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Notes on Oswald's Military Files

Historical Naval District Stuff – Handwritten notes –
9th Naval District

Historical 1959-1963 Only 1953
Naval Command District Commandant
Lipton - 67th X Chief Naval Operations
Maintain their facilities and yards & docs – CNO
The information on Naval Districts (433-2434) Navy Records Management Washington Navy Yard.
Forest Lakes – 312-353-3976 7358 South Palaski, Chicago 60629
Jim Jensen Records Gxg?
9 circled –
St. Louis
Regional (Chicago)
National Address Southwest Region 77
PO 62/6 Ft Worth Texas 76115 Fl. 817-334-5525
Southwest Region – Ft. Worth Texas – 8th Naval
15th 1942-56 Same 1917-1933
National Axxxxx Trust Fund Board
301-713-6405 Cxxxx, Establish the account north
Chief of Naval Operations
Archives – Mil Ref Navy 501-5671 Mr. Van Donnoff
Naval Historical Society – 433-3171


NAVCISUPPCEN  Warrant Name – Naval Investigations Unit  (underlined) Director of Criminal Investigations Counter Intelligence
Navy Counter Intelligence Support Center
Fairmount Building
420 N. Fairfax Drive (Records)
Arlington, VA 22203
Had Oswald’s personnel file at one time
23 Nov 63
Records Management – arrow – 202-433-4505 M. O Conner/ Mrs. Neely Txxx? 433-9520 Navy Yard
ONI OP-921DHF (Code 26)
Interview w/Capt. Donovan, had access to call signs and codes which were compromised and changed at time of defection.
Source FBI Morusse? File Interview
Oswald/Donovan Both were attached to the Counter Air Operations Center (CAOC) with Marine Air Control Squadron 9 (MACS-9) US Marine Corps, Santa Ana Californa PA/Xtxxx? 714-726-2938 Mister Long? -3rd Marine Air Wing HW HQs Squadron – Oswald knew – displacement of most military squadrons of all services on the West Coat, numbers and type aircraft of all services on the West Coast – Ranges and locations of radar control sites of all services on the West Coast
XXXX?- 38
Camp Pendlleton MACO 38th 4322
726-6836/51 (714) 726-5368


Basic Training Unit
AIT Unit
Santa Anna CA
Dept of State, Moscow
Alusna Moscow
Alusna Tokyo
ONI Op-92101
ONI New Orleans, LA
9th Naval District Illinois
8th Naval District N.O. LA
Commandant Marine Corps G-2 HQ
Commandant US Marine Air Corps Training Glanview, IL
USN CounterIntell Support Center (Case History)
Under Secretary of the Navy Paul B. fay
OP 923M5
Secretary of the Navy Nitze
General Tompkins Office
Assistant Director of Navy Intelligence J.O. Johnson, Captain, USNR
Department of the Navy Office of the Chief of Naval Operations OP921E
Army Chief of Staff for Intelligence
112th Intelligence Group
Judge Advocate Office


258 Transfer 16 Feb 94
X Ronald Swerczek chief projects 591 4131 (3995)
NSA Tordella, Louis Deputy Director
“Knows where the bodies are buried”
2 listening post Homestead Florida
Jery Burke – NSA 1976 – (Parvis) 8403 Calesville Road Silver Sprign
Ask Marine history Q’s
Call Grafouski 433-3439
Marine xxxx records for Sayxxxx
(Knows NISC 5 Info)
Call Sandy Alport 433-9371 Neely has Oswald’s Record
Call Jim Mallet Southwest Region
Knows 8th Naval District Records from 1960 thru late 60s
Ask about ONI, New Orleans Files
Call Tilley ask about NORDIS 5 Systems
Call Jim Jensen Navy org ONI New Orleans
Not much



Jim Mallet – Southwest Regional Office
Does not have records of significance on the 8th Naval District
He does have equipment used at the Parkland Hospital Trauma Unit utilized for Kennedy
They filmed the records of the Dallas Police Files

Jim Jensen – Policy Xxx for Retxxxxx

Director Naval History (Naval Historical)

Calverconi, Operatives 202 Kay E – 433-3224/3170

To Steve Tilley – Archives II
Spoke w/ Steve about the Naval Counter Intelligence Support Center I mentioned that the FOIA office had sent a copy of the Oswald file to its Archives I about a year ago. He did not know this. Surprised. I called the FOIA office to find out who at the Archives had signed the transmitted receipt at the Archives I office archives. Ron Swazel, chief project office.  Also discussed the Army Informant files. The Army did not use RIF or enter the data on the Diskettes. It could take months.
Bxxx Hxxx was read to him Fridayxxx he xxxx found this could delay for their delivering files.



The army has around 10,000 documents
12 FRC Boxes or 30 Grey Boxes
Names of Informants
No Disketts or RIF
Haggarts office forgot to do this
He tried to dump them on Tilley w/o filling out forms or entering them into a database.

Jim Mallet Southwest Regional Office has the Parkland Hospital Trama Unit in his vault. Equipment. Is it a record?
Has no files on or pertaining to pertenant information regarding the 8th Naval District.

Dept. of State 202-647-4000
Records 73382 –
433-3396 Amy Kaster



Refernce Section
Terry Xx Goff knows Anna Nelson
U.S. Army History 5421
Ms. Denna gave the information
What is army project 2831 on OASCI

112 Southwest Region
4th Army at San Xx

Counter Intelligence caps
4th Army G-2
OASCI – Special Group
902 MI Group Center Records #(301) 677?-6763
Intelligence Records Repository Ft. Meade Maryland
At Ft. Meade
Central Security Facility
(Combined) Freedom of Information Office (301) 677-4502
Xxxx Type Investigation Ird IRi – Has Original Documents
Defense Secure Nxxxxx  (301) 677-4502
Central Security          (902 MI Group)


Mar 20 Monday
XXx Call XXXX St.xxxx NPRC   Air Force History 202-767-5088 Public Affairs 202-767-4783
Personnel Div.
Mid XX XXxx 767-4622
Air Force Records Retired
John XXXX Edward Pic #11313239
MPS – Customer 767-4440  Fxxxx ixpct.
Retired Personal Records   Eric Bolly (314) 538-4084 St. Louis, MO
9700 Page Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63132

Board of C…..
SOC St. West
AWING Basement
Randolph 78150-4722

- Mayor Robert H. Erdrich 112th Intell Corps Group


Received information that Pic’s XX Air Force Personnel File is in the vault at the Reserve Center. All investigative paperwork was taken out. Probably w/AF Office of Investigation.
Retired from the Air Force 1986. Bolg has record.

Major Eridge records are in reserve officer section
SSN #088-18-9161
Office that has it – (314) 538-3701 X Public Affairs #3828.
Ft. Meade part of 902’s Records Facility for ACSI Files
Has files pertaining to action by the ACSI during the period. XX have 1350s.
(301) 677-6762
Naval Counter Intelligence Support Center
(Has Oswald’s File) Mrs. Neely 433-9520
Sandy Alpoit 433-9371
Jean Connover FOIA person sent 433-9289
Anna Nelson Brief on Records 3/20
Jerry Nathorn – The Classified Records
Mongoose File – Released  Bobby Kennedy Gen Lansdale
CIA – xxxxize – Oswald History
Walter Bedell Smith – Bio xxxx
Califano’s Papers

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