Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Power of Suggestion

Power of Suggestion

Kreskin said he wasn't a magician - just a master at psychology - the primary tool of the psychological warrior, and proponent of the power of suggestion.

The power of suggestion comes into play in a number of key areas that make it appear the circumstances were completely happenstance and by chance when in fact they can, in retrospect, be shown to have been by design.

Volkmar Schmidt told me that the night he met Oswald at a party at his house in February 1963 he suggested to Oswald that General a Walker should be assassinated as Hitler should have been.

Ruth Paine suggested Marina Oswald move in with her in April and again in September 1963 and transported the rifle from Texas to New Orleans and back again.

In New Orleans Oswald's former neighbor drives him around and suggested he take an apartment on Magazine street, where Col./Dr. Jose Rivera in DC had known Oswald would live weeks earlier.

Phil Shenon tries to claim that at a party in Mexico City some Castro Cuban Communists suggested to Oswald that he kill JFK.

Ruth Paine suggested to Roy Truly that he hire Oswald at the TSBD.

Someone in his office building, which also included the ONI and Secret Service, suggested to Stephen Witt that he should protest the president by flashing his umbrella - a symbol of his father Joe Kennedy's support of Chamberlain and appeasement at Munich - and JFK - as he rode by - would get it. And if he did get the Umbrella Man's message it was the last thing he got before being shot in the head.

Abraham Zapruder's secretary suggested he buy an 8mm movie camera and film the president As he passed through Dealey Plaza.

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