Friday, June 13, 2014

Secret Service Receives Oswald ONI File

23 November 1963

To: Director of Naval Intelligence (OP-921)
From: Charles Williams BABER, Special Agent, Secret Service, Department of Treasury
Subj: OSWALD, Lee Harvey, Ex-PFC, USMCR, 1653230 (U); Office of Naval Intelligence dossier in re
1.      Receipt is hereby acknowledged for subject file. It is understood that disclosure of the contents of subject file will be restricted to those within the Secret Service requiring official access to same, and upon completion of Secret Service review, this file will be promptly returned to the Director of Naval intelligence (Op-921D).

Charles W. Baber
Special Agent, U.S. Secret Service

Originator: Special Sgent M. Sherman BLISS, ONI
OP-921D4, telephone OX 41422 

ONI File


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