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Lingo and Nomenclature

Lingo and Nomenclature

Just as scientists, musicians, street gangs and con-artists have their own slang vocabulary, so do the the covert intelligence operatives who conducted the Dealey Plaza operation.

So if you want to understand how - not why JFK was killed, you have to learn and understand the lingo of the covert intelligence operatives - and some of them are the same as the confidence men and con-artists who pulled off the Big Con - magic trick at Dealey Plaza.

The confidence men and co-artists who concocted the Big Con stings were intelligent white collar professionals and looked upon by the common thrives and street gangsters as the elite of the criminal underground, and deservingly so.

While the main wizards and magicians behind the curtain at Task Force W - in the basement of the CIA's Headquarters were kept apart from the operators at JMWAVE in Miami, there was another level of security that kept what US Army Ranger Capt. Brad Ayers called the "inside men" like Ted Shackley from meeting the Cubans he was training and ordering around.

The contact with the Cubans were made by "case officers" like David Atlee Philips who ran Antonio Veciana and possibly Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Big Con, as described by David Maurer, also used the terms "inside" and "outside" men - as the Roper who identified and brought the Marks to the Store where they were fleeced by the "inside man."

Just as in the Big Con and "Sting" movie, the store front at JMWAVE was set up as a believable facade -?Zenith Technological Services, so if you went there you would only see what was in reality much like a Hollywood western town of fade fronts - behind which the covert operations were launched.

US Army Ranger Captain Bradley E. Ayers was assigned to the Special Warfare Section (SWS) to train anti-Castro Cuban commandos at JMWAVE -

After meeting Des Fitzgerald, William Harvey and other bigwigs at Task Force W in the basement of the CIA HQ, Ayers went to report to the SWS field office at JWMWAVE - that he describes in his book the Zenith Secret (p. 17): "The Miami HQ was a covered under a civilian corporation known as Zenith Technological Services -located at the University of Miami South Campus, adjacent to the abandoned Richmond Naval Air Station...At considerable expense the CIA had refurbished the old wooden buildings and set up operations as Zenith Technological Enterprise, a firm doing classified government research....They had missed no detail in setting up the false front of Technological Enterprise. There were phony sales and production charts on the walls and business licenses from the state and federal governments. A notice to salesman, pinned near the door, advising them of the calling hours of various departments. The crowning touch was the certificate of award from the United Givers (Way) Fund for outstanding participation in its annual fund drive."

Among the "Inside Men" at JMWAVE were station chief Ted Shackley and his director of Maritime Operations Gordon Campbell, whose "Outside Man" was "Karl" - a German whose cover was that of a contractor for a Texas petroleum research firm, and logistical coordinator for a commando team led by Tony Sforza.

Just as Paul Newman - aka Charlie Gondorf - the "Inside Man" in the movie The Sting - is apparently killed at the end of the Con - complete with fake blood, both the "Inside" and "Outside" men are apparently knocked off

As Big Con actors both Campbell and Karl were, like Gondorf and Oswald - "expendable" or at least their characters were killed off at mission's end - and they went on to other roles and other capacities in similar operations.

"Karl" was apparently "killed" when pushed out of a helicopter - as witnessed by Ayers and investigated by the USAF SIO; while Campbell officially died in 1962 - though Ayers recalls receiving instructions from him in November 1963 and says it was Campbell who disbanded the commando operations later that year.

See: Campbell death certificate - (Morley/Talbot)

and JFKCountercoup - Memo from Des Bundy to Dez Fitz - About those Cubans. https://jfkcountercoup.wordpress.com/2012/04/24/dear-mac-from-dez-about-those-cubans/

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