Sunday, July 22, 2018

Jim Lesar - "Best Lead"

"I regard this as the best lead that we have ever had on the Kennedy assassination as to who may have been involved in the assassination of President Kennedy.” - Jim Lesar 

At the CAPA Press Conference over Sunshine Week 2017, Jim Lesar talked about “…..a new lawsuit that my organization filed. It is seeking records relating to the September 25, 1963 memorandum at a meeting chaired by General Curtis LeMay - if it ever, an opponent of president Kennedy and that meeting had detailed report by Desmond Fitzgerald who was involved in the AMLASH business. He referred to the CIA study of the Hitler plot, as a means to use against the Fidel Castro and his regime.”

              “The fact is that this memo would have been released by the review board but apparently there was no investigation of this allegation that the CIA was studying plots to, studying the Hitler plot as a means of conducting operations against Castro. So we have asked for that information and the CIA initially denied having any, then it said, oh wait a minute we do have some and then it later reversed. I filed that lawsuit to see what happens with the CIA.”
“Another lawsuit that is important for you to understand is the lawsuit brought by Carl Oglesby in 1987, Carl Oglesby, you may remember, I hope, was the leader of the Vietnam war effort, he was a president of the students for democratic society. Early on, he wrote an article in 1989 or so called "The Secret Treaty of Fort Hunt", and in that he laid out the case that in a series of meetings at the end of World War II and thereafter, top American officials made a deal with General Reinhart Gehlen and the Gehlen organization to put Gehlen in charge of intelligence in Eastern Europe, in fact in all of Europe it turned out. Until such time that Germany regained its independence as a state, and then he would become head of the Bundesnachrichtendienst the equivalent of our CIA. The result of that, we have learned, as a result of the lawsuit which is now in its 28th or 29th year, was that we found after almost three decades of litigation when the CIA, which had been supposed to release all the records related to Oglesby's request including ... The CIA said that they had been forced to release as a result of the anti-war crime disclosure act, anti-Nazi war crimes disclosure act.”

             “So, the key finding is that we found out in 2013 that, because we forced out another 113,000 pages of documents. One of them was on OSS report, which reported that Werner von Alvensleben, Jr. according to the OSS report, was a former Nazi assassin, but in 1933 he headed, on behalf of Hitler, an off string official had then been traded back to Germany, allegedly became a known agent at that point, and went to work for the OSS. It turns out that immediately after, near the time of JFK assassination in Dallas, Werner von Alvensleben, Jr. was in Dallas, it further turns out that he was a long time close buddy of D. Harold Byrd, the owner of the Texas School Book Depository Building. Byrd was allegedly not in Dallas at the time of the assassination, allegedly he was on a hunting safari in Mozambique. The owner of the safari the hunting expedition and the enormous expedition site in Mozambique was Werner von Alvensleben, Jr.”

            “The story is much more complicated, we have put these facts before the court, in our case, and asked the court to investigate. Again information on this can be found on our website:, particularly with the case of October with some essays that have been written by Daniel Alcorn who was done some really splendid research investigating this lead. I regard this as the best lead that we have ever had on the Kennedy assassination as to who may have been involved in the assassination of President Kennedy.”

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