, AKA Delgado; 104-10261-10040
Gonzales; 180-10142-10307
Lee R. Mylchraine (possibly):
Gerald N. Askren; 104-10246-10021; TDY MEXI, RTN HQS 5/8/64
Jorge Nobregas Heria:
Coco; 104-10267-10099
James (Jim) Noel:
Woodrow C. Olien; 104-10167-10383
Jim Noble: Peter Wyden, BAY OF PIGS (pp. 114-116)
Justin O’Donnell:
Oliver B. Altman: 104-10310-10215
Michael J. Mulroney: Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders, United States Senate, Interim Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations (Washington DC: US Government Printing Office, 1975), pp. 32-45.
Manuel Vega Perez:
MARCOS; 104-10276-10220; 104-10276-10003
David Atlee Phillips:
Michael M. Choaden: 104-10128-10329
Knight [GIVE US THIS DAY, p. 26]
“Douglas,” name for Phillips used by Conte Aguero: 104-10166-10440 (10/31/67); also re AMIGGY-1, case officer can establish bona fides by identifying himself as “Miguel” and saying he is a friend of “Douglas”: 104-10231-10224 (3/2/61)
Bob Lee, and Roberto when pitching AMSESS: 104-10072-10234 (9/24/64)
John D. Nadleman (1954-1955: PP/OPS Staff, PP/INFO COORD DIV, PP/CRTV): 104-10128-10086; 104-10128-10120; 104-10136-10358
[Possibly:] Neil T. Pickworth (interviewed and assesses AMCORE-2, Conte Aguero on his arrival in May 1960: 104-10244-10018, 104-10171-10033
Abbot 104-10260-10440 (credit to Matthew Scheufele)
James S. Pekich:
“Mr. Dimitry”: 104-10262-10061
Rafael Quintero (AMJAVA-4):
Roberto Quesada Gonzales; Jose M. Hernandez Valdez; 104-10074-10390
Ran Operation Pepe with Juan Manuel Guillot.
Juan Nepomuseno Frias Ramirez (LIEMPTY-2):
Oliver Scantling; 104-10061-10115104-10414-10124
Collected operational information on targets of opportunity in Mexico City.
Jose Ignacio Rivero:
Bebito 104-10265-10326
Emilio Americo Rodriguez:
Arnaldo Berenguer (104-10178-10274 with 104-10180-10156)
Peter J. Digerveno: 104-10161-10330 (214442 is Emilio’s CIA Security Number)
George DePilot and Juan Cardenas: Reel 15, Folder N, about p. 51, in Ray’s files] Mendez 104-10103-10125
Nestor Sanchez:
Matthew H. Ontrich [C/O for AMLASH]; Compare 104-10215-10241 to p. 87 of 104-10057-10270, See also 104-10215-10238
Nicholas Sanson, This pseudo is known to AMWHIP (Carlos Tepedino), in Paris 63-64 WATL; 104-10521-10019
Winston Scott (Mexico City Station Chief):
Willard C. Curtis (See Jefferson Morley, Our Man in Mexico)
Colonel Severs:
Colonel Erikson S. Nichols, American Air Attache in U.S. Embassy Havana; 104-10167-10057
Theodore R. Shackley:
Andrew R. Reuteman; 104-10312-10361 (Reuteman as Chief of JMWAVE, 6/5/63); 104-10304-10000 (Reuteman as Chief of JMWAVE, 5/15/64); 104-10306-10021 (Shackley as Chief, 4/30/64)
Robert Tyler Shaw:
104-10086-10395 (Chief of Cuba operations, 1963-1965)
180-10113-10119 (Oversaw Cuban operatives)
Anthony L. Sileo (Assistant attachĂ©, U.S. Embassy in Havana, 1958):
George D. Scorgory: He and Olien met and talked with AMLASH-3 about Cubela’s plan to assassinate Castro: 04-10102-10010; Alberta Blanco Ramirez in Madrid: 104-10183-10187. The day after that meeting, the Madrid Station sent a cable (1705) to HQS and WAVE saying that Olien and Scorgory had met AMLASH-3 on 9/15/64, and discussed the AMLASH-1 plan to assassinate AMTHUG, 104-10234-10428; a different CIA report about the 9/15/64 meeting with Alberto Blanco Ramirez said the two were [James Noel] and Anthony Sileo.  Therefore, Sileo must be Scorgory: 104-10103-10187 [and Olien is a well establish pseudonym for James Noel]
Andres Sanders: The day before that meeting (9/15/64), Scorgory, using the alias Andres Sanders, talked with AMLASH-3(MADRID 1681): 104-10183-10187
Anthony Sforza:
Enrique: 104-10295-10016 and 104-10109-10162 AND 104-10113-10070; [hid in his home 18-21 APR 61: 104-10183-10073 and 104-10295-10016
Henry J. Sloman, AKA Enrique: [best copy is 104-10295-10016; 104-10183-10065
Frank Stevens AKA Enrique: 104-10109-10162
Alfred Sarno 6/25/75 CC deposition: 157-10005-10250
Jim “Jimmie” Smith [Droller Miami security flap; See Chapter Eight, Countdown to Darkness, John M. Newman, 2017]:
Fravel S. Brown: 104-10110-10207, 104-10110-10214, 104-10113-10326
Enzel 104-10193-10119, 104-10193-10118
Jack Stewart:
Andrew F. Merton: 124-10290—10098 and 124-10290-10100; 104-10295-10016; 104-10183-10085; 104-10215-10103
Jack Stewart AKA Jack Warren: 104-10183-10424; 104-10127-10207; 104-10171-10118.
Harold Swenson: [104-10131-10005]
Harold Safely; 104-10216-10413, 104-10183-10428
Boris Tarasoff:
Douglas J. Feinglass; 104-10086-10396
Boris Tarasoff 4/12/78 deposition, p. 32 (Soviet translator in Mexico City, 1963)
Phillip Toomey:
“Thompson”; 104-10265-10128

