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Army Files on Key Subjects

10:30 AM EST
Dept. of Defense
Judy Miller 697-3133

Summary of Contact:

All offices of DOD have completed file searches on all but our most recent letters (those reeived in the past week) and, with the exception of those names on which they need further identifying data, they report the following:

(BK NOTE: This is from a hard copy of a document I have had for some time.  If you go to the trouble and locate the digital copy on line or the US Army files on the following persons please share them with me. )

The Army has files on

W. Guy Bannister

Victor D. Espinosa

John E. Donovan

Robert E. Jones

Fred L. Crisman

Luis Posada

Harold Isaacs

Leo Cherne

Roy Hargraves

Richard Lauchli

From our January 26, 1978 letter.

Lee Harvey Oswald is mentioned in an Army file on

Alberto Santalo-fuertes  (See Record below)

Marina Oswald is mentioned in a file on

Michael R. Paine

Richard Davis is mentioned in Army files on

Charles A. Scott


Karl A. Zeiger

Carlos Sanchez is mentioned in Army files on

Joaquin Balaguer

David Siqueirof

Viacente Lambardo

Luis M. Bulnes

Menendez Manuel W. Marti

Victor Espinosa

Leo Vigildo

R. Penafajardo


Jose Ramo

Recommmended Followup (If any):

I will send letters requesting access. And those files in which our principals are referenced.

Jacqueline Hess

NOTE: This HSCA document by Jacqueline Hess is a good example of how one document can lead to many others. Before you go off looking for the LHO - Santalo document from DOD here it is:

Army Files

On 18 September 1964, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Hqs. Fifth US Army, Chicago, Illinois, furnished the following information obtained from BARTLES, Dennis, L., SSGT, RA 17 392 262, Assistant 54, Signal Battalion, Fort Carson, Colorado, during December 1963.

“Sometime in December 1963……Alberto de Jesus Santalo-fuertes had told Bartles  that he (Santalo) had made a telephone call to a friend in Florida shortly after the death of President Kennedy. Santalo claimed that just prior to President Kennedy’s assassination, Oswald had met with Cuban Premier Fidel Castro in Mexico. Santalo also claimed that his reliable source in Florida had informed him that Oswald and the man charged with killing Oswald, Ruby, were ‘connected’ in some way…..”

Files of CIA and Department of State reveal no record of Fidel Castro’s or Raul Castro’s being in Mexico in 1962 or 1963.

The last known  address of Santalo was c/o Mr. Robert Hart, Englewood Ave., Jacksonville, Florida. 

According to his son Alberto Santalo (Jr.), his mother was Gloria Pellerano. 

They were Cuban exiles who came to US in early 1960s and lived in Baltimore, where the son was born. They moved to Florida when the son was eleven. 

The son is still alive and is very successful developing internet software for medical organizations. 

Albert Santalo - Wikipedia

Albert Santalo launches 8base for developing countries looking to create blockchain software | Miami Herald

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