Thursday, May 22, 2014

John Kerry on JFK Assassination Conspiracy

John Kerry on JFK Assassination: 

“To this day I have serious doubts that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I have doubts that he was motivated by himself. I’m not sure if anyone else was involved, with respect to the Grassy Knoll theory and all that, I don’t go down that road and the Grassy Knoll thing. But I have serious questions as to if they got to the bottom of Lee Harvey Oswald’s time and influence in Cuba and Russia.” 

As a Massachusetts native, Kerry chose to volunteer for Ted Kennedy’s senatorial campaign in 1962 and they remained close for the rest of the Senator’s life.
Kerry told Brokaw about the one time that he met John F. Kennedy at the White House when he was working for his brother and got a call saying that they were all going to go out for a sail in Washington.
‘I'm in between high school and going off to college and he said "Where you going?" and I said Yale and I grimaced knowing he was a Harvard guy and he looked at me and he said "No, no that's great now because I now have a Yale degree," Kerry said.
‘He had just gotten his Yale honorary degree and he couldn't have been nicer about it and talked to me about the campaign and what Teddy was doing, and we raced off and went sailing.

‘It was totally surreal.’

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