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GLOSSARY of Intelligence Terminology

Agent – An individual who acts under the direction of an intelligence agency or security service to obtain, or assist in obtaining information for intelligence or counter-intelligence purposes.
Agent of Influence – An individual who can be used to covertly influence foreign officials, opinion molders, organization or pressure groups in a way that will generally advance objectives, or to undertake specific action in support of objectives.
Agent Provocateur – An agent employed to stir up trouble, create chaos and generally make mischief (primarily in the opposition camp).
Analysis – A stage in the intelligence processing cycle when collected information is reviewed to identify significant facts; the information is compared with and collated with other data, and conclusions, which also incorporates the memory and judgment of the intelligence analyst.
Archival history - (PDS) A chronological record of events, as reconstructed by archival historians from public records; as opposed to deep history, which is a chronology of events concerning which the public records are often either falsified or nonexistent.
Asset – Any resource – a person, group, relationship, instrument, installation or supply at the disposition of an intelligence agency for use in an operational or support role. The term is normally applied to a person who is contributing to a clandestine mission, but is not a fully controlled agent
Assessment – Part of the intelligence process whereby an analyst determines the reliability or validity of a piece of information. An assessment could also be a statement resulting from this process.
Backstopping – A team for providing appropriate verification and support of cover arrangements for an agent or asset in anticipation of inquiries or other actions which might test the credibility of his or its cover.
Basic Intelligence – Factual, fundamental and generally permanent information about all aspects of a nation, - physical, social, economic, political, biographical and cultural, which is used as a base for intelligence products in support of planning, policy making and military and covert operations.
Bigot List – A restrictive list of person who have access to a particular and highly sensitive class of information.
Biographical Leverage – Blackmail
Biological Agent – A micro-organism which causes disease in humans, plants or animals or causes deterioration of material.
Biological Operation – Employment of biological agents to produce casualties in humans or animals, and damage to plants or material; or a defense against such an attack.
Black – A term use to indicate reliance on illegal concealment of an activity rather than a cover.
Black Bag Job – Warrant less surreptitious entry, especially an entry conducted for purposes other than microphone installation, such as physical search and seizure or photographing documents.
Black List – A counter-intelligence listing of actual or potential hostile collaborators, sympathizers, intelligence suspects.
Black Propaganda – Propaganda that purports to emanate from a source other than the true one.
Blow – To expose, often unintentionally, personnel, installations, or other elements of a clandestine activity or organization.
Bug – A concealed listening device or microphone, or other audio surveillance device; also, to install the means for audio surveillance of a target.
C – The initial denotes the chief or head of the British Secret Service
Cabal - (PDS) A network, often of cliques, operating within or across a broad social and bureaucratic base with an agenda not widely known or shared. According to many dictionary definitions, a cabal is a group of persons secretly united to bring about a change or overthrow of government. But in the deep state cabals can also operate within the status quo to sustain top-down rule, including interventions from the overworld.
Case – An intelligence operation in its entirety; the term also refers to a record of the development of an intelligence operation, how it will operate, and the objectives of the operation.
Case Officer – A staff employee responsible for handling agents.
Chemical Agents – A chemical compound which, when disseminated, causes incapacitating, lethal or damaging effects on humans, animals, plants or materials.
Chemical Operations – Using chemical agents – excluding riot control, to kill or incapacitate for a significant period.
Cipher – Any cryptographic system in which arbitrary symbols or groups of symbols represent units of plain text.
Clandestine Intelligence – Intelligence information collected by clandestine sources.
Clandestine Operations – Intelligence, counter-intelligence, or other information collection activities and covert political, economic, propaganda or paramilitary activities, conducted so as to assure the secrecy of the operations.
Clique - (PDS) A small group of like-minded people, operating independently within a larger social organization.
Code – A system of communication in which arbitrary groups of symbols represent units of plain text.
Code Word – A word which has been assigned a classification and a classified meaning to safeguard intentions and information regarding a planned operation.
Continuity of government (COG) - A term of art for secret arrangements for command and control in the event of an emergency.
Collation – The assembly of facts to determine the relationship among them in order to derive intelligence and facilitate further processing of intelligence information.
Collection – The acquisition of information by any means and its delivery to the proper intelligence processing unit for use in the production of intelligence.
Communications – A method or means of conveying information from one person or place to another, not including direct unassisted conversation or correspondence.
COMIT- Communications Intelligence – Technical and intelligence information derived from communications by someone other than the intended recipient, not including the press, propaganda or broadcasts.
Company – Nickname for the CIA.
Compartmentation – The practice of establishing special channels for handling sensitive intelligence information, limited to individuals with a special need for that information.

Concealment – A provision of protection from observation only.
Confusion Agent – An individual dispatched by his sponsor to confound the intelligence or counter-intelligence apparatus of the opposition, rather than to collect or transmit information.
Control – Physical or psychological pressure exerted on an agent or group to ensure that the agent or group responds to the direction of Case Officer, intelligence agency or service.
Counterespionage – Aggressive operations against another intelligence service to reduce its effectiveness or to detect and neutralize espionage.
