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Adolph H. Schicklgruber and Lee H. Oswald

Adolph H. Schicklgruber and Lee H. Oswald
By Bill Kelly

Some intrepid JFK assassination researcher noticed among the Warren Commission records that someone had written the name “Adolph H. Schicklgruber” in a notebook belonging to Marina Oswald, the Russian wife of Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of President Kennedy.

Of course every detail in a high profile murder case should be reviewed and I'm sure it was quickly determined that Schicklgruber is often said to be the real name of Adolph Hitler, and quickly puts an end to any deeper research into that line of inquiry.

But alas, it doesn't end there as further documentation reveals that the whole Adolph H. Schicklgruber story is exposed not only as a lie, but an intentional lie propagated by World War II Allied disinformation specialists.

As mentioned in the New York Times (May 6, 1990 Opinion), and documented by Alan Bullock in his authorative biography “Hitler - A Study in Tyranny,” the Schicklgruber lie was first brought out by radio broadcaster Hans Habe, an Allied war propagandist.

Hitler’s grandmother was Maria Anna Schicklgruber and his father was Alois Heidler, so the Allied psychological warfare operatives thought making fun of Hitler’s questionable family background and grandmother’s name would belittle him and advance the Allied cause during the war. And it did work to some extent but also lingered afterwards and entered into popular mythology.

The questions never asked however is why Hitler’s fake name, propagated by disinformation agents, was inscribed in the notebook of the wife of the accused assassin of the President, and whether Oswald himself was the subject of a similar disinformation effort that falsely brands him Kennedy’s killer.

Warren Commission Hearings and Exhibits; CE 106 Volume XVI, p. 452

Hitler Never Really Was Schicklgruber -

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