Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Psycho Assassins and Witnesses?

Are These People Crazy or What?

It didn’t take long for someone to claim that Lt. Commander Terri Pike is an unreliable source because she was a mental case – when in fact, the two JFK Assassination Records she calls our attention to – the ONI Defector File and Oswald’s 119 Reports, stand alone and do not change whether or not Terri Pike padded her expense account, traveled without authorization and was a total mental case.

I think a close look at the Terri Pike Affair clearly shows that the charges she was brought up on – unauthorized travel, was a trumped up charge and she was railroaded by the military brass who didn’t want her to complete the job she was tasked and dedicated to – locating the government records related to the Assassination of President Kennedy.

When given the chore – over a year after the head of ONI merely replied to the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) request for ONI documents related to the assassination, that they didn’t have any, Pike located significant clearly related records, some of which she said she found “by accident” because they were “misfiled.”

She was given very high marks by the Review Board staff for her work ethic and cooperation, and was made the task leader, along with a number of other US Navy Reserve (USNR) Lt. Commanders, neither of whom were charged or dissaplined for the same infractions, or psychologically evaluated and discharged.
Instead, the officer she traveled with – LTCM Doolittle, was brought into the regular Navy and given another assignment while the other LTCM B., a legal aide – ala – was described by ARRB staff as being a “pit bull” and uncooperative, signed off on the ONI statement that all relevant documents had been turned over to the ARRB for inclusion in the JFK Act, under penalty of perjury. He too should be called as a witness before the Congressional hearing on JFK Assassination Records, whenever they decide to exercise their oversight responsibilities.


In light of the false public allegations that LTCM Terri Pike - the ONI records officer assigned to identify JFK assassination records is a mental case – and therefore a bad source for the clearly relevant and now believed significant ONI Defector File and still missing 119 Reports, I think it worthwhile to revisit a number of other “mental cases” that could be significantly relevant –

1)      US Army General Edwin Walker, relieved of command after distributing right wing literature to his troops, psychologically evaluated at Springfield medical facility and released from the service. A doctor at Springfield (MO.) also prepared a report on mental patients there who threatened the president, a Warren Commission document.

2)      DINKIN, EUGENE. Official at U.S. mission, Berlin. Involved in Richard Case Nagell’s release from East Germany in 1968. Eugene B. Dinkin studied psychology at the University of Illinois and enlisted in US Army in 1961, trained at Fort Gordon, Georgia, and assigned to National Security Agency counterpart Army Security Agency (ASA) as a ‘crypto operator” with a crypto level clearance, one of the highest.  On September 24, 1963 Dinkin was given a psychiatric evaluation and transferred to other duties, his security clearance revoked after he gave a speech on stockpiling nuclear weapons during a troop information class on the subject of “Duty, Honor, Country.” Dinkin also said a few months before the assassination that “a conspiracy was in the making by the military of the United States, perhaps combined with an ultra-right economic group…”  On October 22, 1963 Dinkin wrote a letter to Attorney General Robert Kennedy warning about an assassination attempt on President Kennedy in November that would be blamed on Communists, a conspiracy engineered by elements of the military and a military coup might ensue. On October 25 Dinkin tried to contact ambassadors to Luxemborg, “in hopes that his message would filer through the intelligence networks back to the United States.” (ala Dick Russesll, TMWKTM, p. 554) On November 2, 1963 Dinkin got leave and then went AWOL, attempting to contact the editor of a Geneva publication. After the assassination (May 1964), Richard Helms of the CIA called attention to Dinkin, who was hospitalized at Landstuhl General Hospital psychiatric ward immediately after the assassination, when he was interviewed by the Secret Service. Dinkin was transferred to Walter Reed in December 1963. Dink said he was able to draw his conclusions about the Kennedy assassination from images in news photographs. I think the news photo Dinkin saw was one of the Venezuelan Arms Cache. Dinkins filed a lawsuit against the government in 1975, and may still be alive.

3)      G. Garrett Underhill, a high level think tank analyst for government and government defense contractors, Underhill warned friends of a secret government cabal that was going to take over the government, and committed suicide or was murdered, possibly because of his special knowledge acquired from sources inside the government or military.

4)      Richard Case Nagel – primary subject of Dick Russell’s The Man Who Knew Too Much, (TMWKTM) who walked into El Paso, Texas bank and fired a pistol into the air in order to get arrested by federal authorities and be in prison when the assassination occurred.

5)      Lee Harvey Oswald – accused assassin of President Kennedy, who had  no motive to kill him other than an operational one, but is still falsely branded a deranged loner and psychopath, who also took a shot a Gen. Walker (Case Study #1) and killed Dallas policeman J.D. Tippit for no apparent reasons, so he must have been crazy.

6)      George deMohrenschildt – best friend of Oswald (Case Study #5) who saw the rifle, joked about shooting Walker and received a Backyard Photo of Oswald holding rifle alleged to have killed JFK and pistol alleged to have killed Tippit, signed on the back “Hunter of Fascists, ha, ha.” DeMohrenschildt had contact with important CIA and military intelligence officers, was in Haiti at the time of the assassination, and wrote an important manuscript “I’m a Patsy!” before receiving electro shock treatments and allegedly committing suicide after being contacted by a House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) investigator.

7)      Now LTCM Terri Pike is being classified a mental case unfit after classifying the ONI Defector File a JFK Assassination document and being asked to locate the still missing 119 Reports on the official military investigations of Oswald after his defection and the assassination. She certainly was crazy for thinking she should follow the law – and she wrote the law number - 44 U.S.C. 2107 on the side of the ONI Defector boxes – so it would be so classified, and not reclassified as “NBR” – Not Believed Relevant - as the ONI brass wants it. She was crazy for doing such a good job, and finding relevant records “by accident” that were misfiled and for taking on the task of locating the 119 Reports, which was her last assignment before being brought up on false charges of unauthorized travel.

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