Alan White:
Robert L. Easby; 104-10246-10041 (Easby identified as deputy chief, 11/10/64)
104-10052-10025 (Easby memo, 11/24/63)
104-10086-10395 (Alan White identified as deputy chief, 6/63-9/65)
Earl Williamson (Madrid A/COS by 12/31/64: MADR 2694, 104-10216-10236) [See Appendix Four WATL]:
Wallace A. Growery AND “Jaime”: 10/23/62 Met with AMWHIP in NYC: AMLASH-1 had not provided an address at which he was to receive mail from “Jaime” (Earl Williams 104-10215-10343; [Same doc:] AMWHIP-1 talked with Williamson last August: 104-10215-10343; “Jaime” is identified as Wallace Growery in Fallucci’s summary of contacts with Cubela—The reason Cubela and Tepedino used the name “Jaime” was because they could not pronounce Williamson’s true first name (Earl): 104-10102-10050
Alfonso Rodriguez and Alfredo Fernandez: In Cuba during the late 1950s, Manuel Ray knew Rodriguez as Alfredo Fernandez but used his true name Rodriguez in all of their personal meetings, and Ray recognized and remembered “HAVING MET [REDACTED NAME] (The text indicates this person’s name was Growery]) IN CUBA YEARS AGO”; The name EARL WILLIAMSON fits perfectly in the space: 104-10179-10135; Williamson was still using the Alfredo Fernandez pseudonym when meeting with Manuel Ray in NYC 20-22 JULY 1962: 104-10274-10194.
For signature of Wallace A. Growery on 8/15/57, Havana Station, Varona PRQ-II, SEE 104-10261-10024
Earl Williamson was DCOS, Havana Station—Fired by Ambassador Smith; WINDS OF DECEMBER: A Bill Williamson was deputy COS in Havana. Williamson had been extremely close to the plotters of the 9/5/57 naval uprising at Cienfuegos, and had been transferred out of Cuba a few months before the end of 1958.  Similarly, Hugh Thomas (CUBA—The Pursuit of Freedom, P. 961) identifies the CIA DCOS as “William Williamson,” who “had told the conspirators that any government set up as the result of a successful uprising would be recognized by the U.S. (P. 961).  Manolo Ray’s CIA cryptonym was AMBANG.  The 5/29/59 CIA PRQ-II on him confirms that Growery was present at all three meetings between Ray and the CIA station.  At that time Ray was the head of the underground in Havana.  It is possible that Williamson changed his first name from Earl to William for his mission in Cuba.