Counterinsurgency – Military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological and civic action taken by a government to defeat subversive insurgency within a country.
Counterspy – An agent put into place where he can betray or mislead the opposition.
Courier – A messenger responsible for the secure physical transmission and delivery of documents and material.
Cousins – British Special Intelligence Service nickname for the CIA.
Cover - A protective guise used by a person, organization or installation to prevent identification with clandestine activities and to conceal the true affiliation of personnel and true sponsorship of activities.
Cover Story - The preplanned public explanation for covert activity.
Covert Action – Any clandestine activity designed to influence governments, events, organizations, or persons, including political and economic action, propaganda and paramilitary activity.
Covert Operations – Operations planned and executed against governments, installations, and individuals so as to conceal the identity of the sponsor or else to permit the sponsor’s plausible denial of the operation. They differ from clandestine operations in that emphasis is placed on concealment of identity of sponsor rather than on concealment of the operation. 
Critical Intelligence – Information of such urgent importance that it is transmitted at the highest priority to the President and other decision makers before passing through regular evaluation channels.
Cryptanalysis – The breaking of codes and ciphers into plain text without initial knowledge of the key employed in the encryption.
Cryptography – The enciphering of plain text so that it will be unintelligible to an unauthorized recipient.
Current Intelligence – Summaries and analysis of recent events.
Cut-Out – A person who is used to conceal contact between members of a clandestine activity or organization.
Deception – Measures designed to mislead a person or entity by manipulating, distorting or falsifying evidence to induce a reaction.
Decrypt – To convert encrypted text into plain text.
Defector – A person who for political or other reasons, has repudiated his country and may be in possession of information of interest.
Deep politics - (PDS) All those political practices and arrangements, deliberate or not, that are usually repressed in public discourse rather than acknowledged.
Deep state - (PDS) A term from Turkey,[A] where it is used to refer to a closed network said to be more powerful than the public state. The deep state engages in false-flag violence, is organized by the military and intelligence apparatus, and involves their links to organized crime. 
Dual state - A state in which one can distinguish between a public state and a top-down deep state. Most developed states exhibit this duality but to varying degrees. In America the duality of the state has become more and more acute since World War II.
Directive – Basically any executive branch communication which initiates or governs departmental or agency action, conduct or procedure.
Dirty Tricks – Covert and Clandestine operations used in U.S. politics.
Disinformation – Deliberately placed information, often inaccurate, used to counteract or support a covert intelligence operation.
Dissemination – The distribution of information or intelligence products (in oral, written or graphic form) to departmental or agency intelligence consumers.
Double-Agent – A person engaged in clandestine activity for two or more intelligence or security services who provides information to one service about the other, or about each service to the other, who is wittingly or unwittingly manipulated by one service against the other.
ELINT – Electronic Intelligence – Technical and intelligence information derived from the collection (or interception) and processing of electromagnetic radiations (non-communcations) emanating from sources such as radar.
E.A. - Executive Action
Executive Action - Political assassination.
5412 Committee - Eisenhower committee on covert operations.
Fluttered – To be examined by a polygraph lie-detector
Globalization - (PDS) The trend toward a more unified world at two levels: (1) top-down globalization, a system imposed from above on peoples and cultures; and (2) bottom-up globalization, a geographic expansion of people-to-people contacts producing a more international civil society and community. Top-down globalization, if not balanced by bottom-up globalization, will result in increasing polarization.
Great Game – A person who works in intelligence is said to be “in the game.”
Illegals – Espionage agents sent under false passports into foreign countries and not
associated with the official embassy operations.
JURE - Anti-Castro Cuban group.
Legend – The false biography of an agent to provide cover.
Measles – A murder carried out so efficiently that death appears to be accidental or due to natural causes.
MI5 – British Counter-Intelligence Service.
MI6 – British Secret Service, operating mainly overseas, with HQ at Century House, London.
MI8 US cryptographic service established after WWI by Herbert O. Yardley, precursor of the NSA.
MI9 – WWII organization established to set up escape routes for Allied prisoners of war.
Milieu - (PDS) A location (not necessarily geographical) where private deals can be made. Relatively unimportant to proceedings and institutions of the public state, restricted milieus are of greater relevance to opera
tions of the deep state.
Mole – An agent ordered to infiltrate the opposition services in order to send back information.
Music Box – Wireless radio transmitter
Naked – Operating without assistance
Neighbor -  Another branch of the same intelligence service.
Network - A number of different agents, operatives and assets functioning together.
One Man Bay of Pigs – A phase used to describe an incompetent agent who has made a hash of things.
Open Source - Non-classified, public sources.
Orchestra – A network of spies operating together, unknown to each other, but controlled by the same operator.
Outside Man - An agent or case officer who works in the field outside the office.
Overworld - That realm of wealthy or privileged society that, although not formally authorized or institutionalized, is the scene of successful influence of government by private power.
Paranoia, bureaucratic - The dominance of bureaucratic policy planning by worst-case scenarios, calling for maximized bureaucratic responses and budgets. This leads to the paranoid style in bureaucratic politics.
