Friday, June 13, 2014

USAF Col. Edward J. Walz

Ed Walz

Handprinted notes from unnamed ARRB staff member (either Doug Horne, Michelle Combs or Jim Goslee) on unlined white page – “Fred Reeves Interviewed on 9/16/97 GS-12 in 1959 12-15 “119” Reports seen in 1959-1960 on defector Oswald. Ed Waltz (underlined) – Friend of BOTH DEMOHRENSCHILDT & REEVES – was virulently anti-JFK. “Hated Him”. Business partner w/DEM.

Walz Also Told Reeves DEM. Was “sleeping w/ Marina”

Also photo copy of envelop with Walden Oil Company – Penhouse, Reserve Loan Life Bldg. Dallas, Texas and photocopy of blank sheet of white paper with same letterhead, with the addition of “Producers of Crude Oil.”

Knew DeMohrenschildts AND Fred Reeves – ONI NIS San Diego?

FROM OTHER SOURCES I determined that:

US Air Force Col. Edward J. Walz – of Philadelphia.

In April 195? DeMohrenschildet Married Dr. “De De” Wynne Sharples, of Philadelphia whose father a Colorado Oilman, and uncle Lt. Col. Edward J. Walz, somehow ? – known to US ONI NIS investigator Fred Reeves of San Diego. ?
With DeMohrenschildt formed the Waldon Oil Company
(Sic: Walden Oil Company – Penthouse, reserve Loan Life Buildg, Dallas 1, Texas

Listed as Air Force Col.  past (1945-1947) Commander 449 Expeditionary Flying Training Squadron,
McDill AFB Florida

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