Friday, January 18, 2013

Oswald Got Person-To-Person Call at TSBD

Commission Document 75 - FBI DeBrueys Report of 02 Dec 1963 re: Oswald/Russia
Current Section: E. Associates, Acquaintances, and Persons In Contact with Subject In

The pre-paid long distance phone call to the TSBD took place just days before the JFK Assassination. I personally believe that not unlike the Oxnard call it is a great example of "a lead not thoroughly investigated." According to the operator it was a female caller.
Also Bill the area being covered as to where the call originated included......
Slidell, Louisiana. I'm sure that will be thought provoking it was for me.
See CD 75



  1. Bill, I've been researching this call for awhile now and is in a opinion that this call was made to Oswald on the very same day as the Assassination.
    According to transcripts from the warren commission, Tsbd manager Roy Truly had some interesting testimony. He stated: The last time he saw Oswald(before the baker incident) was right infront of the 2nd floor phone "as if Oswald was waiting for a call". I believe the time he observed this was stated as a alittle before 12p(noon).
    According to the original statement made by phone-operator Veronica Cooper, She was of opinion that this call was quite possibly connected on that fateful day too.
    As far as i know there was never any concrete evidence as to when this call from Slidell LA. actually originated. Nor have i found any documented phone records pertaining to the tsbd that day; As if no phone records from the suppposed crime scene were even subpoenaed for the record,I find this quite odd.
    I emailed Mr. Morley about this phone record issue and if he was aware of any from the tsbd that was possibly in the files, He replied that he is not aware of any as to date. So all we can really do is assume When this call was made and Why.

  2. Please also keep in mind Mr. Turnley's account regarding his interview of Miss Cooper on Sunday November 24th. He stated that Ms. Cooper was very nervous about this Oswald call on Saturday the 23rd, Only one day after the assassination and decided to tell her supervisor about it the next day. If this call originated on any other day then the 22nd, Then i don't see any reason for Ms. Cooper to be in such a nervous state, Considering her memory had to be pretty fresh if she was indeed thinking about this call only one day later. I find this statement & the details described within to collaborate the 22nd more so then any other date mentioned. Especially because this call slip was never produced for reasons unknown and therefore the 22nd call date cannot be entirely rule out; If anything, It only makes for a stronger case for it.