Parapolitics  - (PDS)  a system or practice of politics in which accountability is consciously diminished, and the intellectual study of parapolitical interactions…
Pavement Artist – Surveillance team.
PCI - Potential Criminal Informant (FBI considered Ruby a PCI).
Plumbing – The work undertaken to prepare for a major operation.
Propaganda – Any communications supporting objectives which are designed to influence opinions, emotions, attitudes or behavior of any group.
Proprietaries – A term used to designate ostensibly private commercial entities capable of doing business which are established and controlled by intelligence services to conceal their affiliations in support of clandestine operations.
Psychological Warfare – The planned use of propaganda and other actions to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes and behavior of groups so as to support the achievements of policy objectives.
Reconnaissance – A mission undertaken to obtain information by observation or other
detection methods.
Redacted - an official document that is sanitized with deletions so those without security clearance can read it.
Requirement – A general or specific request for intelligence information.
Resident Director – Head of the Russian Secret Service network.
Safe House – Secure place for meetings and living during operations.
Sanction – Intelligence agency approval for operations, especially killing of agents.
Sanitize – The deletion or revision of report or document so as to prevent identification of the intelligence sources and methods.
Saturn V- US missile used for Apolo missions and ICBMs.
Security Measure – Special action taken to protect information or personnel.
Sensitive – Something which requires special protection from disclosure.
Sheep Dipping – The use of a military instrument or officer in a civilian capacity and cover.
Signals – As applied to electronics, any transmitted electronic impulse.
SIGNIT – Signals Intelligence – Interception, processing, analysis, and dissemination of information derived from foreign electrical communications. It is composed of three elements – COMIT, ELINT and TELINT.
Sleeper – A deep-cover agent planted in opposition territory with orders to lie low and work up contacts over a period of years before being introduced into the network.
Soft power - or soft politics puts more emphasis on the persuasive technique; open power or open politics, on a participatory process or result.
Source – A person, thing or activity which provides intelligence information.
Special Projects – Nickname for covert and clandestine operations.
Stroller – A walking pedestrian equipped with walkie-talkie radio.
Sterilize – To remove from material to be used in covert and clandestine operations, any marks or devices which can identify it as originating with the sponsoring organization.
Strategic Intelligence – Intelligence required for the formation of policy and military plans and operations at the national and international level.
Subversion – Actions designed to undermine the military, economic, political, psychological or moral strength of a nation.
Surreptitious Entry – Black Bag Operation, breaking and entering to obtain information.
Surveillance - Systematic observation of a target.
Tactical Intelligence – Intelligence supporting plans and operations at the unit level.
Target – A person, agency, facility, area or country against which intelligence operations are directed.
Toxin – Chemicals which are not living organisms, but which are produced by living organism that are lethal.
Traffic – Messages carried over a telecommunications network.
UNSUB – Unknown Subject
Walk-In – An agent who volunteers or offers his services.
Watch List – A list of words, names, entities or phrases that can be employed by computer, passenger manifests or boarder guards to select out required information from a mass of data.
Wired - An office, agent or double-agent who is wired for audio recording capability.
XX Committee – the Double-Cross Committee set up during World War II to control and exploit double and turned Nazi agents in Britain.


ABC – American Broadcasting Corporation
ACLU – American Civil Liberties Union
ACSI - Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, US Army Intelligence Reserve Branch
ADD - Associate Deputy Director (FBI)
ADDIC - Assistant Director in Charge (FBI)
AF1 – Air Force One
AFOSI – Air Force Office of Special Investigations
AFSC – Armed Forces Security Agency
AG - Attorney General
AHS American Helicopter Society –
AICA - US Army Interagency Communications Agency 
AID – Agency for International Development
AIM – Accuracy In Media
AIRTEL - A written memo between FBI field offices and Bureau HQ, a 50s acronym for a memo sent via air mail in teletype format.
AKA – Also Known As
AOTUS - Archivist of the United States
AP – Associated Press
API Aerospace Industries Association
ARRB - Assassinations Records Review Board (1993-1996)
ARVN - Army of the Republic of Vietnam 
ASAIC - Assistant Special Agent in Charge (FBI field office)
ASDPA - Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs
ATF - Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
AUSA - Assistant United States Attorney
BNDD – Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
BNE – Board of National Estimates
BNNMC – Bethesda National Naval Medical Center, Maryland.
BOMARC - Boeing Anti-Missile Missile w/nuclear warheads.
BTW – By The Way
CAP – Civil Air Patrol
CAR – Cuban Aid Relief
CBS – Columbia Broadcastings System
CD - Commission Document
CDIP – Consolidated Defense Intelligence Budget
CE - Commission Exhibit (photo, map, chart)
CFI – Committee on Foreign Intelligence
CFR – Council on Foreign Relations
CIC – Counterinelligence Corps – USA
CID - Criminal Intelligence Division (USN-USMC)
CRF - Cuban Revolutionary Front
CIA – Central Intelligence Agency
CI – Counter-Intelligence
CIG – Central Intelligence Group (1946-47 predecessor of CIA)
CIS – Counter-Intelligence Staff (CIA)
CIS - Criminal Intelligence Section (Dallas Police)
CISIG - Counter Intelligence - CIA (Angleton)
CJCS – US Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (US DOD)
CNN – US Cable News Network
COG - Continunity of Government
COINTELPRO – FBI counter-intelligence program directed at US domestic activities.
