Saturday, July 20, 2013

Air Force One Radio Communications Links

Liberty Station at Collins Radio

Mary Ferrell Files on Collins Radio

Incident at El Chico Restaurant 11/22/63

Arthur Collins of Collins Radio

Collins Radio ship Courier

Operation Vagabond

Feather Ridge Studies

Collins Redbird


Brandywine – Mystic star

Birdcall – Collins- LeMay – USAF - SAC

Official LBJ Transcript of AF1 Radio Tape

Collins Radio Connections

James Douglas and Wes Wise

Wes Wise and Carl Mather and Collins Radio

Mystic Star Communications Network

AF1 Radio Timeline

Cedar Rapids Mayor Robert Johnson and LBJ

Horne Memo re: AF1 Radio Tapes

LBJ Residence – the Elms

Andrews AFB

AF1 Flightpath Love to Andrews

Kelly Transcript of LBJ Library AF1 Radio Tapes

Col. George S. Dorman

Andrews AFB Log for 11/22/63

Gen. LeMay on 11/22/63

LeMay & Zuckert

LBJ Remarks at Andrews

Gen. LeMay – Deep Background on JFK

JFK & Gen. LeMay

Watchman – Gen. Clifton

AF1 Passenger List

ARRB Searches for AF1 Radio Tapes

Pentagon ‘Taking its own steps” – Bundy

Tale of the Tapes by Vince Salandria

Clifton Tape:

Looking Glass and Silver Dollar on 11/22/63

Prequil to the AF1 Radio Transmission Tapes

AF1 Radio Call Signs and Signal Code Key

“Stranger” and the Missing Code Books

Transcript of LBJ Library version

Significance of AF1 Radio Transmissions

New AF1 Radio Tape Discovered

Maj. Gen. Chester V. “Ted” Clifton

Swearing in Aboard AF1

Forensic Study of AF1 Radio Tapes

Off the Ticker – Early Wire Service News Reports

WHCA Radiomen After Action Reports

LBJ Library AF1 Radio Tape Transcript

Clifton AF1 Radio Tape Transcript:

Combined Transcript – of both AF1 Radio Tapes

Notes re: Combined AF1 Radio Tapes

AF1 Radio Tapes Combined

AF1 Radio Transmission Codes

Notes on Clifton Tape

AP News Report on Discovery of Clifton Tape

Boston Globe News Report on Discovery of Clifton Tapes

Zulu GMT

Chronology of AF1 Radio Transmissions

White House Situation Room

Oliver Hallett USN

Maj. Harold Patterson aka “Stranger” Commander of WH Situation Room

Col. George S. Dorman – LeMay’s Aide

Lourdes Cuba:

Speckled Trout – LeMay’s Command Plane

LBJ Library Tape – Listen Now

Clifton Tape

LBJ Transcript

Clifton Transcript

Combined Transcript

Vince Salandria’s The Tale of the Tapes

Swearing In Aboard AF1

WHCA Radiomen After Action Reports

WH Situation Room

Col. Carl G. Hornbuckle

Maj. Harold Patterson (“Stranger”)

Oliver Hallet USN

AF1 Radio Transmission Codes

AF1 Chronology

Zulu GMT

General Clifton

AP News Report on Clifton Tape

Boston Globe Report

Notes Re: Combined AF1 Tapes

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