Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Thomas Thomson and Foreknowledge of Oswald

Thomas L. Thomson
895045 C.I.M. East
P.O. Box 500
Chino, Calif. 91710

September 19, 1978

The Chairman/Committeeman
House Committee on Assassinations
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, D.C.

Dear Chairman/Committeeman:

In May of 1963 in Fort Worth, Texas, in the Technical Publications Office (B-58) of General Dynamics, Conair, one James Thomas (white-early thirties) told me that he knew an ex-marine who had “defected to Russia, returned, and was working in a” Dallas school book store/library/warehouse (do not recall him using the word “depository”)

I pressed Thomas for the ex-marines name, and he said, “Oswald.”

I once worked for a firm named Uniforms by Oswald in Staten Island, N.Y.C., and the name “Oswald” made an indelible impression on my immediately.

I was puzzled at the time as to why an ex-U.S. Marine would defect to Russia and am more puzzled now as to how in the hell Thomas could place Oswald in that bookstore in May of 1963 – when, according to the Warren Commission Report, Oswald didn’t hire on with the Dallas School Book Depository until a month, or so, before November 22, 1963.

So help me God, this is the Gospel truth and my recollection is vivid, lucid, reliable, & unequivocal on this incident.

The following facts are corollary to afore noted revelation:

(A) I was an electronics engineering writer with Thomas at the time at Conair.
(B)  I called the Ft. Worth office of the FBI and reported shortly thereafter the information from Thomas because it seemed incongruous to me that an ex-marine would defect to Russia.
(C)  After President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination I called the F.B.I. on several occasions in several different cities & most usually received a brush-off. On one occasion I was called a “nut” by one F.B.I. agent.
(D) I was interviewed RE this matter by Secret Service Agent Walters in Phoenix (Dec), 1963.
(E)  I was interviewed by FBI agent EVANS  in the 1st qtr. Of 1964 in Phoenix, Ariz. In RE.

I reveal this information as a patriotic American citizen & for no other purpose.
Lord knows, you guys have enough information to sift thru without having to separate fact from fiction. I would NOT give you bum dope – or doubtful information. I will voluntarily submit to a polygraph – whatever.

Also, I flew a hybrid light airplane for Thomas (I hold commercial Pilots Lic. #1307837) from Belview Airfield (near Austin) to an unmarked Ft. Worth strip in the spring of ’63. Thomas said he had flow the craft 1100 miles non-stop (questionable range for the bird-extra fuel tanks?). Why? From where?

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