COMINT – Communications Intelligence – Technical and intelligence information derived from communications by someone other than the intended recipient, not including press, propaganda or public broadcasts.
COMIREX – Committee on Imagery Requirements and Exploitation, established in 1967 to succeed COMOR as the USIB subcommittee responsible for management and collection planning for U2 and satellite reconnaissance.
COMOR – Committee on Overhead Reconnaissance, a USIB subcommittee established in 1960 to coordinate intelligence collection requirements among the Departments for the development and operation of all overhead reconnaissance systems.
COMPADRE – A CIA psych war operation in the Philippines.
COMSEC – Communications Security
CONDOR – A CIA operation to replace the government in Chile
CONUS – Continental United States – U.S. territory, including adjacent territorial waters located within the North American continent between Canada and Mexico.
COS – Chief of Station, CIA, FBI or Secret Service in different cities.
CRC – Cuban Revolutionary Council – CIA Cuban group established to replace the government of Cuba after the overthrow of Castro.
CREEP – Committee to Re-Elect the President (Nixon) 
CSS – Central Security Service
CSIS – Canadian Security Intelligence Service.
DAD - Deputy Associate Director (FBI)
DAS – Defense Attache System
DCI – Director Central Intelligence (CIA)
DCID – Director of Central Intelligence Directive – A directive issued by the DCI which outlines general policies and procedures to be followed by the intelligence community, more specific than a NSID.
DCOS – Deputy Chief of Station
DCS – Domestic Contact Service – A component of CIA CIG, responsible for domestic sources for foreign intelligence information, renamed Domestic Contacts Division in 1951, became component of DDI in 1952, renamed DCS in 1965; transferred to DDO in 1973 and renamed Domestic Collection Division (DCD).
DDA – CIA Directorate of Administration, established in 1950, responsible for personnel, budget, security, medical services and logistical support for overseas operations.
DDCI – Deputy Director, Central Intelligence – Second person in line of CIA command.
DDI – Directorate of Intelligence – CIA, created in 1952, responsible for production of finished intelligence (excluding scientific and technical intelligence since 1963)and for collection of overt information.
DDO – Deputy Director of Operations or Directorate of Operations, CIA.
DDP – Directorate of Plans, created in 1952 from the integration of OSO and OPC, also known as the “Clandestine Service,” responsible for clandestine collection.
DDR – Directorate of Research, created in 1962, predecessor to the Directorate of Science and Technology.
DDS – Deputy Director for Support, CIA
DDS&T – Directorate for Science and Technology, organized in 1963, combining OSI, the Data Processing staff, the Office of ELINT, the DPD and Office of Research and Development.
DEA – Drug Enforcement Administration
DEFCON – Defense Condition 1 – 5 Military Alert status and posture at any given time.
DFS - Mexican Intelligence Agency
DGI – Direccion General de Intelligenca – Cuba’s Secret Service
DGSE – Direccion General de Securite Exterieure – French Secret Service
DIA – Defense Intelligence Agency – created by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in 1961, responsible for production of military intelligence.
DINA – Chilean Secret Police
DIOP – Defense Intelligence Objectives and Priorities.
DIRDIA – Director Defense Intelligence Agency
DIS – Defense Investigative Services
DISA – Defense Information Systems Agency -
DISCOVERER – First recon satellite, launched by Lockheed in Calf. In Aug. 1960.
DISIP – Venezuelan Intelligence Service.
Division Five – FBI Counter-Intelligence
DKIQs  - Defense Key Intelligence Questions
DMA – Defense Mapping Agency
DNC – Democratic National Committee
DOC - Department of Commerce
DOD – Department of Defense
DOE – Department of Energy
DO J – Department of Justice
DPC – Dallas Petroleum Club
DPD – Dallas Police Department (Texas)
DRE – Directoate Estudente Revolution – Anti-Bastista, Anti-Castro Cuban group.
EIB - Electronic Intercept Base - House, apartment, or building that contains equipment used in intercepting and taping telephone conversations subject to electronic surveillance.
ELINT – Electronic Intelligence – Technical and intelligence information derived from the collection or interception and processing of electromagnetic radiations (non-communications) emanting from sources such as radar.
ELSUR - Electronic Surveillance (FBI) or wiretap.
EO - Executive Order
EOB - Executive Office Building (next to White House, includes SS and VP offices)
EXCOMM – Executive Committee established in 1965 for the management of overhead reconnaissance for CIA and DOD.
FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBIHQ - FBI headquarters in Washington D.C., now named after J. E. Hoover.
FFCGIJP – Fund For Constitutional Government Investigative Journalism Project (DC)
FISUR - Physical surveillance (FBI)
FOIA – Freedom of Information Act.