Alfonso Rodriguez; AKA Alfredo Fernandez when meeting with Manuel Ray—104-10179-10135; AKA Alfonso Fernandez when meeting with Elvio Rivero Limonte—104 10171-10401; See Appendix Four, Where Angels Tread Lightly, John M. Newman (2015) for more on the Alfonso Rodriguez pseudonym.

Peter N. Licari; See 104-10167-10018;“LICARI/BENDER” 05/26/60 MIAM 115 TO DIR CIA; 104-10260-10410: 3/17/60, HAVA 3782 to DIR CIA; “Time Ripe for RTN trip to HAVA as “representative of the group” to VARONA
TRUE NAME UNKNOWN: [See Appendix Five, Where Angels Tread Lightly, John M. Newman (2015) for documents and RIF numbers]
Samuel G. Orrison
Dudley J. Pachuke

Jorge Robreno Marieges (AMLASH-2):
“El Mago,” 104-10234-10165
Jose Alberto Ibarra Martin (AMLASH-3):
Alberto Blanco Ramirez; 104-10234-10344 AND 104-10234-10237 and 104-10216-10113
“El Loco” AND “El Loco Blanco”; 104-10234-10344 AND 104-10234-10237
John Stent (Station Chief):
“Red” Stent; 104-10216-10144
Peter J. Kymingham; 104-10120-10010; 104-10216-10144
John Stevens; 104-10521-10019
Jack Stevens; 104-10102-10010
[POSSIBLE:] Paul K. Stockwood; 104-10216-10035; 104-10215-10358 [Stockwood may have been later Paris COS]
Robert Owen:
“Roberto”; 104-10521-10019
Richard Long:
“Dick”; 104-10521-10019
Is Frederick Inghurst David Morales?
DCOS/OPS Inghurst of JMWAVE reports on the activities of Bayo and Pawley in June 63
In Feb. 1963, Inghurst sent a memo to FitzGerald, describing himself as a “field contracting officer” and hiring Artime
In June 1963 his extension was 251.   Here’s an April ’63 memo showing Shackley using the same extension.
In Aug 1963 he is in communication with Tony S, almost certainly Sforza, about the Brigade. The plan is to blend the Brigade’s files in with the AMOT files.  Morales had formed the AMOTs prior to the Bay of Pigs.
Here’s a letter that same month from Sforza to DCOS/OPS.
Is Clarence Smeryage Tom Clines?
Clarence Smeryage was known as 
Tom – on more than one instance.
Smeryage was a wave/pm as of Dec. ‘61.
As a PM officer, Clines was case officer for Evilio Duque and Orlando Bosch of MIRR, and
Ignacio Mendoza of MRP, as well as Cesar Boro of MRR.
Is Norman Kiggins aka Lauriston aka William Wibalda Bob Wall?
Joan Mellen says Lauriston is Bob Wall.
Is Norman Kiggins a Shackley or Wall alias?  I think Wall, he signs as Kiggins for Shackley.
Lauriston is an alias for Kiggins.
Kiggins took over as c/o for amdenim-1 (Alberto Fernandez) in 11/61, replacing Pantleone.
Kiggins was a pseudo.
Kiggins was a trainer.
William Wibalda was Bob W, the handler for Conte Aguero.
Shackley wrote in Spymaster that if you wanted a run-down on the MRP, talk to Dave Morales, Tom Clines or Bob Wall.
Is Dominick Pantleone Rocky Farnsworth?
Marginalia identifies Glen “Rocky” Farnsworth as Dominick Pantleone.
Farnsworth was c/o for Miro Cardona in Jan ’62.
Dominick Pantleone was a demolitions specialist – Colby tells story about him.
Richard Mahoney’s  The Kennedy Brothers refers to Farnsworth as part of the inner core, as well as Harvey asking RFK if he will train the jmwave officers in babysitting (at Hickory Hill).
KUHOOK is the PM Operations Staff
This was CIA info provided to the HSCA.

