Monday, November 26, 2012

Dr. Charles A. Crensaw, M.D. - conspiracy of silence

The true conspiracy of silence - 

“The true conspiracy of silence and the fraternal doctrine that gives it life is found more explicitly in the action and inaction of other groups and individuals connected in some way to the President’s death. Included in, but not limited to, this association are the President’s family and aides, the new President and his aides, government employees, military officials, the FBI, the Secret Service, the CIA, Texas law enforcement personnel, local and national news media, Dealey Plaza witnesses, Jack Ruby’s and Lee Harvey Oswald’s friends and acquaintances, as well as the military pathology team and its witnesses.”

“Think of this collection of people, organizations and events as a mass of spaghetti, each strand representing someone or something related to John F. Kennedy’s death. So entangled and convoluted are they that it is almost impossible to trace any one element or person to a conclusion. There is no beginning and no ending – no clear path progressing to a final resolution - just more leads twisted around dead ends that disappear into a pile of confusion.”

“Many of the people in these groups knew they were telling lies that were accepted as facts; they knew that their silence was ordered; they knew that the evidence was fabricated; falsified, and destroyed; and they knew that witnesses were intimiated, ignored and inadequately interrogated.”

“Recently, on the ‘Phil Donahue Show,” Richard Helms former CIA director, provided viewers with a rare and revealing glimpse into the reality of the phenomenon when he answered a question, why don’t people speak up? ‘People don’t speak up,’ Helms said, ‘at the time for several reasons. One, they don’t know the facts at the time. Secondly, in all of these cover-ups – for example the Secret Service knew all about John Kennedy’s womanizing – but they had a CONPSIRCY OF SILENCE. Why? Because they worked for John F. Kennedy! It is very difficult in real time to get people to talk, particularly when there may be sanctions against them – and the young lady who is twenty-five, who wants to take on one of these powerful figures sometimes by saying something she knows about them, does so at her own peril. Ahh, I don’t want to emphasize that anything is going to be done to her, but by the time the newspapers, or somebody, has gotten through with her she’ll wish she hadn’t done it.’”

From the silence of the people involved came a great miscarriage of justice and an almost complete loss of faith by the American public in their government and its agencies. Due to their active or passive participation in the continuing cover-up, we are faced twenty-eight (now fifty) years after the fact, with the still unsolved murder of one of the world’s greatest leaders. The assassination was a brutal action that changed our domestic and foreign policy; and reshaped history. The individuals involved in this contingency of silence are neither heroes nor great Americans. At best, they may be considered cowards…at worst coconspirators or accessories after the fact. This conspiracy must end.”

-         Dr. Charles A. Crensaw, M.D. Parkland doctor whose patients included President John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald.

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