FOIA/PA – Freedom of Information Act/ Privacy Act
FPCC – Fair Play for Cuba Committee
FRD - Formerly Restricted Data
FSO – Foreign Service Officer
FYDP – Fiscal Year Defense Plan
GAO – General Accounting Office
GEMSTONE – project, G. Gordon Liddy’s covert operational plans for 1972 election; included DIAMOND, RUBY, COAl, EmERALD, SAPPHIRE, OPAL, TOPAZ, GARNET, TURQUOISE, BRICK.
GCCS – Global Command and Control Stations
GOLDCIA Berlin Tunnel operation to tap East German phone lines.
GPFLOOR – CIA slugline given to Lee Harvey Oswald during post assassination investigation.
GRU – Soviet Military Intelligence Service
GSA – General Services Administration.
HAC - Historic Diplomatic Documentation (Dept. of State)
HF – High Frequency radio
HTLINGUAL – Crypt for CIA’s mail opening and mail cover campaign which ran from 1953-1973, which led to resignation of James J. Angleton, CIA head of CIA. HTLINGUAL records said to be destroyed in 1990.
HUMINT – Human Intelligence
HUAC – House Unamerican Activities Commiteee
HSCA – House Select Committee on Assinations.
IAB – Intelligence Advisory Board to DCI.
ICBM - Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
IBM – International Business Machines
ICBM - Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
IDC – Interagency Defector Committee -
INB – State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research
INCA – Information Council of the Americas
INS – Immigration Nationalization Service
INSCOM – US Army Intelligence & Security Command, Fort Meade, Maryland.
INTERPOL-  International Criminal Police Organization
IRR – Investigative Record Repository, Fort Meade, Md.
IRA - Irish Republican Army
IRA - Independent Research Associates (A.J. Weberman)
IRS – Internal Revenue Service
ISA – International Security Affairs DOD
ITM – International Trade Mart (New Orleans)
J-2 – Joint Staff for Intelligence DOD
JAG – Judge Advocate General USN - 
JAG – Joint Analysis Group established in 1962 to provide regular assessments of Soviet and Chinese military strengths.
JCS – Joint Chiefs of Staff
JEDBURGH – Scotland, OSS-OSO training base during WWII and name given to commando teams parachuted into Nazi occupied Europe before D-Day.
JFK Act – John F. Kennedy Records Act of 1992 established the JFK Assassination Records Collection at the NARA and the temporary Assassination Records Review Board.
JFK ARC – JFK Assassination Records Collection at Archives II, College Park, Md.
JFK Library – Presidential Library, Boston, Mass.
JIOA - Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (State Dept.)
JRC - Joint Referel Center - (DOD)
JMWAVE – CIA Cuban operations base at University of Miami, Florida.
JRCJoint Reconnaissance Center
JURE – Anti-Castro Cuban group.
Kefauver Committee- Senate Select Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce, named after Sen. Estes Kefauver.
KGB – Soviet National Intelligence Service.
Kyl-Lott - Declassification Review of records for atomic secrets.
KKK - Klu Klux Klan
KYP – Greek Intelligence Service
LAN – Local Area Networks
LAPD - Los Angeles Police Department
LBJ Library – President LBJ Library, Austin, Texas.
LI – CIA LI crypts refer to Mexico City CIA station.
LSU – Louisiana State University, New Orleans
LTV. Ling-Tempo-Vought
LUCKY – Operation Lucky, WWII invasion of Sicily.
MAW – Military Airlift Wing, Andrews AFB
MAGIC – U.S. Army Signal Corps operation that broke Japanese codes during WWII.
MACS - Marine Air Control Squadron (USMC)
MACV - Military Assistance Command Vietnam
MAG - Marine Air Group
MFF – Mary Farrell Foundation/Files –
MHCHAOS – Domestic CIA operation.
MI5 – British Counter-Intelligence Service
MI6 – British Foreign Intelligence Service
MI8 – British Cryptography
MID - Missile Defense Agency
MNCS – Master Net Control (radio) Station (Andrews AFB MD)
MOGA – Mid-Continent Oil Gas Association
MONGOOSE – A 1962 CIA covert operation designed to overthrow Cuban premier Fidel Castro.
MOSSAD – Mossad Le Aliya Beth – Israel’s Intelligence and Security Service.
MRBM – Medium Range Ballistic Missile
MSCMS – Mystic Star secure radio network
MSOTMO – Mystic Star Ops-Tech Manager’s Office
MVD – Soviet Russian era ministry of Internal Affairs.
NAA – National Aeronautic Association
NAACP – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
NARA – National Archives and Records Administration
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC – National Broadcasting Company
NBR – Not Believed Relevant – Excuse not to release FOIA or JFK Act records
NCA – National Command Authority - for ordering use of nuclear weapons - goes from President to Secretary of Defense, to Deputy Secretary of Defense.
NCS Net Control Station – Andrews AFB
NDC - National Declassification Center
NEACAP – National Emergency Airborne Command Post
NFIP – National Foreign Intelligence Program
NGA - National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency
NIH – National Institute of Health (Bethesda, Md.)
NINDB – National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness.
NKVD – Predecessor of the KGB in Soviet Russia.