Is Philip Elmard aka Carl Jaenicken John Dimmer?

John Dimmer #8 is a match for the id provided by the CIA to the HSCA for Philip Elmard #8.
Dimmer and William Hood were known as the Vienna Choirboys (Flawed Patriot, p. 58).
ROBERT Davis/Al Cox served 10/61-2/62
Shackley 4/62 to 6/65
John Dimmer 
6/65 to 3/67
In ’67, dimmer then came to NYC to be sac of the domestic ops division.

Seymour Bolten was C/SAS/PROV/PAP in 1963.
Seymour Bolten was C/SAS/PROV/PAP (worked PP with Phillips in 62) – Howard Hunt is sending him memos about Artime.
Bernardo de Torres was an intelligence chief for years
Bernardo de Torres was the Chief of Intelligence for Brigade 2506between April 1960-61

Bio profiles

Contributed by Carmine Savastano:

Jeremy K. Benedum/ George Frederick Munro
Pseudo Doc:
Black Book Key:

Harold E. Dahlgren/Oliver N. Aimack
Pseudo Doc:

Black Book Key:

Charles S. Guymers/ Serafino Romualdi
Pseudo Doc:
Black Book Doc:
 Dudley P. Jentons/ J. Deering Danielson
Pseudo Doc:

Black Book Key Listing:
Thomas K. Jadwin/ Bronson Tweedy
 (First Africa division leader, Chief of Eastern Europe division, and later Deputy Director of the CIA)
Pseudo Key Doc: showDoc.html?docId=1455&# relPageId=17

Morgan O. Maestri/ Roddy B. Lyons
Pseudo doc:
Pseudo Book Key:

Samuel G. Orrison/ Stanley Moos
Pseudo doc with written number:

Black Book Key listing:

*   *   *   *   *

William F. Ordway/ General Charles P. Cabell, the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence.
Rostislav Lvovich Antonov/ Sergie Lvovich Shebalin (A former Soviet Army officer sought for intelligence use who began work for the CIA in 1951)
Zsolt Aradi/ Malcolm W. Stevens (CIA Employee)
Professor Karl Bergstrom/ Nikolai (Nicholas) Poppe (British Intelligence Instructor multiple official groups desired to recruit including the CIA)
Kenneth W Desnew/ Tscherim Soobzokov (Former Nazi officer who was unwittingly contacted and offered aid by CIA employees)
Igor A. Feldman/Alfreds Reikstins (The CIA requested operational approval for Reikstins in 1951, he was a former Latvian Waffen SS Officer who sought to prevent Soviet control of Latvia)
Mario K. Giordano/ Aleks Kurgvel (Estonian and German Military Intelligence officer, British Intelligence Agent, later recruited by the CIA)
Cleveland O. Hahn, Louis G. Goltedge, Raymond S. Churgin/ Freds Z. Launags CIA employee with paranoid schizophrenia who served as the lead agent in Project AMCOB undertaken on behalf of Berlin Station.
Stephen H. Holcomb, Arthur T. Latter/ Gustav Hilger (He served in Hitler’s Foreign Office and eventually was employed by the CIA),%20GUSTAV_0023.pdf
Philip E. Launais/ Constantine Mierlak (Responsible for selection and spotting of all CIA AEREADY candidates.)
Valdemar/ Vidvuds Sveics (Leader of the Latvian resistance movement that opposed Soviet rule.)

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