Sunday, May 3, 2015

How JFK Was Killed - And Why It Matters

How JFK Was Killed - And Why It Matters -

 There are many books that try to explain who killed JFK and why - but by figuring out the Dealy Plaza MO -Modus Operandi - that of a successful covert intelligence operation - a planned military ambush - An operation that was piggy-backed by a Psychwar black propaganda operation that failed to be convincing - that Castro Cuban Communists were behind what happened at Dealey Plaza - but one that successfully helps keep the real truth from becoming known, recognized and accepted.

 Just as Stephen Hawking writes in the "Brief History of Time" that he was told that he would lose readers every time he used an equation or calculus he decided not to use any - except for E=MC2 - the Universal Field Theory of Dealey Plaza doesn't even factor in the ballistics, acoustics, photo or forensic evidence that only specialists can truly understand.

 It doesn't even matter if Lee Harvey Oswald was the line sniper or the patsy he claimed he was.

 The only thing necessary is to assume the basic facts that JFK was shot in the back and in the head by bullets fired from a high powered rifle in a military style sniper ambush while riding in an open car in a motorcade at Dealey Plaza and the a rifle alleged to have been used in the attack was found in the Texas Schoolbook Depository.

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