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NORORN – No Foreign Dissemination
NPIC – National Photo Interpretation Center (CIA) Established in 1961to analyze photography derived from overhead reconnaissance.
NPR – National Public Radio
NRO – National Reconnaissance Office
NSA – US National Security Agency
NSC – National Security Council
NSAM – National Security Action Memorandum – issued by the President
NSIA National Security Industrial Association –
NSC – US National Security Council, the senior decision making body of the Executive Branch, established in 1947.
NYPL - New York Public Library
OAS – Organization of American States
OCSA – Office of Censorship Special Analysis
OEP – Office of Emergency Planning
OGIS Office of Government Information Services
OIP Office of Informaiton Policy DOJ
OJCS – Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
OMB – Office of Management and Budget
OMGUS - Office of Military Government US
ONI – US Office of Naval Intelligence
OO – Office of Operations, DDI, collected overt intelligence until 1965.
OPC – Office of Policy Coordination, a component of CIA established in 1948 with responsibility of conducting covert operations. Merged with OSO in 1952 to form DDP.
OPEC – Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
OSD – Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSI – Office of Scientific Intelligence, created in 1949, became component of DDI in 1952, transferred to DDS&T in 1963.
OSO – Office of Special Operations, DOD.
OSS – Office of Strategic Services – US Army Intelligence Agency 1942-45. 
OUSDI - Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence
PBCFIA – President Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities, created in 1956, renamed PFIAB in 1961.
PCG – Planning and Coordinating Group of NSC.
PCI - Potential Criminal Informant (FBI)
PDS - Peter D. Scott
PERMINDEX - Permanent Industrial Expositions
PFIA – President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.
PLO – Palestine Liberation Organization
POGP Project On Government Oversight (POGO)
POW – Prisoner of War.
PRS - Protective Research Section - (Secret Service)
PSB – Psychological Strategy Board, established in 1951 under NSC, charged with directing psychological warfare programs, replaced by OCB in 1953. 
PZPR – Cold War era Polish Secret Police and Intelligence Agency
RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RAC - Remote Archives Capture (NARA)
RD - Restricted Data
R&D – Research and Development
RDT&E – Research, Development, Test and Evaluation
RIF - Record Identification File (JFK Assassination Records Collection NARA)
ROCKCOM – Rockefeller Commission – President’s Commission on Central Intelligence Agency activities within the USA.
RQM - Intelligence Requirements
RYBAT – CIA crypt for “secret”
SA - Special Agent (US Federal)
SAC - Special Agent in Charge (Secret Service-FBI Field Office)
SALT – Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
SAM – Surface to Air Missile
SAM – Special Air Mission
SAMOS – Satellite and Mission Observation System – First US recon satellite, 1961
SATCOM – Satellite Communications
SDECE – French Intelligence Agency
SEC – Securities and Exchange Commission
SHNS – Scripps-Howard News Service
SIC – Senate Intelligence Committee
SIES - Office of Strategic Industries and Economic Security (Bureu of Industry and Security Department of Commerce.
SIGNIT – Signals Intelligence – Interception, processing, analysis and dissemination of information derived from foreign electrical communications. It is composed of three elements – COMIT, ELINT and TELINT.
SMERSH – Smyert Shpionam “Death to Spies” – Stalinist military counter-intelligence unit made famous by Ian Fleming.
SOD – Special Operations Division, Fort Detrick, Maryland
SOE – Special Operations Executive – British WWII program to develop covert operations against Nazi Germany and occupied Europe.
Special Group (Augumented) a US National Security Council subcommittee established in 1962 to oversee Operation MONGOOSE, a major CIA covert action program designed to overthrow Cuban premier Fidel Castro.
SPG – Special Procedures Group – est. 1947 to conduct covert psychological operations
SS – Secret Service
SSA – Social Security Administration
SSB – Single-side-band radio
SSCI – Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (Church Committee)
STB – Czech Intelligence Service
SUCCESS – Operation Success – Guatemala Coup, 1954
TELINT – Telemetry Intelligence
THP - Top Hoodlum Program (FBI)
TOA – Technical Services Division, CIA
TRAX – Camp Trax – Cuban training base in Guatemala, 1960-1961
TSBD - Texas School Book Depository
TWA – Trans World Airlines
U2 – US high altitude photo recon plane
UFC – United Fruit Company
UFO - Unidentified Flying Object (USAF)
UHF – Ultra High Frequency
UM – University of Miami, home of JMWAVE.
UN – United Nations
UNSUB – Unknown Subject
UPI – United Press International news wire service
USAF - United States Air Force
USAICA - United States Army Interagency Communications Agency
USIA – United States Information Agency
USIB – United States Intelligence Board, established 1958
USMC – United States Marine Corps
USPS – United States Postal Service
USSRUnion of Soviet Socialists Republics
USTR - US Trade Representative
VENONA – Coded Soviet Russian Communications Intercept.
WC – Warren Commission
WR - Warren Report
WHCA – White House Communications Agency
WACL – World Anti-Communism League
XX Committee – The British Double-Cross Committee set up during World War II to control and exploit double and turned Nazi agents in Britain.


