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JFK Assassination - Invisible Government

JFK Assassination - Invisible Government

An invisible government is one that calls the shots, makes the policies, tells the presidents what to say and how to say it, are heard but not seen and create most of the mischief in the nation and in the world in order to put forth a "new form of government" and a new world order! Their goals are to maintain power of the Germanic tribes who have taken over Europe and much of the world after the fall of Rome. The principle countries of today are The US, UK, France and Germany. These are the prime Germanic countries and their heritage and race is why they stick together even if they fight each other at times.

JFK was Irish (look up ALL Irish and then you will understand why the Anglo never liked them), Catholic and he did what he thought that he could do - whatever a US president is allowed to do by law! The invisible government which at the top are Germanic tribes (which include Jews), the corporations (which is why the right likes corporations to rule), the CIA which were spawned from corporations, which gives them the orders and the CIA gives the military and visible government their orders for war, hits, drug dealing and anything else that you or I would get locked up for, but they freely do what they wish!

Laws are designed for the masses to stay in line, but not those who make them or suggest them. You can never forget about the JFK assassination because this single act signified the disrespect of the constitution, the government, the nation, the alleged democracy and so-called freedoms (blacks never had by the way)! Instead of the ballot, the invisible government (which you rarely hear about on TV because they own that too!) chose to shoot their way to the top in order to bring forth a "new world order" which means Germanic tribes taking direct control of the entire earth!

Once JFK was killed, war raged on and it set the stage for more wars for the future. The US claims to be about peace but this country has gone to war much more times over the last 200 years than ANY other nation on earth! Even the old Soviet Union did not have half as many wars, but THEY were called the "evil empire."

After JFK, the US has had nothing but puppet presidents, many of which were involved in the planning (Bush), cover-up (Ford) or had knowledge (Johnson, Nixon. Regan) of the plot to kill JFK and were all rewarded with a place in history - with a purpose of course. We then got duped with Bill Clinton thinking that he was unconnected but he was connected. Then came another Bush who wanted war (9-11), then we got duped again with 8 years of Obama - the "peace" maker! After Obama, we may see Jeb Bush - and if we do, we should all protest this!

It appears as if the Bush family has replaced the Kennedy's via violence and mob-style pay-offs (in the 10's of millions of course). Is it a coincidence that Bush I was directly connected to Lee Harvey Oswald handler Georege DeMorendshieldt? Bush was in the CIA (most CIA top brass and founding members are VERY highly educated from the BEST schools on earth and usually in the UK AND they come from very wealthy families largely from NY and CT!

We have been fooled and we choose nothing in this country because we are nothing. The wars, the politics, the nations are all battles between the ultra wealthy and those who they can make very wealthy! We just happen to be here! This is why an Oswald can be sacrificed and this is why organized crimes never get solved despite being able to go online and find out who is the (Italian, they won't tell you the Jews) current mob boss for a given area of the country! This is the game of wealth. The game of "we have it, we will keep YOU from getting it!" Land is power, money can buy land but it cannot protect it! You pay taxes, rent and work all to keep you AWAY from true wealth. JFK wanted peace and no stress on people, but the invisible government wanted endless war until they get control of the who earth! This is why there is war. As long as people want something, there will be war.

I suggest you find the book "The Invisible Government" by Robert Wise as many people do not fully understand. This is one book that can set you wise as many people hate to read multiple books to get the whole picture.
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Who was the person photographed at the Embassy? Have they ever Identified him? Has he ever come forward? That's a really big piece of this puzzle. We need names, witnesses, the audio tapes & other photos. Then we need to find out what was the man in the photograph doing when JFK was murdered. Where was he? Did he have connections to other players in the plot? Following his trail would be very enlightening. Also, has that guy come forward to admit he is in those photos & why he was there etc.?
That is a question I often asked myself and I have never found a book or article that talked about that guy's identity. Just looking at him, he looks like a Russian or an Eastern European. He may not have anything to do with it at all and his pic may have just been used because they did not have Oswald's. The weird part is the all embassy workers swear it was Oswald that came in there. Either they are in on it, told to shut up, there was a double or Oswald went there, but the US changed it.

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