ACROBAT - Andrews Air Force Base
Agent Orange – Chemical operation in Vietnam
Ajax – Iranian Coup 1958
ALES – Alger Hiss
Alpha 66 – anti-Castro Cuban group
ALPHA/CATER/PAT - Army Helicopter Operations, Davison Field
AM – CIA crypt concerning Cuba
AMBIDDY 1 - Manual Artime
AMBUD – Cordona
AMDENIM 1 – Fernandez
AMDENIM  14 – Cuesta
AMHAWK – Tony Varona
AMJAVEA 4 – Raphael “Chi Chi” Quintero
AMLASH – Rolando Cubela
AMLILAC – infiltrations operations
AMOT – Cuban Refuge debriefing report –
AMPATRIN – Michael “Jack” Malone
AMSHALE – Antonio Veciana
AMSERF – Bartes
AMSTRUT – on island (Cuban) asset
AM/THUG – Fidel Castro
AMTIKI – CRC accountant/payroll
AMWHIP 1 – Tepedino
ANGEL - Air Force One (26000)
Bishop, Colonel – John Thomas O’Hare
BOB – Berlin Operating Base
Bloodstone  - CIA Operation against Soviets
BLUEBELL  – CIA Korean war intelligence operation in China
BLUEBOOK – USAF UFO study out of Wright Pat AFB, Dayton
CABIN - Kennedy Compound at Hyannis Port (Massachusetts)
CACTUS - Camp David (Maryland)
CADET - Executive Flight Det., Davision Field
CALICO -  Defense Communications Agency The Pentagon (Arlington, Virginia)
Carlos – Ruben Perez
CARPET - White House Garage
CASTLE - The White House (East and West Wing)
CASTLE - Signal Corps Shops (26th Street)
CHATEAU - JFK residence at Glen Ora (Middleburg, Va.)
CHAOS – Covert intelligence operation directed at US citizens and domestic activities
CHATTER - Navy study of truth serums (1947)
Chester Dainold – Desmond Fitzgerald
CHEER - USMC Helicopter Operations, Anacostia.
Choaden – David A. Phillips
CELESTE - Operation to kill UN Secretary Dag Hammarskjold
CENTRAL - Executive Office Building
COINTELPRO – FBI counterintelligence program directed at domestic US activities.
COMPADRE – CIA psychological operation in Philippines
CONDOR – A CIA operation to replace the government in Chile 1976
CORK - FBI HQ (aka Hoover Bldg.)
CROSSROADS - Middleburg, Virginia.
CROWN - White House (Executive Mansion - Situation Room)
DAGGER - Rufus Youngblood of USSS
DANDY - Lem Johns of US Secret Service
DAPPER - Mr. Muggsy O’Leary, USSS
DAYLIGHT - Jerry Kivett of USSS
DAZZLE - Clint Hill, First Lady Detail of SS
DEACON - Floyd Boring of US Secret Service
DEBUT - Paul Landis USSS
DERBY HAT - ASCI & Army Chemical Corps drug experiments on human subjects for interrogation purposes.
DFS - Mexican Intelligence Agency
DIGETS - Roy Kellerman of US Secret Service
DRAGON - Agent Campion, USSS
DISCOVERER – First recon satellite, launched by Lockheed in Calf. In Aug. 1960.
Fish, Joe – Joe Fischetti
DOMINO - James Rowley, Chief, US Secret Service
DRESSER - Robert Bob Foster of USSS
DRUMMER - Lynn Meredith USSS
DUPLEX - Gerald Behn, Chief of SS White House Detail
DUSTY - Emory Roberts USSS
FREEDOM - Secretary of State Dean Rusk
FRENTE (the exile political group organized by the CIA to become the new leadership of Cuba)
Galbond – J.C. King
GEMSTONE – project, G. Gordon Liddy’s covert operational plans for 1972 election; included DIAMOND, RUBY, COAl, EmERALD, SAPPHIRE, OPAL, TOPAZ, GARNET, TURQUOISE, BRICK.
GFGESTETNER  at The Mexico City CIA station
GOLDCIA Berlin Tunnel operation to tap East German phone lines.
GOLDENEYE - British plan for the defense of Gibralta during WWII.
GPFLOOR – CIA slugline given to Lee Harvey Oswald during post assassination investigation.
Greenball - Post JFK Assassination White House slush fund run out of WHCA and Military office.
GVROLE - CIA designation 
HALFBACK - Secret Service Follow-Up Car
HAMLET - Auchincloss Home on O Street (Washington DC)
HERMIT - Secret Service New York, NY Field Office (Carlyle Hotel)
Hidell, Alex - Lee Harvey Oswald (also see Lee, O. H.)
HTLINGUAL – Crypt for CIA’s mail opening and mail cover campaign which ran from 1953-1973, which led to resignation of James J. Angleton, CIA head of CIA.
HTLINGUAL records said to be destroyed in 1990.
JASC - Joint Armed Services Committee
JEDBURGH – Scotland, OSS-OSO training base during WWII and name given to commando teams parachuted into Nazi occupied Europe before D-Day.
JMWAVE – CIA Cuban Operations base at University of Miami, Florida
KUDESK - CIA desination
LACE - First Lady Jackie Kennedy
LADILLINGER a phone tap on the Soviet embassy in Mexico City
LCIMPROVE is defined in two separate CIA documents as "Counter-espionage involving Soviet intelligence services worldwide".
Lee, O. H. - Lee Harvey Oswald
[NOTE: The “LI” designates that the project was located in Mexico]
LICOZY I, II, III - Undercover Doubleagents recruited by the Mexico City CIA
LIEMPTY: CIA cryptonym for photographic project aid at the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City.
LIENVOY - Mexico City telephone intercept program.
LILYRIC: CIA cryptonym assigned to one of the three bases which provided photographic surveillance of the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City
LIERODE CIA cryptonym, pre-1964, for surveillance operations aimed at the Cubans in Mexico City
LUCKY – Operation Lucky, WWII invasion of Sicily.
LYRIC - Caroline Kennedy
MAGIC – U.S. Army Signal Corps operation that broke Japanese codes during WWII.
MARKET - JFK’s physician Dr. George Burkley
MHCHAOS – Domestic CIA operation.
MONGOOSE – A 1962 CIA covert operation designed to overthrow Cuban premier Fidel Castro.
MYSTIC STAR – Eight Primary and Nine Secondary HF radio stations for transmission of secure presidential communications outside the White House. 
NEPTUNE - USN Sequoia - Presidential Yacht #2
NIGHTHAWK - USMC Marine Corps helicopaters, Anacostia.
NOMAD - USN Honey Fitz - the Presidential Yacht
NOVICE - Crash Boat PT109
ODALOE - State Dept. 
ODYOKE – US Government
OXCART - CIA-Lockheed project to develop successor to U2
QJWIN - CIA Assassination Agent from Europe used in Africa.
PAWNEE/3 and PAWNEE/5. The Helsinki CIA station attracted to two female students taking notes for the CIA in a "legal travelers" program known as REDSKIN.
PB/PRIME – United States
PB/SUCCESS – Guatemala Project 1954 Coup
Pegasus - Eisenhower unit set up to keep tabs on CIA.
Pendulum - Truman Operation for Cuban Ops approved by Special Group (1963)
PLUTO – Eisenhower administration CIA plan to remove Castro from power headed by Jacob Esterline.
RANCH HAND – Agent Orange delivery operations in SE Asia.
REDCAP program to induce Soviets and Eastern Europeans to defect to the West. 
ROCKFISH - Presidential motor boat
RYBAT – CIA crypt for “secret”
SATCHEL - Presidential Courier (aka Bagman) w/ nuclear codes and communications.
SATURN - USAF and NASA missile used for ICBM and Apollo missions.
SHADOW - Ira Gearhart, WHCA (aka Bagman, SATHEL)
SLOMAN – Tony Sforza
SPECTATOR - Gen. Sampson (Defense Communications Agency Director)
SPUD - Mr. Nash (White House Messenger Service)
SS-100X - Presidential Limousine (Ford Lincoln Continenta)
STAR - Col. George McNally, Director White House Communications Agency
STURDY - Art Bales - WHCA
SUBWAY - DO COMM CEN East End White House.
SUCCESS – Operation Success – Guatemala Coup, 1954
TEAPOT DOME – US Navy oil reserve scandal of Harding administration
THIRD CHANCE - Military - ACSI & Army Intelligence Corps experiments with chemicals, drugs and truth serums for interrogation purposes. Also see DERBY HAT.
TICK TALKS – Miami PD undercover Cuban narcotics investigation
TIGER - the President’s Pilot AF1 Captain James Swindal
TRAX – CIA Cuban training base in Guatemala
TOP HAT – CIA LSD program
TOP HOODLUM – FBI post-Appalachin anti-mob program
TOURIST - Major Brown (Military Aides Office)
TRADEWINDS – 12 year IRS investigation of Bahamian off-shore investors
TUBE ALLOYS – British code for nuclear bomb development
TULIP - Magan “Corky” MBGT - Presidential Pilot’s office
VALKYRIE - German plot to kill Hitler
Valkyrie - USAF Project to build bomber
VARSITY - Secret Service Vice Presidential Follow Up Car
VELVET - Lynda Bird Johnson
VENONA – Coded Soviet Russian Communications Intercept.
VENUS - Lucy Baines Johnson
VICTORIA - Lady Bird Johnson
VIGILANT - VP aide Walter Jenkins
VOLCANO - LBJ Ranch (Texas)
WAND - Kenny O’Donnell
WATCHMAN - President’s military aide General Chester Clifton
WAYSIDE - Press Secretary Pierre Salinger
WILLOW - JFK’s secretary Evelyn Lincoln
WINNER - Mr. Hatcher, State Department
WING - President’s Air Force Aide Gen. Godfrey McHugh
WITNESS - President’s Naval Aide Captain Tazewell Shepard
ZAPATA – CIA Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.
Zamka – David Morales
ZR/RIFLE – Executive Action Project / William Harvey

BK NOTES: Thanks to Peter D. Scott and Larry Hancock for contributing to these lists. 
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